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Dentbros Dogs can help you with the following:

  • A Year With Your Puppy (AYWYP) – This is where you can find all the answers you need to coping with your new puppy, for the whole of the first year!
  • FINDING A DOG – are you ready for a dog? This section of the website focuses on the questions you need to ask before you get a dog
  • BREED INDEX – to help you choose the right breed. I have interviewed lots of different breeds, so that you get the true story about what it is like to own a particular kind of dog. The word ‘stubborn’ crops up a lot with hounds, for example!
  • SHOP – recommending dog products and services
  • DOG ACTIVITIES – what you can do with your dog. You’d be amazed at how much fun you can have with your dog.
  • DOG BREEDING – how to breed responsibly. The pros and cons of breeding from your dog are discussed here. Not all dog breeders are villains and crooks. Many of us do it because we love our dogs. It is not easy though!
Quin – the boy

Puppies for sale?

Border Collie puppies : There are no Dentbros Dogs puppies available and the waiting list is FULL.

Please note I am NOT a puppy farmer. Responsible breeders plan litters carefully and have 1-3 litters per year. Puppies cannot be manufactured like toilet paper – read why not here. Please contact the Kennel Club Assured Breeders and ask to go onto their waiting lists?

Dentbros Dogs news

Quin – Dentbros Man on the Moon** is available at stud to suitable bitches who are fully health tested. Please contact me to find out more?

The Sunshine litter have arrived! NO PUPPIES AVAILABLE – sorry.


Here’s a lovely message I received recently:

I saw your info on Canine Concern and thought you might like to know that as a result Zippy and I passed the assessment (plus 2 Yorkshire contacts and their dogs) so we now have a small North Yorkshire  contingent visiting Schools and care homes.  

I’ve been enjoying following your pups development and, although not one of yours, I am looking forward to having a new girl pup myself at the end of the month. She is from the same KC Assured breeder that Zippy came from and as she is such a delight to be around I’m hoping for a similar outcome!

I have purchased your book as a refresher as it’s amazing how much you forget about the puppy phase after seven years.   Wishing you and all your wonderful collies well for the future.

Kind regards Christine


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