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AYWYP: 1st birthday!

Birthday Boy!

What an amazing year it has been with this boy! Sometimes things just work out a certain way and I am so glad they did this time. There was a bit of juggling around with the homes for this litter and we ended up with him. So here we are, celebrating Quin’s birthday.

Quin has such a great temperament. He’s calm in so many situations, being far more laid back than many Border Collies. He loves people and will happily go up to anyone to say hello and have a fuss. Although he doesn’t jump up, he does like to give ‘one lick’ to say hello!

Border Collie birthday
Best boy

I have taken Quin up and down the country; he’s been to Scotland and South Devon. He always copes with new experiences perfectly. That is why I had him assessed to start volunteering, supported by Canine Concern. We love visiting Heronsgate Junior School and he often makes the children laugh!

Border Collie birthday
So handsome

I’ve tried a few different activities with Quin, including tricks, scentwork and now hoopers. Hopefully we will add ringcraft (showing) and agility to that list. I expect to continue with at least one activity with him in future, as I love having time with my dogs on their own.

Border Collie birthday
Keen to work

As you know, I plan to put him to stud, so we will start completing the various health tests shortly. And I have almost completed the blog I have been writing, since he ‘became’ our puppy, at 8 weeks of age. You can read Quin’s Story here.

Border Collie birthday
Dentbros Man on the Moon

Of course happy birthday to his siblings, the rest of the Mystical Litter! I am lucky enough to have seen three of them on more than one occasion, and I am in regular contact with all of them.

Weekly Focus Challenge

Have you celebrated your dog’s birthday?  Did you do anything special for him?

Please share your thoughts and a photo? You can do this in the AYWYP Facebook group, or buy the workbook to keep your own record. Details below.

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The Workbook – A Year With Your Puppy is available to buy. It was written and designed to be a hands-on, interactive book for you. It will help you survive the first year with your puppy, but also act as a memento of that time and the journey you have been on. You can write notes and stick in pictures of your puppy throughout the year. Lovely!


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Puppy Reunion – August 2020

Dentbros Dogs get together!

When you find the best homes for your puppies, you make friends with the owners and you stay in touch. I now have WhatsApp groups for each litter, so that the owners can talk to each other and share stories and problems. It’s brilliant.

puppy get together
Dentbros Dogs

The natural progression from this is a desire to meet up, which is lovely. Of course this year has presented its own challenges! But meeting up in a big open space and then having a picnic is fortunately now allowed, so yesterday we were able to do this.

One litter, or several

It might seem sensible to have only one litter at a time meet up – I know the owners were especially pleased to see the owners of their dog’s siblings. However, some owners have more than one puppy from me. And of course my girls usually have more than one litter. Either way, they are all related!

puppy get together
The Lovely Litter

I also think it’s nice for the owners of the younger dogs to see the progression they make – what they look like as older, more mature dogs. It was lovely to have 5-year-old Charlie demonstrating this – he’s such a lovely boy!

The perfect location

Ideally, people want to buy a puppy from someone down the road. Sadly, this is not possible, especially if you are buying from a Responsible Breeder. So although some of my puppies do live nearby, many do not. Trying to find a location that will be a manageable distance for as many as possible was a real challenge.

puppy reunion
starting to walk

Luckily, I had been riding in Windsor Great Park on several occasions – I highly recommend Tally Ho Stables for this. I knew there were big open spaces with easy walking and points of interest. I was a bit worried about toilets and would have loved a café. But I suggested a picnic and we decided that gave us a bit more flexibility anyway.

puppy reunion
Charlie with Pippa and Aura

Pleased to see me?

Some of them were! Most of them had forgotten me. If I see them fairly often, they do remember me and are happy to say hello. Usually they are not bothered. That’s fine.

puppy reunion
Somebody recognised me!

