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I love having puppies!  My aim as a breeder has been to have one litter per year.  Of course things don’t always go according to plan, but I’ve just had my seventh litter in eight years.

dentbros littersThere are many challenges to breeding.  However, sending beautiful, healthy, well socialised puppies off to homes who will love and enjoy them for years to come is one of the most satisfying jobs you can do.  I feel so lucky to have had my amazing Sunshine in my life and the legacy she has generated is a source of immense pride to me.

Here is a summary of all the pups we have produced so far:

Litter Register

  1. litter 1 – The Potter Litter – 08/01/10

Westirene Sunshine (Sunny) x Sh CH Goytre Prince of Dreams JW ShCM (Wizard)

Pedigree Name Sex Colour Pet Name
Dentbros Albus Dog Red & White Barney
Dentbros Rubeus Dog Red & White Tod
Dentbros Ginevra Bitch Red & White Wispa
Dentbros Minnie Bitch Red & White Bella
Dentbros Luna Bitch Red & White Luna
Dentbros Rosmerta Bitch Red & White Jess
Dentbros Maxime Bitch Red & White Nell
  1. litter 2 – The Poker Litter – 17/01/12

Westirene Sunshine (Sunny) x Jupavia Prince of Thieves (Alfie)

Pedigree Name Sex Colour Pet Name
Dentbros King of Hearts Dog Red & White Ollie
Dentbros King of Diamonds Dog Red & White Spoons
Dentbros Jack of Hearts Dog Red & White Pippin
Dentbros Jack of Diamonds Dog Red & White Copper
Dentbros Jack of Spades Dog Black & White Toggle
Dentbros Jack of Clubs Dog Black & White Symi
Dentbros Ace of Spades Dog Black & White Bertie
Dentbros Queen of Spades Bitch Black & White Lyra
  1. litter 3 – The Princess Litter – 29/07/12

Dentbros Luna (Luna) x Delicious Chocolate Sundae (Oz)

Pedigree Name Sex Colour Pet Name
Dentbros Cinderella Bitch Chocolate & White Ella
Dentbros Princess Aurora Bitch Chocolate & White Aura
Dentbros Princess Belle Bitch Chocolate & White Bella
Dentbros Princess Jasmine Bitch Chocolate & White Willow
Dentbros Princess Ariel Bitch Chocolate & White Flo
  1. litter 4 – The Fairytale Litter – 21/01/14

Westirene Sunshine (Sunny) x Borderlair Taboo Too (Taboo)

Pedigree Name Sex Colour Pet Name
Dentbros Fairytale Pixie Bitch Chocolate Merle Pixie
Dentbros Fairy Boots Dog Chocolate Merle Boots
Dentbros Tia the Fairy Bitch Chocolate & White Tia
Dentbros Dexter the Elf Dog Chocolate & White Dexter
Dentbros Busy the Imp Bitch Chocolate & White Busy
Dentbros Otto the Browny Dog Chocolate Merle Otto
Dentbros Jumble Djin Dog Chocolate Merle Jumble
  1. litter 5 – The Beatrix Potter Litter – 20/11/14

Dentbros Luna (Luna) x Delicious Chocolate Sundae (Oz)

Pedigree Name Sex Colour Pet Name
Dentbros Cecily Parsley Bitch Chocolate & White Wispa
Dentbros Appley Dapply Bitch Chocolate & White Bea
Dentbros Chippy Hackee Dog Chocolate & White Chip
Dentbros Mr Pricklepin Dog Chocolate & White Pudding
  1. litter 6 – The A-Z Litter – 24/04/16

Dentbros Princess Aurora (Aura) x Jupavia Made for You (Zuri)

Pedigree Name Sex Colour Pet Name
Dentbros Kilo Juliet Bitch Chocolate & White Ebbie
Dentbros Foxtrot Lima Bitch Chocolate & White Beck
Dentbros Charlie Bravo Dog Chocolate & White Charlie
Dentbros Echo Romeo Dog Black & White Thornton
Dentbros Victor Tango Dog Black & White Flynn
  1. litter 7 – The Rainbow Litter – 08/06/17

Dentbros Busy the Imp***(Busy) x Goytre Chapter in Blue (Sox)

Pedigree Name Sex Colour Pet Name
Dentbros Golden Brown** Bitch Chocolate & White Pixie
Dentbros Black Betty** Bitch Black & White Roxi
Dentbros Back in Black** Dog Black & White Lenny
Dentbros Blackbird** Dog Black & White Robbie
Dentbros Blue Monday** Dog Blue & White Chester
Dentbros Lilac Wine** Bitch Lilac & White Ounce


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