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Top Tips to Finding A Dog Trainer

How to find a dog trainer to suit you and your dog

As an Assured Breeder, registered with and inspected by the Kennel Club, I am required to provide advice to all my new puppy owners. This puppy pack includes a few basic training tips, such as ‘let your puppy off lead on the first walk!

dog trainer

The Puppy Pack also includes advice about finding a suitable trainer for you and your puppy to attend. Before this year, my advice related to going along to classes in person. Now we have to consider alternatives, but I am going to talk about both options.

A trained dog is a happy dog

House training aside, every puppy needs to be taught good manners and have constructive lessons in basic control and social interaction. This includes:

  • Responding to its name
  • Learning how to greet and behave politely around other people and dogs
  • To come back when called (see my posts on recall for details)
  • To walk nicely on the lead
  • To sit down and stay on command
  • To allow itself to be groomed and examined by you and your vet
dog trainer

Dog training classes

Most if not all owners can benefit from attending good training classes, and training in the company of other dogs is very useful, because of the realistic distractions it involves. Ideally, you should start your classes as soon as your puppy’s vaccinations are complete, but classes can be invaluable for older dogs too.


There are various different styles of dog training and it is naturally important that you find a class and training instructors with the right approach for you and your puppy. You can find training classes by using the Kennel Club’s Find a Club service. You can also ask your vet and other dog owners for recommendations, or see my recommendation below. Dog training can be lots of fun and very rewarding.

A trained dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog makes for a happy owner too.

Finding the best dog training club

Before enrolling with a dog training club it can be beneficial to go and visit several classes first (without your puppy) to make sure you have made the right choice. Things you may wish to consider include:

  • Do you like what you see – are the trainers friendly, are people happy and enjoying training their dogs?
  • Are the dogs happily focused on their human family?
  • Are the instructors giving lots of encouragement and information to all attendees?
  • Are the instructors maintaining a controlled, safe environment for all?
  • Are instructors treating everyone fairly and meeting the needs of the whole group?

Some of these points still apply to online classes, but let’s consider these in more detail.

dog training

Online or In-person?

Since before the pandemic, dog trainers have realised that some elements of dog training can be done online. During the first Lockdown, we all had to adapt and good trainers have been able to transfer the majority of their training to be done remotely.

A good online dog trainer, will provide a range of tuition methods:

  • Live video calls to a small group, covering the topic for that week’s lesson
  • Use of a ‘demo dog’ to show how to carry out the instructions and reward the dog
  • The opportunity to watch the recording of the class later, for revision or if the live class has been missed
  • The chance to post videos of your own training to a private group
  • A way of asking questions and receiving feedback

There are pros and cons to both types of classes, in my view.

It is easier to attend an online class, especially if you can watch a recording later on. No travelling or parking issues. Very useful if your dog is not yet good at travelling.

You might feel that an online class will make it harder to ‘show off’ your dog’s training and discuss the issues you are having. I believe this is not the case. It is much better to watch the trainer’s explanations and demonstrations without your puppy messing around/ barking at other dogs/ weeing on the floor. Honestly, it can be really hard to manage your puppy whilst sitting in a draughty hall. Much better to sit calmly at home, paying attention to the lesson. Then go away and practice, in your own time.

dog trainer

Once you’ve mastered the lesson, or if you are having problems with it, posting a video showing where you’re at is a great way for your trainer to see what is happening. What might seem confusing and tricky to you will soon be sorted by your trainer. I highly recommend Adam Delderfield at Delders Dogs for expert online training.

Group interaction is so useful

One of the nice things about going along to an in-person class is meeting other puppy owners. You can show off your baby! It is lovely comparing notes and hearing that they are going through all the crap (literally) that you are going through.

But this can be done easily through a private social media group. These days we are pretty adept at communicating in this way. My Sweetie Litter were the first to have their own WhatsApp group and they talk to each other most days, even after 18 months! We are currently discussing neutering and relationships with our vets 🙂

Practice makes perfect

Whomever you go to for training, just going, engaging and practising the lessons will make your dog better. Building your relationship with your dog is the key element of the training sessions and the value of this cannot be over-emphasised. Please go and please practise and please, please put in the effort to train your dog? Your dog will thank you 🙂

For specific help with behaviour issues, I very much recommend a specialist such as Dan Callaghan at MK Dog Behaviour and Training.

Recommended trainers

As mentioned above, I recommend online classes at Delders Dogs and specialist behaviour support from MK Dog Behaviour and Training.

