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Puppy Reunion – August 2020

Dentbros Dogs get together!

When you find the best homes for your puppies, you make friends with the owners and you stay in touch. I now have WhatsApp groups for each litter, so that the owners can talk to each other and share stories and problems. It’s brilliant.

puppy get together
Dentbros Dogs

The natural progression from this is a desire to meet up, which is lovely. Of course this year has presented its own challenges! But meeting up in a big open space and then having a picnic is fortunately now allowed, so yesterday we were able to do this.

One litter, or several

It might seem sensible to have only one litter at a time meet up – I know the owners were especially pleased to see the owners of their dog’s siblings. However, some owners have more than one puppy from me. And of course my girls usually have more than one litter. Either way, they are all related!

puppy get together
The Lovely Litter

I also think it’s nice for the owners of the younger dogs to see the progression they make – what they look like as older, more mature dogs. It was lovely to have 5-year-old Charlie demonstrating this – he’s such a lovely boy!

The perfect location

Ideally, people want to buy a puppy from someone down the road. Sadly, this is not possible, especially if you are buying from a Responsible Breeder. So although some of my puppies do live nearby, many do not. Trying to find a location that will be a manageable distance for as many as possible was a real challenge.

puppy reunion
starting to walk

Luckily, I had been riding in Windsor Great Park on several occasions – I highly recommend Tally Ho Stables for this. I knew there were big open spaces with easy walking and points of interest. I was a bit worried about toilets and would have loved a café. But I suggested a picnic and we decided that gave us a bit more flexibility anyway.

puppy reunion
Charlie with Pippa and Aura

Pleased to see me?

Some of them were! Most of them had forgotten me. If I see them fairly often, they do remember me and are happy to say hello. Usually they are not bothered. That’s fine.

puppy reunion
Somebody recognised me!

What about their mum? Are they pleased to see her? And she them? Not a chance! Once they’ve gone, they’ve gone, that’s it. When they live somewhere else, they take on the smells from their new home, so then they become a strange dog. It’s easy to think the mums aren’t pleased to see their babies in case they want something from them! I don’t credit my dogs with that much reasoning. I think they just don’t really like other dogs!

puppy reunion
Sisters Ounce and Pixie

Sibling rivalry

Brother and sisters must get on though right? It must be lovely for them to meet up and play together? Well a brother and a sister might find each other interesting, but we don’t want to encourage that do we? Brothers and sisters will often fight. They struggle to determine hierarchy and fight for dominance. This is especially true when there are lots of other dogs around. I’m sure you’ve seen children showing off in front of others they haven’t met. Dogs definitely do a bit of this.

puppy reunion
Brother and sister chatting

Luna and her sister Nell always used to argue when I took my dogs to see my friend Jane. So it should have been no surprise when Mowgli and Hector got into a scrap yesterday. It wasn’t serious and didn’t last long, but unfortunately Mowgli caught his dew claw. I felt particularly responsible because I’d been trying to get a group pic without owners and then I ‘released’ mine. I should have made sure everyone grabbed their dog and kept things calm. Silly me!

puppy reunion
group photo

Relaxing picnic

I had already warned everyone that it would not be possible to ‘go for a walk’. It’s just too hectic with so many dogs and people – the pace is very slow! Still, we wandered around for a while and then headed back to the car park, where we sat in the shade and shared out delicious baked goodies! I took sausage rolls made Penne Rowley. The others had made various cakes and Tasha had even made dog flapjack! Yum.

puppy reunion

This was when we really started to appreciate our beautiful Dentbros Dogs. They behaved so well – calm and relaxed, mingling and settling. No hassle.

puppy reunion
The Sweetie litter

Thank yous

I had wanted to make a speech, to thank them all for coming. I wanted to thank them for being such brilliant owners, for making me so proud to have bred their lovely dogs. Lots of the dogs are or will be competing in agility and quite a few do other things. Finding the right homes is a burden of responsibility, but I definitely got it right with all of these homes.

puppy reunion
Happy boy! Mowgli

I thought it would be nice to give them a token, to thank them for coming and as a reminder of the day. But I realised I didn’t need to; they were ALL taking the best dog home!

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Reunion: Puppies meeting up!

Reunion no 2 – meeting up with the pups!

Yesterday we had our second reunion this year.  It was lovely!  Well it could have been lovelier, if I’m honest, for a number of reasons:

  • it rained really hard
  • we had it later in the day because we were busy in the morning
  • people travelled from far and wide, in horrible traffic
  • I lost Sunny (she wasn’t lost, she was having a great time!)
  • I missed seeing Lenny – he went one way, I went another.  He saw his rellies, but only in passing, such a shame
  • The café was closed at 4.15pm due to the weather
  • Ounce was in season, so couldn’t play with everyone
  • some of the boys didn’t get on.  No actual fights, but a few disagreements.

