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Reunion: Puppies meeting up!

Reunion no 2 – meeting up with the pups!

Yesterday we had our second reunion this year.  It was lovely!  Well it could have been lovelier, if I’m honest, for a number of reasons:

  • it rained really hard
  • we had it later in the day because we were busy in the morning
  • people travelled from far and wide, in horrible traffic
  • I lost Sunny (she wasn’t lost, she was having a great time!)
  • I missed seeing Lenny – he went one way, I went another.  He saw his rellies, but only in passing, such a shame
  • The café was closed at 4.15pm due to the weather
  • Ounce was in season, so couldn’t play with everyone
  • some of the boys didn’t get on.  No actual fights, but a few disagreements.

Apart from all that, it was great!  Lol.  I am so grateful to everyone who came.  We saw:

reunionToggle, from Sunny’s second litter.  Brother to Symi and Lyra, amongst others.

reunionPixie and Dexter, from Sunny’s third litter.  Busy’s siblings.

reunionChip and Pudding, from Luna’s second litter.  Bea and Wispa’s brothers, the chocolate boys!

reunionThornton from Aura’s litter.  I had hoped to see Flynn and Charlie, but they weren’t able to make it.

reunionPixie from  Busy’s litter, Ounce’s sister.  Lenny was nearly there!

Reunion photos

It is quite a challenge to photograph a bunch of collies!  Especially when they don’t know each other.  Plus the rain, making it extra tricky.  Never mind, it was lovely to see them.

reunionWe went for a walk around the woods, which might have been nice in better weather.  It would have been good to have sat on the benches outside for a chat, or even to have gone into the café for a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake.  Sadly the café was shut.  Shame on you Rushmere Country Park.


Family likenesses?

Can you see how much Toggle looks like his mum, Sunny?


Who is this?  Looks like Luna doesn’t it?  It’s her son, Chip.  Gorgeous boy.


And who is this?  Is it Busy?  No, it’s her daughter.reunion


Finally, look at Pudding.  Doesn’t he remind you of his nephew, Charlie?


Next year’s reunion?

I absolutely LOVE seeing my puppies.  I love catching up with their families and hearing how they are getting on.  Are they going to training and having fun with that?  Are they behaving themselves?  Any problems or issues?  Most of all, I love seeing how amazingly well they have turned out and how much pleasure they bring to their families.

reunionWill we get together next year?  That will depend on the puppy owners… I hope so.

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Reunion: Puppy Party time!

Reunion: What do you call a collection of collies?

A family of course!  I was thrilled yesterday to see at least one puppy from each of my 7 litters at our Puppy Reunion party.   One of my puppy owners had asked if he could come and visit, so I tentatively asked if anyone else would like to come along.  Many of them said yes and we ended up with 10 of my puppies, (plus Sunny of course).  Oh and Blake and Maya came too, along with all the families.

puppy reunion
Running around – it’s a pack!

We started off by having a bit of a run around.  Then a dip in the lake.  Followed by a discussion with some swans – yes that was you Charlie!

puppy reunion
The most handsomest Charlie Brown
puppy reunion
Symi the water dog!

Symi is used to the water, as he goes out on mum and dad’s boat, as well as up in their plane – he’s a well travelled dog.

puppy reunion
Which way do we look?

Photo shoot

We started trying to get a group photo.  I think a collection of collies is actually called a ‘chaos’ – what do you think?  How many can you see in these pictures?  Not quite everyone made it…

puppy reunion
So many cameras!

Can you spot Blake?  He has the same dad as Luna, the amazing Wizard, who is also great-granddad to Ounce.  so family from another dad.  He’s Charlie’s big brother now, lucky boy.

puppy reunion
Bea and Charlie – aunt and nephew

These two were great buddies.  Bea is from the Beatrix Potter Litter and Charlie is from the A-Z Litterpuppy reunion

Roxi and Symi – niece and uncle

Black and whites

Roxi is Ounce’s sister.   At just 11 months, I can easily see that she is exactly like her mum, Busy.  Not just in looks – slight and petite, but also incredibly like her in temperament.  Roxi was quiet and unassuming, happy to stick to big sister Maya and her mum and dad.  But she loved having fuss from the children and you could see that just like her mum, she would be a brilliant therapy dog.

Symi is from the Poker Litter and to me he looks so much like his mum, Sunny.  He has lived a life of such adventure and is a lovely boy.

puppy reunion
Dexter – Busy’s brother

Love those eyes!

Dexter is Busy’s brother, from the Fairytale Litter – can you see that he has the same eyes as Busy?  His older brother Copper (Symi’s full brother) is the same.  Dexter seemed to me very much like his brother Jumble, whom I see on a regular basis.  Hopefully we can get them together in the future.

puppy reunion
Chester and Ellie – the blue boy

Last but not least, we have Chester, Ounce and Roxi’s brother from the Rainbow Litter  He is the only blue and white I have bred (so far) and he is looking super.  He and Roxi were hard to capture on film, as they are young and busy.  They both have some growing up to do, so it will be really interesting to see how they mature.

puppy reunion
The whole gang – spot the odd one out!

