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Reunion: Puppies meeting up!

Reunion no 2 – meeting up with the pups!

Yesterday we had our second reunion this year.  It was lovely!  Well it could have been lovelier, if I’m honest, for a number of reasons:

  • it rained really hard
  • we had it later in the day because we were busy in the morning
  • people travelled from far and wide, in horrible traffic
  • I lost Sunny (she wasn’t lost, she was having a great time!)
  • I missed seeing Lenny – he went one way, I went another.  He saw his rellies, but only in passing, such a shame
  • The café was closed at 4.15pm due to the weather
  • Ounce was in season, so couldn’t play with everyone
  • some of the boys didn’t get on.  No actual fights, but a few disagreements.

Apart from all that, it was great!  Lol.  I am so grateful to everyone who came.  We saw:

reunionToggle, from Sunny’s second litter.  Brother to Symi and Lyra, amongst others.

reunionPixie and Dexter, from Sunny’s third litter.  Busy’s siblings.

reunionChip and Pudding, from Luna’s second litter.  Bea and Wispa’s brothers, the chocolate boys!

reunionThornton from Aura’s litter.  I had hoped to see Flynn and Charlie, but they weren’t able to make it.

reunionPixie from  Busy’s litter, Ounce’s sister.  Lenny was nearly there!

Reunion photos

It is quite a challenge to photograph a bunch of collies!  Especially when they don’t know each other.  Plus the rain, making it extra tricky.  Never mind, it was lovely to see them.

reunionWe went for a walk around the woods, which might have been nice in better weather.  It would have been good to have sat on the benches outside for a chat, or even to have gone into the café for a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake.  Sadly the café was shut.  Shame on you Rushmere Country Park.


Family likenesses?

Can you see how much Toggle looks like his mum, Sunny?


Who is this?  Looks like Luna doesn’t it?  It’s her son, Chip.  Gorgeous boy.


And who is this?  Is it Busy?  No, it’s her daughter.reunion


Finally, look at Pudding.  Doesn’t he remind you of his nephew, Charlie?


Next year’s reunion?

I absolutely LOVE seeing my puppies.  I love catching up with their families and hearing how they are getting on.  Are they going to training and having fun with that?  Are they behaving themselves?  Any problems or issues?  Most of all, I love seeing how amazingly well they have turned out and how much pleasure they bring to their families.

reunionWill we get together next year?  That will depend on the puppy owners… I hope so.

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