What about their mum? Are they pleased to see her? And she them? Not a chance! Once they’ve gone, they’ve gone, that’s it. When they live somewhere else, they take on the smells from their new home, so then they become a strange dog. It’s easy to think the mums aren’t pleased to see their babies in case they want something from them! I don’t credit my dogs with that much reasoning. I think they just don’t really like other dogs!

puppy reunion
Sisters Ounce and Pixie

Sibling rivalry

Brother and sisters must get on though right? It must be lovely for them to meet up and play together? Well a brother and a sister might find each other interesting, but we don’t want to encourage that do we? Brothers and sisters will often fight. They struggle to determine hierarchy and fight for dominance. This is especially true when there are lots of other dogs around. I’m sure you’ve seen children showing off in front of others they haven’t met. Dogs definitely do a bit of this.

puppy reunion
Brother and sister chatting

Luna and her sister Nell always used to argue when I took my dogs to see my friend Jane. So it should have been no surprise when Mowgli and Hector got into a scrap yesterday. It wasn’t serious and didn’t last long, but unfortunately Mowgli caught his dew claw. I felt particularly responsible because I’d been trying to get a group pic without owners and then I ‘released’ mine. I should have made sure everyone grabbed their dog and kept things calm. Silly me!

puppy reunion
group photo

Relaxing picnic

I had already warned everyone that it would not be possible to ‘go for a walk’. It’s just too hectic with so many dogs and people – the pace is very slow! Still, we wandered around for a while and then headed back to the car park, where we sat in the shade and shared out delicious baked goodies! I took sausage rolls made Penne Rowley. The others had made various cakes and Tasha had even made dog flapjack! Yum.

puppy reunion

This was when we really started to appreciate our beautiful Dentbros Dogs. They behaved so well – calm and relaxed, mingling and settling. No hassle.

puppy reunion
The Sweetie litter

Thank yous

I had wanted to make a speech, to thank them all for coming. I wanted to thank them for being such brilliant owners, for making me so proud to have bred their lovely dogs. Lots of the dogs are or will be competing in agility and quite a few do other things. Finding the right homes is a burden of responsibility, but I definitely got it right with all of these homes.

puppy reunion
Happy boy! Mowgli

I thought it would be nice to give them a token, to thank them for coming and as a reminder of the day. But I realised I didn’t need to; they were ALL taking the best dog home!

Ask for help?

You are very welcome to CONTACT ME to ask for my advice.  I can help you with a variety of issues and problems around getting a dog and suggestions for tackling training issues.  Go to the What Dog? page for more information on my service. Please let me know if you have found this post helpful?


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week 10: settling in

Adapting to their new homes

The Lovely Litter have been in their homes for a couple of weeks, so I thought you might like to know how they’ve been getting on. Pretty well, it seems.

border collie puppies
Finn in charge

“It’s like Finn has always been here. He’s generally a super laid back boy; he loves new situations and has been a pleasure to train so far! He’s very enthusiastic and really clever. He also loves a good cuddle”

border collie puppies
A favourite spot for a snooze

“Today Rusty was quite adventurous and wanted to explore what the sound was of my son hoovering the car! Very brave!”

Getting on with the family

I’ve been surprised with how quickly they settled down with the other dogs they are living with. Initially the older girls tended to just ignore them, hoping they would go away! Lol. But they stayed, and quickly won over their older ‘siblings’, which has been so good to see.

border collie puppies
Sisters plotting..

“Miri and Pixie play all the time now. She is so friendly and a right little explorer and quick to learn – sits, down etc. She is confident on different surfaces. Loves cuddles.”

Not all great news

Gardening is the biggest problem at the moment! When I questioned why Rusty was on lead, I was told he was a bit difficult to manage.

border collie puppies
Rusty at play

“Bentley has also taken a fancy to our garden vegetation, especially the hebes! Sadly, they aren’t faring too well..”

We’ve had a bit of a discussion about how to manage this – with difficulty! Puppies are incredibly destructive and will do a lot of damage in seconds. Of course you can put them on the lead in the garden, so that you can stop problem behaviour and make sure they are safe.

