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Week 7: Introductions

Time to meet you properly

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros It Must Be Love (Bentley)

I always like to leave it until close to the end of their time in the Puppy Palace to make the formal introductions. Of course I have been referring to the puppies in posts and often captioning photos with their names. But now is the time when I feel their personalities really shine through in the photos. You can see who they are.

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros One Love (Finn)

The Lovely Litter

As you know, I decided that this would be the ‘Lovely Litter’ when they arrived on Valentine’s Day. They actually arrived whilst Chris and I were trying to eat our Valentine’s dinner! So for me it is all about love.

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros Love Me Do (Miri)

I applied for their Kennel Club names almost straight away and was surprised and delighted when these were all accepted without question. Normally there is a bit of jiggery-pokery as names are rejected because they are too similar to someone else’s. These names seemed so obvious to me and had such meaning, that I couldn’t believe my luck when they just came back.

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros Look of Love (Rusty)

Song titles

The ‘Rainbow Litter‘ were all song titles with the colour of the puppy in the name. Hence Ounce became ‘Dentbros Lilac Wine’ as a lilac and white puppy. Not ‘Purple Rain’, which I wanted – it was rejected, shame. Anyway, it seemed good to go with more song titles again. I was even more delighted to discover that Jasper, the dad of this litter, had his first litter named after song titles as well. Even better, they were all Paul McCartney and Wings song titles. So having two Beatles songs in my list seemed perfect.

Border Collie puppies
Dentbros And I Love Her (Winnie)

The Lovely Litter:

  • Dentbros It Must Be Love (Bentley)
  • Dentbros One Love (Finn)
  • Dentbros Love Me Do (Miri)
  • Dentbros Look of Love (Rusty)
  • Dentbros And I Love Her (Winnie)
Border Collie puppies
We’re very good at gardening

Calendar Pictures?

Every year for the last six or seven years I have produced a calendar for family and friends with photos of the dogs. Initially these were from the professional photos I had had taken by Kate Everall or Bridget Davey. Then Chris bought me my first camera and I put on my big girl pants and started doing my own pictures for the calendars.

Border Collie puppies
Calendar puppies?

For the last couple of years, I have been offering these calendars for sale and donating all the profits I make to the charity Canine Concern. This is the charity that supports us when we volunteer in school every week.

Border Collie puppies
Gorgeous boy

Which photo(s) would you choose for the calendar? Please have a look through the photos for this litter and tell me which one(s) are your favourite? You can email me or message me on here or on Facebook?

Border Collie puppies
And the winner of ‘cutest puppy’ award goes to…


If you want to see more videos and photos, please go to the Dentbros Dogs Facebook page, or my own page. I am trying to post at least one video each day, to keep everyone entertained. Stay safe, stay in. xx

Border Collie puppies almost ready to go! Is this the age when they are the most adorable?  I'll let you judge..
So fluffy

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week 7: New play skills!

Tuggy and chase!

Roaring round

I had to do an early pupdate, because this video is so much fun! I posted to social media last night, but I wanted to make sure all our audience could see what fun they are all having.

Smile please

border collie puppies
four-way tuggy

I also wanted to share some of the photos I’ve taken over the past couple of days. Trying to photograph puppies at this age is like trying to catch a fish with your bare hands – pretty tricky! Over the years I have had a number of professional photographers come round and want to take pictures. ‘Oh let’s put them in a basket/bath/box’. Hmm. They can’t be posed, or placed, or set up.

border collie puppies
Do you like my new hat?

Of course I have time on my side. I can take pictures all day every day. So you would expect my photos to be amazing, right? Well of course I am NOT a professional photographer. I’ve got better over the years, largely thanks to the tutoring and support I’ve received from my friend Kate Everall.

border collie puppies
This game is called ‘snap-snap’

Still, sometimes it is better to just sit and watch them as they career around the kitchen! Sometimes you just want to enjoy the moment. And naturally, if I move to get my camera, they move and stop whatever sweet thing they were doing.

border collie puppies
Now I will eat you

Constant growth and change

The changes the puppies are making are now slightly more subtle than in the first few weeks. They don’t double in weight, but their growth creeps up. Yesterday on the Live video I was talking about the way they have developed their ability to navigate round their world. The puppies are now much more confidently going from outside to inside and back again.

border collie puppies
A favourite spot in the sun

Eventually, (in a few weeks’ time), they will be able to understand that they need to go to the toilet and have sufficient control to go wait until they are outside. Sadly, that is NOT a skill that they have just yet!

