Wrendale – for all your kitchen, stationery and household needs

Wrendale designs are gorgeous!

This is one of my favourite brands.  I have plenty of their bits, including the full kit for when my book group come round; mugs, jug, sugar bowl, tray, cake slice (very important) and cake forks.

Wrendale Tea, Coffee and Sugar Cannisters

Wrendale Biscuit Barrel


Wrendale Royal Worcester Single Mug

There are loads of different designs of these mugs, all as lovely as this one.  I started with ten from British wildlife, including pheasant, squirrel, hare, owl, deer, robin and fox.  Also chicken, goose and horse from the farmyard.

There is also a ‘zoo’ series, including elephant, giraffe, penguins and flamingos – all adorable.  And there are various dogs and cats as well.  Then there are a few just for Christmas, perfect for presents!

These mugs are a lovely shape and size to drink from and they are so good to use.

Wrendale Royal Worcester Mugs, set of 6

Wrendale Royal Worcester Duck  Sugar Pot



Other things for the kitchen

Wrendale Bread Bin

Wrendale Harebells Jug



Stationery items

Wrendale Notebook

Birthday Calendar



Other lovely gift ideas

Wrendale Leaping Hare Scarf

 Wrendale Hare Clock


And finally

Wrendale Dog Treats Tin

Of course!


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