However, they do need to be able to explore on their own. And they absolutely, definitely need to be able to come back to you! The more you practise this at this stage, the better results you’ll have when you venture out on walks.

Once they do go on walks, they MUST go off lead straight away. I have written a great deal about recall – make it exciting!

border collie puppies
Checking the shower works

“Our recall is coming on really well with Miri, but I have a good squeaky voice!”

“Finn also likes to try and eat everything, but I just substitute for a toy and make out it’s much more exciting. Eyes in the back of my head definitely needed!”

border collie puppies
Finn with big sister Pacha

Pouncing play

“Do any of them stalk and then pounce on their toys? Watching Bentley is like watching a David Attenborough film on the artic fox pouncing on their prey in the snow”

border collie puppies
Getting ready..

“Hettie definitely pounces like an artic fox when playing – on her toys, a stolen carrot! And once on Nell’s tail (didn’t go down well!)

Still lovely

“Just loving Hettie. She is so much fun and so keen to learn. They do seem to be a truly ‘lovely litter’.

border collie puppies
Hettie with big brother Jumble

All so great to hear! It’s so nice for the owners to be able to talk to each other, ask questions and share problems. The owners of the Sweetie Litter still talk to each other almost daily and their pups are now 11 months old!


If you want to see more videos and photos, please go to the Dentbros Dogs Facebook page.

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Week 8: Going, going, gone!

Off to their new homes!

The Lovely Litter have been collected by their owners and are settling down into their new homes. Obviously, in these exceptional circumstances, with the coronavirus pandemic, I thought long and hard about the correct course of action. First and foremost, I wanted to meet the needs of the puppies.

border collie puppies
Bye bye Finn

They are now 8 weeks old and this is generally agreed to be the correct age for them to go to their new homes. Some breeds or types of dog take longer to mature than others, but at 8 weeks, Border Collies are developing really well! They are confident and resilient, if they have had a good start. These puppies can tackle new situations and find solutions to problems.

border collie puppies
Bye bye Miri


What is socialisation? This is the process of familiarising puppies to new and varied situations, so that they learn to cope with these and become confident, outgoing dogs. Sadly, many dogs are not exposed to new things until they are a few months old and are therefore fearful and reactive to anything and everything. People often don’t realise the importance of this process and the ongoing impact it has.

border collie puppies
Bye bye Winnie, now called Hettie!

Puppies without this resilience will struggle to cope and this makes them harder to manage. Unfortunately, these are often the dogs that end up in rescue centres, as they need experienced, confident owners to handle them and help them recover. Rescuing a dog is therefore often a real challenge, because there are issues to overcome.

border collie puppies
Bye bye Bentley

A good start

Happily, the Lovely Litter were born before the Lockdown. By the time the last visitor came, these puppies had been introduced to over 100 different people and had seen many of these people several times. They had met their owners and been cuddled many times.

border collie puppies
Rusty on his own for a bit

I am also fortunate enough to have the space to create an interesting and varied set of experiences for them. They are regularly around my other, older dogs. These puppies have had time to play and explore.

border collie puppies
Bye bye Rusty

Therefore, they should be fine. Certainly they all coped fine on their own for the first night and are loving having somewhere new to explore! Of course the handover was a bit challenging, because we had to maintain social distance, keep the owners in a separate, clean area and with minimal touching by them. That was fine. So off they went! Kennel Club provide ongoing advice to dog businesses – an update can be found here. I decided that 5 deliveries was the same as 5 collections and easier to manage.

border collie puppies
A favourite spot to sleep

Keeping in touch

As with the majority of my previous litters, I know that these owners will keep in touch. Most are already known to me and I know that they will come back to me, or talk to each other if they have any concerns or queries.

border collie puppies
puppy pile-up

I am confident that I will see most, if not all these puppies again – we had planned a reunion in May, which I know the Sweetie Litter were excited about. This will probably happen in September now.

border collie puppies
Their final feed

Will you and Ounce miss them?