Patience pays off

border collie puppies
This is how you play tug

I was reminded of the need for patience this morning when out with my dogs. When I walk my 5 dogs off lead every day, I nearly always receive a compliment on how well behaved they are. This is especially true now, as I move them to the side of the path and make them wait whilst people pass us at a safe distance.

border collie puppies
No 1 puppy cuddler at work

Achieving this with my dogs is not a 5 minute exercise. I work on these activities every day. I always have treats in my pocket (currently imported from Slovenia!)

Anyway, I’m going to start teaching the puppies some basic commands. Watch this space!


If you want to see more videos like the one in this post, please go to the Dentbros Dogs Facebook page, or my own page. I am trying to post at least one video each day, to keep everyone entertained. Stay safe, stay in. xx

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Week 6: Causing chaos

Running and jumping all day long

Morning playtime

How is everyone? Not as happy, nor as busy as me, I’ll bet. It’s a rather unique situation we’re in, but for the puppies, the dogs and us, not much has changed. I still have to get up early to let out my 10 dogs and feed them all. I have to clean the run and reset it, while the puppies are out eating their breakfast in the sunshine (long may that last!)

border collie puppies
Winnie testing out the toys

Of course we have not had any visitors in the house for a week now. It really doesn’t matter, because they’ve met over 100 different people over the previous five weeks and seen quite a few of these on numerous occasions! They know that people are the best things and they will always welcome human interaction.

Border Collie puppies
tickle tickle

Staying chilled

Despite spending much longer periods awake, running and jumping around in the house and garden, the puppies do still spend long periods asleep. I was ‘talking’ with the owners of the Sweetie Litter on our WhatsApp group yesterday and they were sharing photos of their ten-month-olds all being super chilled.

Border Collie puppies
the best way to relax

When you are stuck in the house for most of every day, you do NOT need a dog that is constantly ‘on the go’. My dogs are completely used to me being around, so they spend most of the day, every day, sleeping at my feet. Of course they get up and play from time to time, but they are not restless, or anxious, or stressed.

Border Collie puppies
that’s OUR ball mummy

If you want to help your dog to settle and relax, the best thing to do is to be around them as much as possible, especially when they are little. Naturally my dogs are used to me going out (normally!) but they don’t worry.

Border Collie puppies
Miri at play

Another thing you could do is spend time training them. I recommend visiting the completely excellent Adam Delderfield’s site Delders Dogs for this. He’s running a series of challenges for people at the moment.

Adapting to the changes

Another impact of these strange times is that I have had my two vet appointments for next week cancelled. It is a legal requirement for breeders to have puppies microchipped BEFORE they go off to their new homes.

Border Collie puppies
eating from different bowls (and sharing)

“All dog breeders are responsible for ensuring puppies are microchipped before selling them. Puppies cannot be sold until they are eight-weeks-old and must be microchipped at the point of sale. If you’re buying a puppy make sure it’s microchipped before taking them home.”

From the Kennel Club information

However, all non-emergency appointments have been cancelled, so on this occasion they puppies will have to be microchipped along with their first vaccination. The Kennel Club have said that it not a requirement for breeders to vaccinate and I don’t do this anyway.

Border Collie puppies
smells good in here

With regards the eye testing, I have told the owners that this will not be done at this time. The parents are of course fully tested. I will pay for a test at a later date, if required.

Puppy training

As you can see in the video, I am already trying to instil some training into the puppies. They know to come when I call! Recall is the most important thing you can teach your dog and the better it is, the more you can relax and have fun with your dogs.

Border Collie puppies
tasting the plants

There are many posts and videos on this website about recall, particularly when I was writing about Ounce’s Adventures, including me talking about being stupidly exciting, like I am in the video above. I’m always conscious of trying to make the puppies as good as I can get them.