I also recommend Nicole Vento from the The Calm Canine Academy. Please visit the website to find out more about their training methods and the services they offer. When you book training with any of these people, please mention me? Thanks!


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Charity Calendars

A worthy cause

dog calendar
a year of collies!

For the last few years I have amused myself throughout the year, taking photos of my dogs, my puppies and landscapes. I then force my family and friends to receive these calendars for Christmas 😜. Recently I have been presumptuous enough to sell these calendars, with 100% of the profit going to the charity that supports my volunteering – Canine Concern

The calendars are in A4 format and there is a choice this year of DOGS, FLOWERS or LANDSCAPES. These are now available to order, for £10 (plus p&p). Simply message me to reserve yours?

In case you don’t like Border Collies

Well I don’t know why you wouldn’t, or why you would be here, but there are alternatives…

charity calendars
A picture without a dog!

This is one of the pictures from the Landscape calendar. All calendars are in A4 format, with an A4 grid of dates. 

Calendars cost £10 +p&p, with 100% of profits (around £3) going to Canine Concern.

Payments must be made through PayPal (friends and family) or direct bank transfer.

To order: Email Penny Dent with details of your order.

A splash of colour

If you’d like something more colourful, I have also created a calendar of flowers. Hopefully there is now something for everyone!

charity calendar
A splash of colour for November


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Equipment list for your new puppy

New puppy? Everything you need to get started


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Most puppies love snuggling into a piece of ‘Vetbed’ or similar. This is a synthetic simulated sheepskin, which is hygienic, machine washable, totally non-allergic and relatively resistant to chewing. It can also help to prevent pressure sores on bigger dogs. Buy at least two pieces so you use one while washing and drying the other.


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Your puppy needs its own space and safe place.  The crate or cage keeps it safe and out of trouble when it is alone, rather like putting a baby in a cot or playpen.  It also helps to teach the puppy that it does need to rest and so do you.

When ordering a crate for your puppy, buy one big enough for it to lie in stretched out and standing up in when it is fully grown (medium). Make sure that the mesh is not too big as puppies may get their mouths caught.  Put some bedding inside and tie some toys in the far end of the crate so the puppy has to go in there to play with them. Gently place your puppy in there whenever it falls asleep. Leave occasional treats in the crate for the puppy to find, so the puppy learns to love going in there.

This image has an empty alt attribute

A handy hint to ensure that your puppy is eager to enjoy the safety and calm of the crate is to feed him in there, with bowls like these. Then, quietly close the door. Puppies love to search and sniff for pieces of food, and once they have found and eaten everything, they often settle down and drift into sleep for an hour or so.

This gives you a chance to do other things without worrying about what the puppy is up to, and it is a good experience for the puppy to curl up and sleep in the cot by choice.  You can gradually increase the time the puppy stays in the crate and initially this should be whilst you are in the room with it.

More information about crates can be found on this separate post.


Ellie-Bo Heavy Duty Modular Puppy Exercise Play/ Whelping Pen, 158 x 158 x 100 cm, 8 Pieces

A dog run, or playpen, like this one is ideal to help you manage your puppy. You can make sure they are safe, not chewing up the house, but they have room to run about and play. You can put down paper, or puppy pads, so that they don’t have to toilet in their bed.


Dogs & Horses UK – purple rolled leather collar

Dogs & Horses make beautiful collars and leads.  They are hard-wearing and comfortable for you and your dogs.  I highly recommend them!

Choose a comfortable collar that is suitable for the size and age of puppy. Puppies grow rapidly and collars should be checked almost daily for condition and fit. These should not be so loose that they can slip over your puppy’s head or so tight that you cannot slip two fingers underneath. Some are connected by a plastic catch, remember they are not as strong as the traditional buckle.


Choose a lead that is suitable for the size of your puppy, not too long, too short or too heavy. A good rope lead is both strong and comfortable on your hands. Chain leads can hurt your hands, but may be useful if you have a puppy that likes to chew or carry its lead in its mouth. Nylon leads are strong, but can hurt your hands. Whatever type you choose, make sure you attach it to the ‘D ring’ of the collar and not onto the split ring that attaches the identity disc to the collar, as this is not strong enough to take the weight of your dog.  Particular attention should be paid to the catch/ clip which must be strong and not liable to break or straighten. You can also use a harness to help manage a pulling dog.

