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Finding a Puppy

I provide help to people trying to decide what kind of dog is most suitable for them, with my What Dog? service.  However, if you have already made up your mind to have a Border Collie puppy, this is what I am currently telling people:

“Unfortunately, I won’t be having another litter until next year (2020) and these pups already have homes!  Many of my existing puppy owners are queuing up to have another, which is lovely for me, but bad news for everyone else.  You are doing the right thing contacting Assured Breeders – although unfortunately we have waiting lists for most of our puppies.  Some people are on lists for years!  My no 1 tip is: be prepared to travel!  Good puppies are worth going a bit further for.

“I think the best thing for you to do is contact the other Assured Breeders for Border Collie on the KC list, perhaps sending them my application form and asking to go onto their waiting lists?  Alternatively, keep an eye out for  pups on the Champdogs website.

Sorry I can’t be more help at this stage.  If you subscribe to the Dentbros website you will know if anything changes.”

Who are we?

I have given each of the girls their own page so you can find out more about them, their health tests and pedigrees, their temperaments and achievements.



Here is the link to the  Litter register, showing all the details of the litters we have had so far.  

You can also look at the Pupdates for each of these litters.

The Breeder

KC-Approved_BS_p2617I have provided a little information about me and why I became a breeder here.  I have put information about being an Assured Breeder and what that means for me.

Information & Guidance

Included on this site you will find lots of additional information, including  a list of Equipment Advice for when you get your puppy.  I have written about Border Collies and why they are so special, together with some thoughts on dogs and children as this is something I care about particularly.

Finally, I have included the reason I chose Dentbros as my breeder affix.

Please CONTACT ME if you would like to know more about my dogs or my puppies.

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For the Dog of your Dreams

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