This is the question I am constantly being asked. See the video for proof that Ounce is not pining away at home! This was filmed yesterday. She’s been completely, absolutely fine. The very last time she fed the pups was on Monday night, but she had hardly been feeding them for a week or so.

Running around and having fun

And me? Well no. These puppies don’t belong to me, after all. I am lucky to have had owners arranged for these pups almost as soon as they were born. So I am merely their guardian. I am responsible for their care, until they are ready to go.

Dentbros Dogs
Happiness is..

I consider it to be the best ‘job’ in the world – raising healthy, happy dogs who will go on to have fantastic lives, bringing (almost!) constant joy to their families. Lucky me! Plus, I already have 5 amazing, wonderful dogs of my own. And Chris of course! Happy Easter everyone, stay safe xx.


If you want to see more videos and photos, please go to the Dentbros Dogs Facebook page.

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Week 7: Introductions

Time to meet you properly

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros It Must Be Love (Bentley)

I always like to leave it until close to the end of their time in the Puppy Palace to make the formal introductions. Of course I have been referring to the puppies in posts and often captioning photos with their names. But now is the time when I feel their personalities really shine through in the photos. You can see who they are.

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros One Love (Finn)

The Lovely Litter

As you know, I decided that this would be the ‘Lovely Litter’ when they arrived on Valentine’s Day. They actually arrived whilst Chris and I were trying to eat our Valentine’s dinner! So for me it is all about love.

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros Love Me Do (Miri)

I applied for their Kennel Club names almost straight away and was surprised and delighted when these were all accepted without question. Normally there is a bit of jiggery-pokery as names are rejected because they are too similar to someone else’s. These names seemed so obvious to me and had such meaning, that I couldn’t believe my luck when they just came back.

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros Look of Love (Rusty)

Song titles

The ‘Rainbow Litter‘ were all song titles with the colour of the puppy in the name. Hence Ounce became ‘Dentbros Lilac Wine’ as a lilac and white puppy. Not ‘Purple Rain’, which I wanted – it was rejected, shame. Anyway, it seemed good to go with more song titles again. I was even more delighted to discover that Jasper, the dad of this litter, had his first litter named after song titles as well. Even better, they were all Paul McCartney and Wings song titles. So having two Beatles songs in my list seemed perfect.

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros And I Love Her (Hettie)

The Lovely Litter:

  • Dentbros It Must Be Love (Bentley)
  • Dentbros One Love (Finn)
  • Dentbros Love Me Do (Miri)
  • Dentbros Look of Love (Rusty)
  • Dentbros And I Love Her (Hettie)
Border Collie puppies
We’re very good at gardening

Calendar Pictures?

Every year for the last six or seven years I have produced a calendar for family and friends with photos of the dogs. Initially these were from the professional photos I had had taken by Kate Everall or Bridget Davey. Then Chris bought me my first camera and I put on my big girl pants and started doing my own pictures for the calendars.

Border Collie puppies
Calendar puppies?

For the last couple of years, I have been offering these calendars for sale and donating all the profits I make to the charity Canine Concern. This is the charity that supports us when we volunteer in school every week.

Border Collie puppies
Gorgeous boy

Which photo(s) would you choose for the calendar? Please have a look through the photos for this litter and tell me which one(s) are your favourite? You can email me or message me on here or on Facebook?

Border Collie puppies
And the winner of ‘cutest puppy’ award goes to…


If you want to see more videos and photos, please go to the Dentbros Dogs Facebook page, or my own page. I am trying to post at least one video each day, to keep everyone entertained. Stay safe, stay in. xx

Border Collie puppies almost ready to go! Is this the age when they are the most adorable?  I'll let you judge..
So fluffy

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week 7: New play skills!

Tuggy and chase!

Roaring round

I had to do an early pupdate, because this video is so much fun! I posted to social media last night, but I wanted to make sure all our audience could see what fun they are all having.