Please do not use an extendable lead – it will teach your puppy to pull against it all the time and stop him from having a good run around.  Before they are able to go out, practise the recall in the garden, with lots of treats.  Then when you do go out, let them off the lead straight away.  The outside world will be big and scary and they will want to come back to you, trust me!  Give plenty of praise and treats and keep on recalling and rewarding all through the walk.  Before your puppy is 3 months old you will have a good strong recall and no need of an extendable lead.

If you really feel that this is going to be too difficult, buy a Long Line.  This is like a piece of rope around twenty feet long.  You put the puppy on one end and stand on the other end.  Let him go off for a wander and then call him back after a few minutes.  If he doesn’t respond, give a gentle tug on the line to attract his notice, then call and reward.  Do NOT pull him back to you – he has to want to come back.  The line is for your security, that’s all.  Please DO NOT chase your dog, you will not teach him to come back to you that way!  He must want to come back to you on his own.

Identity Disc

You are required by law (The Control of Dogs Order 1992) to inscribe the name and address of the owner on the collar or on a plate or disc attached to it. You must comply with this, even if the dog is microchipped, and you can be fined up to £5,000 if you do not. You may also want to put your telephone numbers on the tag, but you do not need to put your dog’s name on it.  Engraved discs are better than barrel types, which often undo and lose their contents.  

Interesting toys

It is very important that your puppy has a range of toys to play with, otherwise it might chew on your things, instead of its own. Chew toys also provide mental stimulation, help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and allow it to exercise its jaws. Select toys for your puppy carefully – some may be too small and might choke your puppy whilst other items might splinter. You should also have toys that you can play with interactively, like balls on ropes and tuggies, so that you can have fun with your puppy.

Do not let your puppy play with sticks, golf or squash balls. All these things can easily get stuck in the throat and cause damage or even death. For this reason, it is important to bear in mind the size of your puppy and the size of the chew or toy you decide to purchase. If a chew becomes too small after a prolonged period of chewing, do not take the risk, throw the chew away. Remember, spending money on toys is preferable to having your house and furniture chewed!

Kong chews are invaluable for keeping your puppy entertained while you are away from them.  If you fill it with treats and freeze it, this will keep your pup busy for quite a while!  It is also good for when they are teething.

Food and water bowls

You will need separate bowls for water and food. Make sure fresh water is always available for your puppy.  Metal bowls are unbreakable, safe from chewing and easy to keep clean.

These are the best water bowls for the car, as they do not spill (although they can be a bit of a pain to fill up!)

 Prestige Road Refresher Non Spill Pet Water Bowl


I feed my dogs Royal Canin.  I give them the Medium Starter first of all, moving onto Puppy when they are 8 weeks old.  I feed the adults a mix of Royal Canin Adult and Aging, depending on the amount of work (agility) they are doing.

There are many different types of dog food and many arguments for and against each type.  You can read my thoughts in this post. I feed Royal Canin because they eat it, I can order it online in large sacks and they look and behave well on it.

Car harness, travelling crate or dog guard

A dog should travel either behind a dog guard, secured with a car seat harness or, ideally, in a travel crate or fixed car crate. A crate gives a dog its own space and ensures both safety and comfort. If you have space for a crate then this provides a safe haven for your puppy in the car. There is nothing worse than seeing a dog squashed in a car with luggage piled up around it.

Accustom your puppy to car travel with short trips at first ideally when the puppy is tired so it will go to sleep. If the puppy is car sick try fixing the crate on the back seat as the car sways far more at the back which can cause travel sickness.


It is a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped and for this to be done by the breeder.  You will need to change the details of the registered owner with Petlog – details will be provided in your packs.

Poo Bags

You are required by law (Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment Act 2005) to clear up after your dog in public areas and dispose of the bag in an appropriate bin, so you will need a supply of poo bags, sandwich bags or nappy sacks to take with you whenever you are out with your puppy.

Grooming equipment

Border Collies do not require a great deal of grooming, believe it or not! Other breeds might need a full grooming kit, but Border Collies need a rake style brush to clear out the undercoat, nail clippers and a tangle teaser to ease through the matted bits that collect around their bottoms. See the post about grooming for more information.

Doggy toothpaste and toothbrush

Gum disease is far too common in middle-aged dogs and can lead to all sorts of health problems, so it pays to brush your puppy’s teeth. Use special canine toothpaste, which comes in tasty flavours and does not foam (unlike human toothpaste) with a special rubber thimble for dogs’ teeth.