Border Collie puppies
I’ll eat your tail


If you want to see more videos like the one in this post, please go to the Dentbros Dogs Facebook page, or my own page. I am trying to post at least one video each day, to keep everyone entertained. Stay safe, stay in. xx

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Week 5: Getting outside

Out and about

Garden time!

This is how we start the day! As you can see, the puppies are now running about, going in and out, out and in. They wake up and given the chance, will rush outside to toilet. I offer them some food and Ounce may have already fed them. She and I try to take it in turns, but some days are more successful than others.

border collie puppies
Here we go

Playing with others

Today was another first, as Busy was engaging with one of the puppies! She came into the run and was really interacting with the puppy. Normally the other dogs are pretty grumpy with the puppies, because they are constantly looking for food from any dog they meet. I am so delighted that this litter are already learning that big dogs mean more than just food.

border collie puppies
I’ve arrived!

Having said that, I was thinking this morning how miserable it must be for dogs in puppy farms, being left shut in with their puppies all the time. If they have access to her, these puppies will constantly try to feed from Ounce, which can get rather annoying.

border collie puppies
Oh no! Not more feeding

Come rain or shine

Now the puppies have ‘fluffed up’, I prefer them to have access to outside as much possible. They are not able to wait to toilet, but like to go out. Border Collies have a double coat, with a thick, fluffy undercoat to keep them warm and a silky, waterproof top coat. That’s why they don’t need to go to the groomers, they don’t get smelly and they are immaculately clean ten minutes after getting home from a walk. I don’t feel they should normally wear coats – they are designed to live with our weather :).

border collie puppies
Tucking in

Children are friendly

With the imminent closure of schools this week, I suddenly realised we needed to do our ‘school visit’ straight away and I was very fortunate that Heronsgate Junior School were able to see us! I took the puppies, Ounce and Busy into school. We met around 50 children and 15 staff during our hour-long visit. The children behaved so well and really loved interacting with the puppies. Nobody was dropped or lost and there were lots of questions.

border collie puppies
Happy staff

Quiet time?

Now that the world has closed its doors, we are not expecting too many visitors. However, I don’t really think we will mind too much – all the more cuddling time for us! It’s a hard life!



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border collie puppies
gorgeous boy

Week 4: It’s playtime!

4 week-old puppies at play

Ounce with her puppies

I’m amazed I get anything done, to be honest. These puppies! They really are lovely and I LOVE spending time with them. I often say to people that I get to know their temperaments because I spend so many hours with my puppies. With this litter I just think – they are all lovely 🙂

border collie puppies
Are you looking at me or my babies?

Meeting the family

This week I have seen all the families who are having the puppies and they know which puppy they are having. It has been pretty straightforward this time, as four of the homes are people I know and trust.

border collie puppies
Family introductions

It can be very challenging assessing the suitability of a new home, as you are sending off one of the family into the unknown. I feel a bit like the Grand Inquisitor, grilling people on their lifestyle! But sometimes people think they know what they want (it’s cute and fluffy!) and that isn’t the best fit for their family. It’s super when it comes together and you know it’s a perfect match.

border collie puppies
How happy?

Playing and learning

The puppies are now awake for longer periods and they are really interacting with one another! It is pretty magical to watch, as they tumble about, jumping on top of one another and chewing each other’s ears.

As with everything else, Ounce is pretty special when it comes to play. More than any of my other mums, she is engaging with her puppies and really playing with them. So sweet.

Teeth – all the better to chew you

The puppies continue to change in lots of ways. They can hear now of course, so they know as soon as we enter the room. When I get into the run they come over and start to engage with me. This normally means chewing my feet or trousers. Their teeth are only just emerging, but it won’t be long before I am really having to dodge round them.

border collie puppies
Testing out the new gnashers

What’s next?

I have been opening the outside door to give the pups some fresh air. The outside run is now set up and ready to go. It’s still cold and windy though, so when one came out this morning she just wanted to go straight back in. Fingers crossed the weather improves and they can have space to run about and explore.

border collie puppies
A snooze in the sunshine

Don’t forget to book up if you want to visit (friends and family only). Shutdowns due to the virus notwithstanding, the next few weeks are likely to be busy, especially the final week as the schools are on holiday. Week 6 is booked up already..

border collie puppies
Let’s get out of here!


