Puppies and toys – do they need them?

Why buy toys for your puppy?

I was reflecting on the fact that I have recently bought another pile of toys for the dogs (especially the puppy) and some of these have already been destroyed. Is is a waste of money?  Is it better to spend more on toys, or buy cheap ones?  Should you have toys for chewing, or fetching, tugging, or shaking?  All of those, of course!

I have a whole toy box full of stuff for my girls.  I tidy up before bed every day and by the end of the following day there will be up to 20 toys littering the kitchen and hall.  This demonstrates to me that the toys serve a purpose.  They engage the brain in some way.

Butter wouldn’t melt, eh?  Hmm, that’s what you think. 

This is supposed to be a squirrel.

Busy still loving it though, despite its diminished appearance.

This had a nice rope on it for tugging a week ago.  Ounce even played tuggy with Aura, for about ten minutes.  I found the rope in the garden yesterday, having been passed right through somebody (it was Aura).

Poor thing.  It had legs, and stuffing in its head.  Not long before it too, is consigned to the bin.

This tatty old bottle was inside a toy, which went in the bin.  Bottles and yogurt pots are such popular toys.  Not everything has to be expensive.

This hat was hanging from a pin on the top floor.  The puppy is not allowed upstairs, yet somehow she crept up two flights and picked this off the wall, bringing it downstairs.  Fortunately she decided not to shred it, so it can dress some pirate up on another day.

That is what happens if no toys are provided – the puppy will look for other mischief.  As well as keeping them happy, toys do provide mental stimulation and engagement.  That is why I keep buying and providing them.  Plus, who doesn’t want to buy their dog a sprout for Christmas?

Treats for your dog

Here are some toys you might like:

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5 thoughts on “Puppies and toys – do they need them?”

  1. How true I now have 15month collie and she loves her toys gets through some of them in 10mins flat but she never touches anything that doesn’t belong to her, I play hide and seek the toy with her and she quite happy to amuse herself with them when I’m busy. Someone said to me they don’t give their collie toys as she keeps on trying to play games with them and it would become an obsession. I’ve never found this with any of my dogs, they adore their toys and like you keep replacing them with more.!
    Love all your blogs by the way find them really helpful.

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