Smile please

border collie puppies
four-way tuggy

I also wanted to share some of the photos I’ve taken over the past couple of days. Trying to photograph puppies at this age is like trying to catch a fish with your bare hands – pretty tricky! Over the years I have had a number of professional photographers come round and want to take pictures. ‘Oh let’s put them in a basket/bath/box’. Hmm. They can’t be posed, or placed, or set up.

border collie puppies
Do you like my new hat?

Of course I have time on my side. I can take pictures all day every day. So you would expect my photos to be amazing, right? Well of course I am NOT a professional photographer. I’ve got better over the years, largely thanks to the tutoring and support I’ve received from my friend Kate Everall.

border collie puppies
This game is called ‘snap-snap’

Still, sometimes it is better to just sit and watch them as they career around the kitchen! Sometimes you just want to enjoy the moment. And naturally, if I move to get my camera, they move and stop whatever sweet thing they were doing.

border collie puppies
Now I will eat you

Constant growth and change

The changes the puppies are making are now slightly more subtle than in the first few weeks. They don’t double in weight, but their growth creeps up. Yesterday on the Live video I was talking about the way they have developed their ability to navigate round their world. The puppies are now much more confidently going from outside to inside and back again.

border collie puppies
A favourite spot in the sun

Eventually, (in a few weeks’ time), they will be able to understand that they need to go to the toilet and have sufficient control to wait until they are outside. Sadly, that is NOT a skill that they have just yet!

Patience pays off

border collie puppies
This is how you play tug

I was reminded of the need for patience this morning when out with my dogs. When I walk my 5 dogs off lead every day, I nearly always receive a compliment on how well behaved they are. This is especially true now, as I move them to the side of the path and make them wait whilst people pass us at a safe distance.

border collie puppies
No 1 puppy cuddler at work

Achieving this with my dogs is not a 5 minute exercise. I work on these activities every day. I always have treats in my pocket (currently imported from Slovenia!)

Anyway, I’m going to start teaching the puppies some basic commands. Watch this space!


If you want to see more videos like the one in this post, please go to the Dentbros Dogs Facebook page, or my own page. I am trying to post at least one video each day, to keep everyone entertained. Stay safe, stay in. xx

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Week 6: Causing chaos

Running and jumping all day long

Morning playtime

How is everyone? Not as happy, nor as busy as me, I’ll bet. It’s a rather unique situation we’re in, but for the puppies, the dogs and us, not much has changed. I still have to get up early to let out my 10 dogs and feed them all. I have to clean the run and reset it, while the puppies are out eating their breakfast in the sunshine (long may that last!)

border collie puppies
Winnie testing out the toys

Of course we have not had any visitors in the house for a week now. It really doesn’t matter, because they’ve met over 100 different people over the previous five weeks and seen quite a few of these on numerous occasions! They know that people are the best things and they will always welcome human interaction.

Border Collie puppies
tickle tickle

Staying chilled

Despite spending much longer periods awake, running and jumping around in the house and garden, the puppies do still spend long periods asleep. I was ‘talking’ with the owners of the Sweetie Litter on our WhatsApp group yesterday and they were sharing photos of their ten-month-olds all being super chilled.

Border Collie puppies
the best way to relax

When you are stuck in the house for most of every day, you do NOT need a dog that is constantly ‘on the go’. My dogs are completely used to me being around, so they spend most of the day, every day, sleeping at my feet. Of course they get up and play from time to time, but they are not restless, or anxious, or stressed.

Border Collie puppies
that’s OUR ball mummy

If you want to help your dog to settle and relax, the best thing to do is to be around them as much as possible, especially when they are little. Naturally my dogs are used to me going out (normally!) but they don’t worry.

Border Collie puppies
Miri at play

Another thing you could do is spend time training them. I recommend visiting the completely excellent Adam Delderfield’s site Delders Dogs for this. He’s running a series of challenges for people at the moment.