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Week 3: Up and about

Party on!

We’ve been very busy here in the Puppy Palace, with masses of visitors, all family and friends, helping to celebrate a special wedding anniversary.

border collie puppies
Here’s looking at you

There is a definite pattern to the puppies’ feeds now, as they feed every 3-4 hours. Ounce goes in and within moment there is a terrific noise of suckling, as they guzzle the milk greedily.

border collie puppies
squashed up and glugging

You can see that they all pile in, not caring if they are squashing each other, as they fight for a place. There are plenty of spare nipples available guys! They move around every few minutes to ensure that all the milk is drunk.

Help from Granny

I have always known that my dogs get on really well, but I have seen this taken to a new level with this litter. When we arrived home after a couple of days away, I sat in with Ounce while she was feeding. Busy then joined us in the run, lying behind her daughter.

border collie puppies
Busy helping

Once the pups had finished feeding, Busy waited for them to come over, then cleaned them, making sure they went to the toilet. The puppies were totally relaxed around their grandmother, happy to engage with her, knowing she did not have any milk.

I’ve found this fascinating – truly supportive parenting! Of course in the wild the pack does all help to raise a litter of pups, but I never thought it would happen in my home!

Introducing solid food

Today, as the puppies are almost three weeks old, I have introduced a bit of soggy puppy food, soaked in goat’s milk. They loved it!

border collie puppies
this is good!

They had no trouble at all eating it – most of them have teeth already! They just tucked right in, then went back to Ounce for a bit more milk. So I will continue to provide some additional food over the next few weeks, until they are having 5-6 meals per day.

Eating is hard work

The inevitable conclusion to the first meal – one tired puppy!

Eating is hard work
That was exhausting

They do potter about playing and exploring, but only for a few minutes, then it’s back to sleep. They are real cuddle monsters already.

border collie puppies
lovely cuddles

Endless entertainment

Do you think I should charge an entry fee? Their owners will have all been to see them in the next few days, and they will hopefully get to know their puppy a little before he or she arrives in their new home.

border collie puppies


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Week 1: busy doing nothing

border collie puppies

Nothing has changed

Oh no wait – they have DOUBLED in weight! And the rest – that was by Thursday. They just eat and sleep, but they do that very efficiently!

Ounce is a fantastically efficient mum – she feeds them and toilets them at the same time, clearing up after them so their bedding only needs changing once or twice a day.

Moving on down

All Dentbros puppies are supposed to be born upstairs, in the quiet of a bedroom. Things don’t always go according to plan, so the first three of this litter were born in my study, as Ounce didn’t tell me they were about to arrive! It was fine and we then moved upstairs to a better set-up.

border collie puppies
it’s hot work, feeding your babies

I sleep in the same room as them for at least a week, so that I know they are robust enough not to get squashed. Actually these pups have been tough from birth, so have never even been slightly in trouble. If the mother has had a difficult birth, she may be too exhausted to mind out of their way, but Ounce is young, fit and healthy, so that has never been an issue.

border collie puppies
noses getting darker

Now the puppies are downstairs. It’s easier for Ounce to get in and out and for visitors to see them.

Care required

During the first few weeks of a puppy’s life, they do not need much from the breeder. Dogs bred on farms are often left to get on with it, being kept in runs or barns outside. Not me.

border collie puppies
we sleep anywhere

First of all, I take a great deal of care of my mums. I make sure they are fed regularly, around six or seven times a day. I feed them a good quality food, with a mix of dry and wet food. They have goat’s milk and/or natural yogurt, to ensure good milk supply and bone growth. My mummy dogs do not generally lose weight while nursing.

border collie puppies
three boys

I keep my dogs company. I don’t leave them alone much and am generally around. I sit and watch the puppies, sleeping and squeaking (well you would, wouldn’t you?)

Giving cuddles

border collie puppies
snuggled up

I think being handled regularly right from birth ensures that my puppies are monitored and assessed. They are used to the feel and smell of people and this makes them super friendly towards people as adult dogs. A good breeder cares how their dogs turn out as adults and wants the best for the dog and its family.


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Happy valentines day!