Dog shampoo

Dogs only really need to be bathed when they have been swimming or have rolled in something smelly. Use a dog shampoo or a mild human shampoo and put a non-slip mat down if using the bath. Towel drying your puppy is important and will get it used to being dried when it comes home wet from a walk.  Ketchup is a great way to get rid of the smell of fox poo.  Rub it into the area, then shampoo out.  Works like magic!

Norwex – cleaning power with less chemicals

Norwex – cleaning with less chemicals

I thought it would be helpful to introduce you to my passion; a company called Norwex.  I love their stuff so much I signed up to become a Consultant!  I am now an Independent Norwex Consultant and am so excited about this new venture.

What I have found amazing since I purchased those first few products is how effective they are.  I basically clean everything with just water now.  My granite worktops have never been so clean!  They are black and although they look amazing when clean, they quickly look terrible.  I was using a granite polish spray to clean them.  But because I don’t like using loads of chemical products I used to leave it a day or two between polishes.  Now I don’t have to worry – my worktops always look fantastic!

New Products

Being an Independent Norwex Consultant is exciting!  I get to share my passion for all things green and hopefully help people find products that work for them and their house.  The brilliant thing is that you don’t need much to clean your whole house.  Using Norwex products you will:

  • use less chemicals
  • make your house cleaner
  • save money (less products required)
  • save time – cleaning is much quicker
  • use less plastic (microfibre that doesn’t shed)
  • save the planet – products made from recycled materials

Clean glasses and phone screens in seconds!

Order online

I am always happy to talk to you about cleaning! Making simple changes that will improve your life. Just get in touch to find out more?

Norwex have lots of great solutions to replacing plastic


Please CONTACT ME if you want to know more about me and my Norwex products?  You can like my Norwex Facebook page too, then you will see the lovely things on offer and news about events and parties I’ll be hosting.

Trainers – what are the best for you and your dogs?

Trainers: looking after your feet

Ah yes, those sort of trainers.  Not the trainers we give all our money to, lol.  I often see posts on the agilitynet Facebook group, asking about the best footwear to have when training or walking our dogs.

Recommended makes of footwear

My no 1 choice is Asics.  This is my latest pair:

They are comfortable, supportive, a good fit and OK to look at.  Most importantly, the soles have a good grip.  I have discovered over the years that I need ‘running shoes’ which seems a bit of a joke when I stumble around, but it’s what works for me.

Another recommended brand is Salomon which many agility people swear by.

I have found Sketchers to be very comfortable, but they are not really running shoes; soles not as grippy.

Winter walking

In winter we need a whole other kind of shoe; something to keep us warm and dry, still with grip and also support.  I think I’ll cover that another time..

Trainers – the other kind

Just before I go, I would like to recommend a few trainers – the human kind.  I have recently met two dog trainers – Dan Callaghan from Barkers Trail who is a dog behaviourist and runs a variety of training classes.  And Adam Delderfield, from Delders Dogs.  I haven’t worked with either of these trainers, but they both know what they are talking about so I recommend them as people.

I am also excited to have started working with Emma Conlisk of Beancroft Agility.  I love the facilities, the class setup and the teaching style :-).  Looking forward to more!

Ask for help?

You are very welcome to CONTACT ME to ask for my advice.  I can help you with a variety of issues and problems around getting a dog and suggestions for tackling training issues.  Go to the What Dog? page for more information on my service.

Please let me know if you have found this post helpful?


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Cat Kennel – a snug home for your feline friend

What is a cat kennel? Why would you need one?

I have previously talked about Cages and Crates for dogs, but why would I need a cat kennel?  Mainly so that he can be self-sufficient.

Poor Tatsu!  He is a sweet boy, who has always been a bit damaged.  Unlike my dogs, I got him through an advert in a pet shop.  I decided I wanted a tabby girl, having mainly had black and white boys.  My mum came with me, assuring me that he was a girl.  ‘Tatsu’ means dragon in Japanese and I thought it would be a fitting name for a tatty tabby girl.

cat kennelUnfortunately, apart from the fact that he is a boy not a girl, lol, he also has a heart murmur, so has never been particularly strong.  Having had my son’s cat to stay a few times, I have realised that he is actually quite weak.  He can clamber over the fence and the gate, but he has no strength to jump up onto a worktop surface.

With 5 dogs in the house, I do obviously have to feed him on the worktop.  But now that I’ve established that he cannot jump that high, how can I leave food out for him, where the dogs can’t get it?  I designed a solution for him in my mind, then found what I wanted online – simple!