Adapting to the changes

Another impact of these strange times is that I have had my two vet appointments for next week cancelled. It is a legal requirement for breeders to have puppies microchipped BEFORE they go off to their new homes.

Border Collie puppies
eating from different bowls (and sharing)

“All dog breeders are responsible for ensuring puppies are microchipped before selling them. Puppies cannot be sold until they are eight-weeks-old and must be microchipped at the point of sale. If you’re buying a puppy make sure it’s microchipped before taking them home.”

From the Kennel Club information

However, all non-emergency appointments have been cancelled, so on this occasion they puppies will have to be microchipped along with their first vaccination. The Kennel Club have said that it not a requirement for breeders to vaccinate and I don’t do this anyway.

Border Collie puppies
smells good in here

With regards the eye testing, I have told the owners that this will not be done at this time. The parents are of course fully tested. I will pay for a test at a later date, if required.

Puppy training

As you can see in the video, I am already trying to instil some training into the puppies. They know to come when I call! Recall is the most important thing you can teach your dog and the better it is, the more you can relax and have fun with your dogs.

Border Collie puppies
tasting the plants

There are many posts and videos on this website about recall, particularly when I was writing about Ounce’s Adventures, including me talking about being stupidly exciting, like I am in the video above. I’m always conscious of trying to make the puppies as good as I can get them.

Border Collie puppies
I’ll eat your tail


If you want to see more videos like the one in this post, please go to the Dentbros Dogs Facebook page, or my own page. I am trying to post at least one video each day, to keep everyone entertained. Stay safe, stay in. xx

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Week 5: Getting outside

Out and about

Garden time!

This is how we start the day! As you can see, the puppies are now running about, going in and out, out and in. They wake up and given the chance, will rush outside to toilet. I offer them some food and Ounce may have already fed them. She and I try to take it in turns, but some days are more successful than others.

border collie puppies
Here we go

Playing with others

Today was another first, as Busy was engaging with one of the puppies! She came into the run and was really interacting with the puppy. Normally the other dogs are pretty grumpy with the puppies, because they are constantly looking for food from any dog they meet. I am so delighted that this litter are already learning that big dogs mean more than just food.

border collie puppies
I’ve arrived!

Having said that, I was thinking this morning how miserable it must be for dogs in puppy farms, being left shut in with their puppies all the time. If they have access to her, these puppies will constantly try to feed from Ounce, which can get rather annoying.

border collie puppies
Oh no! Not more feeding

Come rain or shine

Now the puppies have ‘fluffed up’, I prefer them to have access to outside as much possible. They are not able to wait to toilet, but like to go out. Border Collies have a double coat, with a thick, fluffy undercoat to keep them warm and a silky, waterproof top coat. That’s why they don’t need to go to the groomers, they don’t get smelly and they are immaculately clean ten minutes after getting home from a walk. I don’t feel they should normally wear coats – they are designed to live with our weather :).

border collie puppies
Tucking in

Children are friendly

With the imminent closure of schools this week, I suddenly realised we needed to do our ‘school visit’ straight away and I was very fortunate that Heronsgate Junior School were able to see us! I took the puppies, Ounce and Busy into school. We met around 50 children and 15 staff during our hour-long visit. The children behaved so well and really loved interacting with the puppies. Nobody was dropped or lost and there were lots of questions.

border collie puppies
Happy staff

Quiet time?

Now that the world has closed its doors, we are not expecting too many visitors. However, I don’t really think we will mind too much – all the more cuddling time for us! It’s a hard life!



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border collie puppies
gorgeous boy

Week 4: It’s playtime!

4 week-old puppies at play

Ounce with her puppies

I’m amazed I get anything done, to be honest. These puppies! They really are lovely and I LOVE spending time with them. I often say to people that I get to know their temperaments because I spend so many hours with my puppies. With this litter I just think – they are all lovely 🙂

border collie puppies
Are you looking at me or my babies?

