Westirene Sunshine at Dentbros (Sunny)

Owner : Dentbros
Breed : Border Collie
21st June 2006 – 9th March 2021


You were my Sunshine, my only sunshine,

You made me happy, when skies were grey

You’ll never know dear, how much I loved you,

Now my Sunshine has gone away.

I wanted a red dog, but got a chocolate. I wanted to learn agility – she took us all into grade 3. I wanted to breed – 54 beautiful dogs (so far) are her legacy. So much love given to so many people, because of her.

So many brilliant memories, such a great character, the epitome of a Border Collie and everything you want a dog to be. Such a happy dog, to the very end.

Sleep tight my Sunny bun, rest in peace. xxxx

Health Tests

Eye Examination : Unaffected – 26th February 2012
CL : Normal – 23rd February 2012
CEA-CH : Unaffected – 21st February 2012
TNS : Normal – 17th February 2012
BAER Hearing Test : Pass – 23rd February 2010
Hip Score : 5/4 = 9 – 6th November 2009

Sunny was quite simply my dog of a lifetime. I had two Border Collies before her, both from my mum. She was the dog I chose, bought from a breeder, because I wanted a red and white girl, to start agility and to have a go at breeding.

Sunny was everything I wanted and so much more. Such a character! She had so much drive to play, to do agility and take on everything I asked of her.

Agility girl

Sunny had great drive for agility and obedience work.  She achieved Gold in the KC Good Citizen Award a few years ago.  In 2013 we finally started to compete in agility.  We entered just one show and she won the grade 1 agility class in 25 seconds, beating the dog in second place by 6 seconds!  She really flies round and absolutely loves it!  We won into grade 3 in 2014 even though she had pups in the January.  In 2015 she was a bit manic and we rather lost focus.

Sunny is now retired from agility, although she did compete in a ‘veterans’ class in (2017) and won, of course!

Sunny has a lovely temperament – she loves a cuddle and playing ball, teaching visitors to play fetch as soon as they arrive, no matter how old they are! 

Celebrating Sunny’s birthday, with her singing!


Sunny was a brilliant mum to her 22 puppies and they have ALL become fabulous dogs. She had three litters: The Potter Litter in January 2010, from which I kept Luna. The Poker Litter in January 2012 and the Fairytale Litter in January 2014, from which I (accidentally) kept Busy.

The Poker Litter


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