Cat Kennel

This is a great solution for him.  It also means he can come and go as he pleases.  He had previously had a cat flap, but not surprisingly Chris is not keen to saw a hole in our back door – especially as it is unlikely we will have another cat..

cat kennelThis kennel is pretty sturdy, but also light enough to be moved if necessary.  There is room for a bed and a couple of dishes of food.  So he can have dry and wet food available, whenever he wants them.


Cats apparently like their water to be in a different place to their food.  Did you know that?  They really like to drink from a tap, but will find some water outside if possible.  I therefore make sure there is a water bowl and a bucket of water available, filled from our water butt.

cat kennelWhy have a cat?

You might be asking yourself why I have a cat, when I am clearly a dog person?  Well puppies need to learn about cats as part of their socialisation programme, that’s why!  Oh and he is a nice pet, really.


Ask for help?

You are very welcome to contact me to ask for my advice.  I can help you with a variety of issues and problems around getting a dog and suggestions for tackling training issues.  Go to the What Dog? page for more information on my new service.


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Medication for your dog

Medication – where do you buy yours?

Until recently, I was able to buy any medication from my vet, as you should do.  However, since Luna’s diabetes diagnosis in December 2017, I have had a bit of a re-think.  She has to have an insulin injection every 12 hours.  See my post about caring for your  diabetic dog for more details.  It’s pretty straightforward, but I must admit the cost of it all does start to add up.

Luna needs:

  • One VetPen kit
  • Needles – 2 per day
  • Caninsulin cartridges – 1 per week
  • Sharps disposal bin

She also has a special diet – Royal Canin Dry Dog Food Diabetic, which you can’t buy from Royal Canin 😦

After a few months of getting her stabilised, things are generally settled, but we continue to need supplies.  Luna also has to have her ‘glucose curve’ done, which means a whole day at the vet with a blood glucose check done every hour.  The vet usually sends off her blood to the lab for analysis, so that they can see how things have been going for her.

medicationBuying medication online

Some of this is pretty straightforward.  I buy the Royal Canin Diabetic food from Amazon.  Or I can buy the food and the needles from Pet Drugs Online.  They are a  great company, really easy to use.  Delivery is normally free and it’s pretty prompt.

There is a challenge though; buying prescription drugs online.  For these, you must get a written prescription  from your vet.  You will have to pay a fee for this (about £14).  It’s a bit of a faff, but you do then pay a fraction of the price for the drugs themselves.

Once you have the written prescription, you then scan it and upload it onto the site in order to place the order.

A word of warning

I was not able to buy the VetPen cartridges from Pet Drugs Online as they don’t appear to sell these.  They sell vials for syringes, but I use the pen.  It cost over £60 to buy (from the vet’s), but it is so easy to use.
medicationAnyway, I then went to Animed to buy the cartridges.  Using their site was nothing like as straightforward and I wasn’t very happy with their service.  To be fair, this was partly because I tried to order more cartridges than it said on the prescription, thinking I could just order a bigger stock.  But they didn’t make it clear that I couldn’t do this and then didn’t tell me why they hadn’t sent my order.   This meant I had a total panic as I ran out of insulin for Luna!  Fortunately the vet was able to give me some and I did receive the order, so I do now have a bit of stock.

Other medication

I give Sunny Metacam to help ease her arthritis.  I have saved around £50 ordering this online.  Overall, it has already saved me a significant amount of money buying the meds online, but it is more hassle.

NB:  I do not insure my dogs.  This is partly because I have so many and partly because I resent paying insurance when my dogs are generally pretty healthy.  Obviously I would have been able to claim for some of Luna’s treatments and meds, but I suspect there would have been an annual limit on this.

I appreciate that many people feel it is irresponsible not to insure your pets, because you might then be unable to pay for the treatment they need.  Personally, I would rather save the money elsewhere and use that fund when needed.  What do you think?  Do you buy stuff online?   What would you recommend?

Ask for help?

You are very welcome to contact me to ask for my advice.  I can help you with a variety of issues and problems around getting a dog and suggestions for tackling training issues.  Go to the What Dog? page for more information on my new service.


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Fabric Dog Collars

Fabric flat collars for your dog

Well it is her birthday!  Some people give their dogs cake for their birthday (see the pic of Lenny in yesterday’s post, or the lovely Woofs Treats I talked about last week).  I just keep buying collars ;-p

fabric collarI don’t generally dress my dogs up in costumes, but I do like a nice collar.  And I found one, made by Rocky and Bud Isn’t it lovely?

fabric collarI had previously bought her a rainbow collar, as she was from The Rainbow Litter but I always wanted a lilac collar.  This one does not disappoint!