Meeting the family

This week I have seen all the families who are having the puppies and they know which puppy they are having. It has been pretty straightforward this time, as four of the homes are people I know and trust.

border collie puppies
Family introductions

It can be very challenging assessing the suitability of a new home, as you are sending off one of the family into the unknown. I feel a bit like the Grand Inquisitor, grilling people on their lifestyle! But sometimes people think they know what they want (it’s cute and fluffy!) and that isn’t the best fit for their family. It’s super when it comes together and you know it’s a perfect match.

border collie puppies
How happy?

Playing and learning

The puppies are now awake for longer periods and they are really interacting with one another! It is pretty magical to watch, as they tumble about, jumping on top of one another and chewing each other’s ears.

As with everything else, Ounce is pretty special when it comes to play. More than any of my other mums, she is engaging with her puppies and really playing with them. So sweet.

Teeth – all the better to chew you

The puppies continue to change in lots of ways. They can hear now of course, so they know as soon as we enter the room. When I get into the run they come over and start to engage with me. This normally means chewing my feet or trousers. Their teeth are only just emerging, but it won’t be long before I am really having to dodge round them.

border collie puppies
Testing out the new gnashers

What’s next?

I have been opening the outside door to give the pups some fresh air. The outside run is now set up and ready to go. It’s still cold and windy though, so when one came out this morning she just wanted to go straight back in. Fingers crossed the weather improves and they can have space to run about and explore.

border collie puppies
A snooze in the sunshine

Don’t forget to book up if you want to visit (friends and family only). Shutdowns due to the virus notwithstanding, the next few weeks are likely to be busy, especially the final week as the schools are on holiday. Week 6 is booked up already..

border collie puppies
Let’s get out of here!


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Week 3: Up and about

Party on!

We’ve been very busy here in the Puppy Palace, with masses of visitors, all family and friends, helping to celebrate a special wedding anniversary.

border collie puppies
Here’s looking at you

There is a definite pattern to the puppies’ feeds now, as they feed every 3-4 hours. Ounce goes in and within moment there is a terrific noise of suckling, as they guzzle the milk greedily.

border collie puppies
squashed up and glugging

You can see that they all pile in, not caring if they are squashing each other, as they fight for a place. There are plenty of spare nipples available guys! They move around every few minutes to ensure that all the milk is drunk.

Help from Granny

I have always known that my dogs get on really well, but I have seen this taken to a new level with this litter. When we arrived home after a couple of days away, I sat in with Ounce while she was feeding. Busy then joined us in the run, lying behind her daughter.

border collie puppies
Busy helping

Once the pups had finished feeding, Busy waited for them to come over, then cleaned them, making sure they went to the toilet. The puppies were totally relaxed around their grandmother, happy to engage with her, knowing she did not have any milk.

I’ve found this fascinating – truly supportive parenting! Of course in the wild the pack does all help to raise a litter of pups, but I never thought it would happen in my home!

Introducing solid food

Today, as the puppies are almost three weeks old, I have introduced a bit of soggy puppy food, soaked in goat’s milk. They loved it!

border collie puppies
this is good!

They had no trouble at all eating it – most of them have teeth already! They just tucked right in, then went back to Ounce for a bit more milk. So I will continue to provide some additional food over the next few weeks, until they are having 5-6 meals per day.

Eating is hard work

The inevitable conclusion to the first meal – one tired puppy!

Eating is hard work
That was exhausting

They do potter about playing and exploring, but only for a few minutes, then it’s back to sleep. They are real cuddle monsters already.

border collie puppies
lovely cuddles

Endless entertainment

Do you think I should charge an entry fee? Their owners will have all been to see them in the next few days, and they will hopefully get to know their puppy a little before he or she arrives in their new home.

border collie puppies


Please CONTACT ME if you want to know more about me and my dogs?  And feel free to COMMENT if you want to tell me what you think.  If you want to know more, why not FOLLOW ME?  Then you will receive an email when there is a new post.