border collie puppies

week 10: settling in

Adapting to their new homes

The Lovely Litter have been in their homes for a couple of weeks, so I thought you might like to know how they’ve been getting on. Pretty well, it seems.

border collie puppies
Finn in charge

“It’s like Finn has always been here. He’s generally a super laid back boy; he loves new situations and has been a pleasure to train so far! He’s very enthusiastic and really clever. He also loves a good cuddle”

border collie puppies
A favourite spot for a snooze

“Today Rusty was quite adventurous and wanted to explore what the sound was of my son hoovering the car! Very brave!”

Getting on with the family

I’ve been surprised with how quickly they settled down with the other dogs they are living with. Initially the older girls tended to just ignore them, hoping they would go away! Lol. But they stayed, and quickly won over their older ‘siblings’, which has been so good to see.

border collie puppies
Sisters plotting..

“Miri and Pixie play all the time now. She is so friendly and a right little explorer and quick to learn – sits, down etc. She is confident on different surfaces. Loves cuddles.”

Not all great news

Gardening is the biggest problem at the moment! When I questioned why Rusty was on lead, I was told he was a bit difficult to manage.

border collie puppies
Rusty at play

“Bentley has also taken a fancy to our garden vegetation, especially the hebes! Sadly, they aren’t faring too well..”

We’ve had a bit of a discussion about how to manage this – with difficulty! Puppies are incredibly destructive and will do a lot of damage in seconds. Of course you can put them on the lead in the garden, so that you can stop problem behaviour and make sure they are safe.

However, they do need to be able to explore on their own. And they absolutely, definitely need to be able to come back to you! The more you practise this at this stage, the better results you’ll have when you venture out on walks.

Once they do go on walks, they MUST go off lead straight away. I have written a great deal about recall – make it exciting!

border collie puppies
Checking the shower works

“Our recall is coming on really well with Miri, but I have a good squeaky voice!”

“Finn also likes to try and eat everything, but I just substitute for a toy and make out it’s much more exciting. Eyes in the back of my head definitely needed!”

border collie puppies
Finn with big sister Pacha

Pouncing play

“Do any of them stalk and then pounce on their toys? Watching Bentley is like watching a David Attenborough film on the artic fox pouncing on their prey in the snow”

border collie puppies
Getting ready..

“Hettie definitely pounces like an artic fox when playing – on her toys, a stolen carrot! And once on Nell’s tail (didn’t go down well!)

Still lovely

“Just loving Hettie. She is so much fun and so keen to learn. They do seem to be a truly ‘lovely litter’.

border collie puppies
Hettie with big brother Jumble

All so great to hear! It’s so nice for the owners to be able to talk to each other, ask questions and share problems. The owners of the Sweetie Litter still talk to each other almost daily and their pups are now 11 months old!


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