Collar types

There are two main types of collar – flat and rolled.  As you know, I am quite partial to a rolled leather collar, such as those sold by Dogs & Horses

fabric collarHowever, these are no good for agility.  You need a flat collar with no ‘dangly bits’ when competing.  If you have something hanging from the collar you will be eliminated.  Basically, it’s a risk to the dog as it could become caught on the equipment.

So we need flat collars.  I must admit I do love a flat collar, when they have a design as lovely as this one.  They are comfortable for the dog to wear and lovely and personal.  The D ring to which the lead attaches is bigger than on rolled collars, so it is easier to clip on.

fabric collarID Tags

If you need an ID tag to go on the collar, I recommend going to Indigo Collar Tags.  They are a bit pricey for a dog tag, but such great quality.  They last forever and are very secure, fitting easily but safely onto the collar.  In fact I struggled to take a picture where you couldn’t read the address on this one!

Lucky puppy!

Ask for help?

You are very welcome to contact me to ask for my advice.  I can help you with a variety of issues and problems around getting a dog and suggestions for tackling training issues.  Go to the What Dog? page for more information on my new service.


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Healthy Dog Treats – Good food for our dogs!

What are the best healthy treats to give your dog?

Following on from my post about Ounce’s prettiest eyes the other day, I thought I would just do a promotion for a lovely person I met at the Parks Trust event, the Big Doggie Do – Michelle from Woofs Treats.


Michelle is clearly very knowledgeable about dogs and has worked hard to develop a great range of treats.  I was particularly impressed that she has researched and produced treats that are suitable for dogs on special diets, because I know how hard it can be to find something suitable for some dogs.

treatsOh and did I mention there are CAKES FOR DOGS!

Other Treats

Top treats can include:

  • cheese – mild cheddar is not too crumbly, nice and cheap.  Cut into small cubes
  • squirty cheese – lots of people buy tubes of cheese, which the dog can lick.  It’s a bit disgusting but dogs love it and it takes them longer to get a small amount
  • sausage – ordinary cooked sausage, cut small
  • frankfurters – I slice up quite finely and then cook in the oven for a while. This dries them out so them are easier to handle and last longer
  • liver cake – if you must.  I never do, but people swear by it: liver cake recipe

For now, I am going to keep buying these Wagg training treats I find them so easy to carry and use and the dogs still really love them.  I take them into school for the children to give to Busy when we are doing our voluntary work for Canine Concern.

However, if I am looking for something different, I will definitely visit this local company  for something homemade and healthy!


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Cleaning with less chemicals

Super Cleaning!

I realise I may possibly be revealing my somewhat OCD tendencies to clean, talking about cleaning yet again.  Trust me, when you have 5 dogs (and a cat) there is plenty of cleaning to do!  I do try hard NOT to over clean my house, because I don’t think that is a very healthy option, for me or the dogs.  It’s about getting the balance in being clean without going overboard.

Norwex are a Norwegian company, whose mission is to help people learn how to make your home healthier and more sustainable while saving time and money.

I did learn!  I learnt that using a damp microfibre cloth and a dry  window cloth is enough on its own to clean my kitchen.  Fantastic!

Less is more

I have realised how much I do want to use less chemical sprays and cleaning products around the house.  I used to use the following:

  • descaling spray
  • kitchen cleaning spray
  • stainless steel spray
  • marble and granite spray
  • glass cleaner
  • furniture polish
  • anti-bacterial spray
  • disinfectant and odour removing floor cleaner
  • washing-up liquid
  • washing liquid
  • dishwasher tablets (plus rinse aid)
  • toilet cleaning blocks
  • toilet cleaner

OMG!! And all of these come in plastic bottles.  All contain any number of manufactured substances, which may or may not be harmful to my health and that of my animals.  I don’t use any of these products any more.

washing liquidWashing Detergent

Here’s a good idea; let’s buy some washing detergent that is fantastically concentrated, rather than containing large amounts of ‘fillers’.  This includes things like cardboard and abrasive materials, which wear out clothes and damage washing machines.  Let’s buy Norwex Laundry Detergent 1kg that comes in small plastic pouch.  Buying it like this reduces the cost of transporting it too – it’s a win-win situation!

Bags and Food Covers

reusable bags

Finally, I have ordered some reusable food bags to take shopping and some silicone food covers to use instead of cling film.  Slowly, we chip away at it all and with any luck, we can remain clean, healthy and hygienic.

Happy shopping!


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