Lovely litter - one day old
Just arrived

The Lovely Litter have arrived!

On Friday 14th February, between 17.30 and 19.30, Ounce gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies! The dad is Goytre Frozen Memories (Jasper), who is a beautiful boy with a sweet nature.

Lovely litter - Jasper

What colours?

There were many possibilities for different colours, as Ounce is a lilac and white and Jasper is a black and white tricolour. Happily, they have produced four black and whites and one red and white, all with ‘classic’ markings. Very smart!

Lovely litter - one day old
Any way you can get it

The red and white is a boy and two of the black and whites are boys. There are two black and white girls.

Lovely litter - one day old
Snuggled up

I have decided to call this the ‘Lovely Litter’ since they were born on Valentine’s Day. Their Kennel Club names will all have the word ‘love’ or ‘lovely’ in them. More on that later…

At birth, the puppies weigh 200-300g. They gained 10% of their birth weight within 24 hours. I weigh them every day to start with, to check they are all feeding well. Once they are well established I don’t tend to worry too much.

All have homes

Lovely litter - one day old
It’s a handful

I do have homes for ALL of these puppies, subject to confirmation. I look for a loving homes, suitable for a Border Collie. Read more about the breed if you are interested. Or read about what it is like to own one.

Lovely litter - one day old
Family bliss

Visitors required

If you have known me a while, you will know that I like to have lots of visitors to see my puppies! I invite close friends and family (no children) for the first three weeks. After that, I like to see a wide variety of people I know, including children. So please do get in touch to book a visit?

Lovely litter - one day old.
Cuddles all round

The last couple of weeks are often quite busy, so don’t leave it too late. They will be gone by Easter! NB: Visits are by appointment only. There is someone here at all times.


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5 Myths about Border Collies

Border Collies are one of the most popular breeds of dog in the UK. Yet they are often misunderstood and can have a bad reputation. People think that Border Collies are nervous, obsessive and snappy – that’s not a myth, they can be like that! But there is more to the breed than this. Hopefully, the ‘farm collie’ that you had as a child is NOT the same as the responsibly bred Border Collie you buy from an KC Assured Breeder.

Let’s look in more detail at a few of the biggest myths around the breed:

1. Border Collies are black and white

A ‘typical’ Border Collie?

Let’s start with the physical attributes – do we think all Border Collies look like Bonnie (above)? According to the Kennel Club’s breed standard, there are quite a few variables. For example, “the nose should be black, except in brown or chocolate colour when it may be brown. In blues the nose should be slate colour.” And the eyes should be “brown in colour, except in merles, where one or both or part of one or both may be blue.” It goes on to describe variability in size, in the set of the ears, in the length of coat and so on.

As for colours, what a choice we have! I have written about this in more detail elsewhere, but Border Collies come in all sorts of colours!

2. Easy to train

I have to talk about this one next. Everyone knows that Border Collies are extremely intelligent, right? So that must mean they are easy to train, right? Wrong. Well, actually it is true, but they don’t train themselves! Oh no wait, that’s not true either, they DO train themselves, and that’s why you have to watch them carefully. They will also train YOU!

ball games

Pictured here we can see Aura, making me throw the ball for her. She does love her ball! Aura will demand that I throw it, again and again – she’s relentless! However, it is Sunny who has always been able to persuade anyone and everyone to throw a ball for her.

Border Collies want to learn, to do, to keep busy. Many people struggle to get them to stop and settle and if they are poorly managed they can become neurotic and obsessive. They need owners who can keep them focused and doing what is required. And no more.

3. Need lots of exercise

border collie myths
Constantly on the go

Border Collies are designed to work. They should ‘normally’ be out on the hills, with the shepherd, moving the sheep from one place to another. This might take a long time and involve being on the go for hours on end. But they don’t do this all day every day. I often think the breed is one of the closest to wild dogs (if you get a Heinz 57 dog it will often look a bit like a collie). This means they are built for stamina and speed, stealth and strength.

However, the shepherd also needs them to be able to cope with doing nothing much, for long periods as well. Fortunately for us, because not many people these days require a dog to be on the go all day long.

