Dentbros Litters

What litters have I had?

I love having puppies!  My aim as a breeder has been to have one litter per year.  Of course things don’t always go according to plan, but I’ve had 10 litters in just over a decade.

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There are many challenges to breeding.  However, sending beautiful, healthy, well socialised puppies off to homes who will love and enjoy them for years to come is one of the most satisfying jobs you can do.  I feel so lucky to have had my amazing Sunshine in my life and the legacy she has generated is a source of immense pride to me.

Here is a summary of all the pups we have produced so far:

Litter Register

The Potter Litter – 08/01/2010

Westirene Sunshine (Sunny) x Sh CH Goytre Prince of Dreams JW ShCM (Wizard)

Pedigree NameSexColourPet Name
Dentbros AlbusDogRed & WhiteBarney
Dentbros RubeusDogRed & WhiteTod
Dentbros GinevraBitchRed & WhiteWispa
Dentbros MinnieBitchRed & WhiteBella
Dentbros LunaBitchRed & WhiteLuna
Dentbros RosmertaBitchRed & WhiteJess
Dentbros MaximeBitchRed & WhiteNell

The Poker Litter – 17/01/2012

Westirene Sunshine (Sunny) x Jupavia Prince of Thieves (Alfie)

Pedigree NameSexColourPet Name
Dentbros King of HeartsDogRed & WhiteOllie
Dentbros King of DiamondsDogRed & WhiteSpoons
Dentbros Jack of HeartsDogRed & WhitePippin
Dentbros Jack of DiamondsDogRed & WhiteCopper
Dentbros Jack of SpadesDogBlack & WhiteToggle
Dentbros Jack of ClubsDogBlack & WhiteSymi
Dentbros Ace of SpadesDogBlack & WhiteBertie
Dentbros Queen of SpadesBitchBlack & WhiteLyra

The Princess Litter – 29/07/2012

Dentbros Luna (Luna) x Delicious Chocolate Sundae (Oz)

Pedigree NameSexColourPet Name
Dentbros CinderellaBitchChocolate & WhiteElla
Dentbros Princess AuroraBitchChocolate & WhiteAura
Dentbros Princess BelleBitchChocolate & WhiteBella
Dentbros Princess JasmineBitchChocolate & WhiteWillow
Dentbros Princess ArielBitchChocolate & WhiteFlo

The Fairytale Litter – 21/01/2014

Westirene Sunshine (Sunny) x Borderlair Taboo Too (Taboo)

Pedigree NameSexColourPet Name
Dentbros Fairytale PixieBitchChocolate MerlePixie
Dentbros Fairy BootsDogChocolate MerleBoots
Dentbros Tia the FairyBitchChocolate & WhiteTia
Dentbros Dexter the ElfDogChocolate & WhiteDexter
Dentbros Busy the ImpBitchChocolate & WhiteBusy
Dentbros Otto the BrownyDogChocolate MerleOtto
Dentbros Jumble DjinDogChocolate MerleJumble

The Beatrix Potter Litter – 20/11/2014

Dentbros Luna (Luna) x Delicious Chocolate Sundae (Oz)

Pedigree NameSexColourPet Name
Dentbros Cecily ParsleyBitchChocolate & WhiteWispa
Dentbros Appley DapplyBitchChocolate & WhiteBea
Dentbros Chippy HackeeDogChocolate & WhiteChip
Dentbros Mr PricklepinDogChocolate & WhitePudding

The A-Z Litter – 24/04/2016

Dentbros Princess Aurora (Aura) x Jupavia Made for You (Zuri)

Pedigree NameSexColourPet Name
Dentbros Kilo JulietBitchChocolate & WhiteEbbie
Dentbros Foxtrot LimaBitchChocolate & WhiteBeck
Dentbros Charlie BravoDogChocolate & WhiteCharlie
Dentbros Echo RomeoDogBlack & WhiteThornton
Dentbros Victor TangoDogBlack & WhiteFlynn

The Rainbow Litter – 08/06/2017

Dentbros Busy the Imp***(Busy) x Goytre Chapter in Blue (Sox)

Pedigree NameSexColourPet Name
Dentbros Golden Brown**BitchChocolate & WhitePixie
Dentbros Black Betty**BitchBlack & WhiteRoxi
Dentbros Back in Black**DogBlack & WhiteLenny
Dentbros Blackbird**DogBlack & WhiteRobbie
Dentbros Blue Monday**DogBlue & WhiteChester
Dentbros Lilac WineBitchLilac & WhiteOunce

The Sweetie Litter – 20/05/2019

Dentbros Busy the Imp***(Busy) x Goytre Smokin’ Gun (Gunna)

Pedigree NameSexColourPet Name
Dentbros Sherbet Pip**DogChocolate & WhiteHector
Dentbros Dolly Mixture**BitchBlue & WhiteBronte
Dentbros Mint Humbug**DogBlack & WhiteDash
Dentbros Jelly Bean**DogChocolate & WhiteJB
Dentbros Liquorice Comfit**BitchBlack & WhiteCassie
Dentbros Barley Sugar**DogChocolate & WhiteMowgli
Dentbros Lemon Bon Bon**BitchBlack and WhiteBonnie

The Lovely Litter – 14/02/20

Dentbros Lilac Wine (Ounce) x Goytre Frozen Memories (Jasper)

Pedigree NameSexColourPet Name
Dentbros It Must Be LoveDogBlack & WhiteBentley
Dentbros One LoveDogBlack & WhiteFinn
Dentbros Love Me DoBitchBlack & WhiteMiri
Dentbros Look of LoveDogChocolate & WhiteRusty
Dentbros And I Love HerBitchBlack & WhiteHettie

The Mystical Litter – 19/04/2021

Dentbros Busy the Imp***(Busy) x Goytre Smokin’ Gun (Gunna)

Pedigree NameSexColourPet Name
Dentbros Moondance**BitchChocolate & WhiteArla
Dentbros A Kind of Magic**BitchBlue & WhiteGrace
Dentbros Magical Mystery**BitchBlack & WhiteTilos
Dentbros Spirit in the Sky**BitchBlue & WhiteWinter
Dentbros Starman**DogBlack & WhiteZiggy
Dentbros Man on the Moon**DogChocolate & WhiteQuin

The Punk Litter – 08/02/2022

Dentbros Lilac Wine (Ounce) x Mikared Vega Thorium at Leberkind (Bodie)

Pedigree NameSexColourPet Name
Dentbros Teenage KicksDogLilac & WhiteBailey
Dentbros Denis DenisDogBlue & WhiteDennis
Dentbros Dear PrudenceBitchLilac & WhiteMurmur
Dentbros Ever Fallen in LoveDogLilac & WhiteBuzz

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