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Puppies for sale?

Border Collie puppies : There are no puppies available and the waiting list is FULL.

Sadly, I cannot produce enough puppies to meet demand, because responsible breeders cannot suddenly produce puppies! They cannot be manufactured like toilet paper – read why not here. Find out how to spot a puppy farmer and please report them, do NOT buy from them!

NB: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an enormous increase in the demand for puppies. Please DO NOT rush to buy a puppy now?

I am NOT a puppy farmer. Responsible breeders plan litters carefully and have 1-3 litters per year. Please contact the Kennel Club Assured Breeders and ask to go onto their waiting lists?

Border collies
My girls

Helping you and your dog

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Quin – the boy

Read about the newest member of the Dentbros family here: Quin’s story. The first 8 weeks are detailed in his litter blog – the Mystical Litter.

Please CONTACT ME if you would like to know more?

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For the dog of your dreams