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Luna is ready to get shopping!  I am gradually expanding into new areas, offering products for sale through this shop page.  If you want to see my recommendations for all the equipment you might need for your new puppy, please go to the Equipment Advice page.

I am creating some Dentbros specific products – puppy books, calendars, cards, clothes etc.

I also regularly recommend dog related (and even non-dog related) products.  Details of these items can be found on the Recommended Items blog.  Most of these have links to items for sale through Amazon.  If you click on these and buy them, I receive a miniscule commission (it’s not enough to feed the dogs!)

Luna is ready to go!

Other items

The Recommended Items blog also links to products not available through Amazon.  These are created by local, small businesses, whom I wish to support.

Puppy Guides

I have a range of puppy guides, which are normally included in my puppy packs.  These are available to purchase if you are interested.  You might want to buy these because your puppy’s breeder has not provided much information to support you on your first days with your puppy.  Please CONTACT ME  if you would like to know more?

Breeder Support

If you are a breeder who struggles with the paperwork associated with breeding responsibly, please CONTACT ME if you want to find out about what I provide with my puppies?


If you want to know more, why not FOLLOW ME?  Then you will receive an email when there is a new post.  Please CONTACT ME if you have something you would like me to talk about?  And feel free to COMMENT if you want to tell me what you think.

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