Yes I do realise it is a terrible photo – you can’t see Busy and Ounce is looking at her sister.  Have you ever tried to photograph 13 dogs?  But there we have it, from left to right, Symi, Bea, Chester (with Ellie), Dexter, Charlie, Busy, Aura, Luna, Ounce, Sunny, Roxi, Blake and Maya.

Next time…

How many collies can we gather together if we really try?  I have produced 42 pups so far, with all but two still alive.   I’m already excited to see what we can achieve at the next reunion.  And a big thank you to everyone who made it yesterday.  I am so very proud to have bred these fantastic dogs.

I just want to finish by saying that if you are planning a get together in Milton Keynes, I recommend the The Caldecotte as a venue.  There is plenty of parking, easy access to walks in all directions.  Plenty of seating outside, a play area for the children.  The food is not haute cuisine but the chips ordered yesterday looked pretty tasty.

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Spoons’ news

aug 14Good Evening Penny.

I hope you and the family are well and are looking forward to the latest litter in November.  Here is a recent picture of our boy.   Literally every time we take him out he receives cuddles and compliments, and of course, he just laps it up!!   He is still the centre of our lives, at least until the newest addition of our family is due in early September.   We have plenty of pictures and videos of Spoons, so if you want any for your collection, then just let us know.  He is a clever, happy, playful and gentle boy, and we still worship the ground he walks on!!

Much love, Graham, Heather, Spoons and bump.


Copper’s first wins!

Copper first winsWell done to Tracy and Dentbros Jack of Diamonds (Copper).  They attended their first competition on Sunday 14th April 2013 and came away with two wins!  Because Tracy has already worked her other dogs successfully, she had to start in the 3rd level class, Novice.  She and Copper won this class and went on to win the next level, the A class.  We are all now excited to see what this clever boy will achieve during the rest of the season.  How long before he catches up with his big brother Tod, who is competing in B and C classes this year? Good luck to them all xx

Happy 1st Birthday!

lt sounds as though this litter have celebrated their birthday in style!  They also seem to have turned out quite well, as you can see from the comments that came with the photos:

“Have sent you couple of pics of Symi. I do not know where the time has gone. He is a gentle and loyal dog loved by all. He loves the snow!!  We celebrated his birthday at school. We all had biscuits and watched a slide show of pics taken since March.”

“Attached are a few photos of Pippin and his first experience of the white stuff…  He celebrated his birthday by buying myself and work colleagues cake, while he tucked into sausage rolls, very naughty. Pip is still as vocal as he was right back in the beginning, greeting all-comers with a howling hello. He is pretty much the friendliest dog in the area and has turned out to have a wonderful nature.”

“Here’s one we just took of Ollie we’ll try to get a better one of him outside over the weekend and send it to you for the website.   He is a lovely healthy and obedient dog who is known by everyone who lives around here and they all adore him.   We could not be happier with him.”

“Tog had a lovely birthday playing with his Labrador friends then going to school (obedience) having a long walk. Then a special tea and of course several new toys! How much more fun could a boy want! Until today when he woke up to his first snow how much fun was that, he exhausted himself running around with his friends! He has just had a suckle with his favourite duck and now fallen asleep with his best friend! Tog is as fab as ever… What can I say perfection!”

“Please find attached a couple of pictures of Spoons in the snow. A year has flown past! His voice is developing with more growls, howls and squeaks, he has always got something to say!”

“Attached is a photo of Bertie taken by Stephen in the garden a few days after his first birthday. He is a lovely and very handsome dog! He races about on walks but is sometimes very solemn at home. Mostly a model dog – unlike our elderly collie Rhum!”

“Cant believe this cheeky boy (Copper) is a year old tomorrow! Time has flown by! I’m so pleased with him, he is such fun. :o”

Handsome Spoons

Stunning Spoons

Hello Penny,
I thought it would be a good time to give you an update on Spoons. Since I last emailed he has achieved bronze obedience award and we are currently working for silver. He was the star of the show during the bronze exam as he was the only dog to do everything first time. He is very easy to train and one of the trainers said we have, ‘Competition standard heelwork!!’ Also, two different trainers have asked me if I am going to show him! I had never thought about it but maybe something for the future. Graham has just trained Spoons to bark on command, which is really fun.

His character has developed a lot over the past few months. He is cheeky, playful and is always up for a cuddle. As you can see in the photos attached, his coat has lightened and is becoming more red. He is so good looking that he frequently gets mistaken for a bitch!



Pony Club Camp

Let’s go!

Hi Penny

Just loving seeing your puppies, so cute!  Toggle has just done his first Pony Club camp! What more could a boy want than 30 girls and boys to play with all day long?  I can’t tell you how good he was, I let him in the tents/ caravans every morning to wake them up and then play all day. Attached is a photo with two of our under 7s, one of whom wanted to swap Tog for her dog (bless).

Take care Sara