Dentbros Luna

Breeder : Dentbros
Breed : Border Collie
8th January 2010 – 17th April 2023
Health Tested

Here we go Looby Loo, here we go Looby light, here we go Looby Loo, all on a Saturday night.

Today (17th March 2023) Chris and I said goodbye to our Luna. The sweetest, most gentle girl you could possibly wish for. She stayed with us for all these years, just being there. From my first litter, so the first dog I have had from birth to death. Nine lovely puppies left behind, all bringing lots of joy.

Off she goes, across the bridge, to be with her mum and her sisters. Night night our Boo xxx🌈

Health Tests

  • Eye Examination: Unaffected – 27th February 2012
  • CL: Normal – 23rd February 2012
  • CEA-CH: unaffected – 21st February 2012
  • TNS: Normal – 17th February 2012
  • Hip Score: 4/4 = 8 – 21st December 2011
  • BAER Hearing Test: Pass – 23rd February 2010

Luna is such a perfect dog. She is a real softie, so affectionate and cuddly, loves nothing better than to be in touch with you. She is great with children, loves to play and have a fuss. She loves her agility classes and now runs with her dad mostly, which she gets very excited about!  They won into Grade 4 in September 2016 and have had a few places at shows in 2017, despite the fact that neither Luna now Chris really takes it seriously!

Luna enjoyed looking after Sunny’s second litter so I knew she would be a great mother but she surpassed even my expectations.  She was so affectionate with her babies and so tolerant of them, letting them crawl all over her and loving it when then played with her.  I kept Aura from Luna’s first litter.  She went on to have a second litter in November 2014, who have all become fantastic dogs.

Sadly, Luna’s last litter were not to be.  You can read about my thoughts on health testing – why bother?


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