So yes, Border Collies, can exercise all day. Do they need to? No. I always tell my puppy owners “You can exercise your Border Collie for 3 hours a day or more. All you will get is a fit dog! The more you do with them, the more they will need you to do. You will NOT succeed in tiring them out.” Be warned!

4. Good with children

A well-bred, well raised Border Collie should be a super family pet. But they are certainly not the ‘obvious’ breed when it comes to spending time with children. Their tendency to herd can make them nippy. Our collies used to try desperately to round us up if we were out on a walk, or running around a field. They would nip at our heels as we went to leave the house.

Border Collie puppies
Good with children?

My second Border Collie, Buzz, loved being part of our family. But he tended to guard and was a bit ‘sharp’ if things got a bit too exciting. I feel that Border Collies can easily become anxious if children are noisy, or lively. They do not like being chased, or grabbed. Other breeds, particularly Labradors, are far more tolerant, although all dogs should be managed sensibly around children.

5. Make great pets

border collie myths
They certainly know how to pose!

Yes they do. If they are well-bred, well-trained and well cared for, they make absolutely fantastic pets. Find a responsible breeder, go to training classes, practise and praise. Then enjoy!

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Rescue or Rehome?

rescue or rehome
Beautiful dogs in the wrong place

Doing the right thing

It is very fashionable these days to have a ‘rescue’ dog, isn’t it? Celebrities do it, so it must be the right thing to do, mustn’t it? Rescuing sounds heroic – we are taking a dog that’s had a terrible time and giving it a much better life, aren’t we great!

It’s not quite that simple. I’ve already talked about whether you should get a dog from a rescue or a breeder and covered a number of points. Now I want to focus specifically on the difference between going to a rescue centre vs finding a dog the ‘old-fashioned’ way, through word of mouth. In other words, taking on a dog straight from the unsuitable home it has been in.

Why re-home a dog?

There are lots of reasons why a dog might not be suitable for the home it is in. Circumstances change. Many people take on a dog believing that they are in a position to cope with it, only to find that their job changes, or they have to move house, or their relationship status changes.

Often though, people simply don’t appreciate how challenging it can be to have a dog in your home. What looks cute and fluffy as a puppy turns out to be a weeing, pooing, chewing nightmare! Parents often decide they simply don’t have time to cope with a dog as well as their children.

rescue or rehome
It’s not his fault

Where to start rehoming a dog?

If you are feeling overwhelmed with your dog, please start by talking about it to a few people? You might be surprised that other people have similar problems with their dog. Sometimes talking it through can help you see things differently and keep things in perspective.

If people agree that for whatever reason, your dog is not in the best place, it is worth asking around to see if someone can offer a better home. This has happened to people I know a few times. I have been able to ask my contacts in the dog world, who have passed the message on.

Of course you still want to ‘vet’ anyone who offers to re-home your dog. I remember the first time I did this, I was quite anxious about meeting the person who was interested in the dog. I didn’t need to worry, they were one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! They took the dog and gave him an AMAZING home! It was everything I wanted for him. They were young enough to take him for long walks, had other dogs to keep him company and were experienced enough to cope with his quirks.

A better home makes a better dog

More recently, I helped move on a super dog with no faults, who just didn’t really fit into the home he was in. Once again, through contacts and messages, a more suitable home was found. When I asked how things were going, I received this response:

He’s doing really well. They’re so proud of him, meeting grandchildren, family members, other dogs etc. They can’t believe how well he walks on lead. They adore him, which makes me so happy.”

Isn’t that lovely? As much as the dog was previously loved, the owner knew it wasn’t the best fit for him. He’s happy now.

Rescue centres – pros and cons

A few months ago there was a super series, called ‘The Dog House‘ about Wood Green Animal Rescue. It really clearly showed all the ins and outs of rehoming: the trauma of bringing the dog in and leaving it (including the dog being upset). Then the people coming in being vetted and helped to realise that what they thought they wanted might not be the best fit for them. You saw the dogs having to make a good first impression and how challenging that was for some of them.

What was most upsetting about the series, was how many of the dogs shown were taken home by the people, only to be returned, sometimes after as long as a month. Heartbreakingly, many dogs who end up in a rescue go backwards and forwards into a number of homes. How much better to go straight from one home to another, forever?

rescue or rehome


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