Apart from all that, it was great!  Lol.  I am so grateful to everyone who came.  We saw:

reunionToggle, from Sunny’s second litter.  Brother to Symi and Lyra, amongst others.

reunionPixie and Dexter, from Sunny’s third litter.  Busy’s siblings.

reunionChip and Pudding, from Luna’s second litter.  Bea and Wispa’s brothers, the chocolate boys!

reunionThornton from Aura’s litter.  I had hoped to see Flynn and Charlie, but they weren’t able to make it.

reunionPixie from  Busy’s litter, Ounce’s sister.  Lenny was nearly there!

Reunion photos

It is quite a challenge to photograph a bunch of collies!  Especially when they don’t know each other.  Plus the rain, making it extra tricky.  Never mind, it was lovely to see them.

reunionWe went for a walk around the woods, which might have been nice in better weather.  It would have been good to have sat on the benches outside for a chat, or even to have gone into the café for a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake.  Sadly the café was shut.  Shame on you Rushmere Country Park.


Family likenesses?

Can you see how much Toggle looks like his mum, Sunny?


Who is this?  Looks like Luna doesn’t it?  It’s her son, Chip.  Gorgeous boy.


And who is this?  Is it Busy?  No, it’s her daughter.reunion


Finally, look at Pudding.  Doesn’t he remind you of his nephew, Charlie?


Next year’s reunion?

I absolutely LOVE seeing my puppies.  I love catching up with their families and hearing how they are getting on.  Are they going to training and having fun with that?  Are they behaving themselves?  Any problems or issues?  Most of all, I love seeing how amazingly well they have turned out and how much pleasure they bring to their families.

reunionWill we get together next year?  That will depend on the puppy owners… I hope so.

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Happy 1st Birthday Rainbow Litter!

Happy birthday to my purple puppy and her siblings!

Ounce is one year old today!  Can’t believe it has been a year.  Just when you think you can’t love anything more than you love your children, husband and dogs, along comes something so special, that she steals your heart from the second she arrives.  Happy days 🙂

happy birthday

Last weekend my dogs stayed with my friend Kim at The Woof Pack MK.  They had such a lovely time and were so well cared for.  Kim hadn’t had Ounce to stay before and she said “She’s not just beautiful on the outside, she is beautiful on the inside as well”.  What a lovely thing to say!  Thanks Kim.

Happy birthday

The Rainbow Litter

Litter 7 – The Rainbow Litter was something very special.  Of course Busy is a special girl to start with, and Sox is a lovely boy, so it was always going to be great, but even so, they have exceeded my expectations.

Happy birthdayI am very excited about Pixie and Hollie’s future in agility.  This fantastic photo was taken by my friend Kate, from Kate Everall Photography isn’t it great?

happy birthday

I love staying in touch with my puppies and I’m pleased to say I have had great contact from all the homes of this litter.  I have seen all but Lenny, which has been great.

happy birthday

Hopefully I will continue to hear about their adventures, as well as those of my own purple pup.  Of course when I got her I had no idea that she would have blue eyes, making her pretty unique.  I also did not imagine that she would be quite the character that she has become.

A special dog

I tried to have her assessed as a therapy dog today, as that would have made a great celebration of her birthday.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) she is still such a puppy – happy and lively, cheeky and playful.  Not quite the calm girl that Busy and Roxi are.

Happy birthdayI don’t mind, she is adorable.  Ounce is already less ‘licky’ than she was and she understands that she is not supposed to jump up at ANYONE.  But when she sees someone she knows, she just can’t help it!  That will get better, I know.   (By the way, Luna did pass the assessment and will be joining Busy in September.)

We have joined an agility class!  Ounce loves doing agility.  We have been doing small bits with the brilliant Sam Lane, but have now joined a beginners class. This gives her experience of working around other dogs and waiting her turn!  Great fun.

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Reunion: Puppy Party time!

Reunion: What do you call a collection of collies?

A family of course!  I was thrilled yesterday to see at least one puppy from each of my 7 litters at our Puppy Reunion party.   One of my puppy owners had asked if he could come and visit, so I tentatively asked if anyone else would like to come along.  Many of them said yes and we ended up with 10 of my puppies, (plus Sunny of course).  Oh and Blake and Maya came too, along with all the families.

puppy reunion
Running around – it’s a pack!

We started off by having a bit of a run around.  Then a dip in the lake.  Followed by a discussion with some swans – yes that was you Charlie!

puppy reunion
The most handsomest Charlie Brown

puppy reunion
Symi the water dog!

Symi is used to the water, as he goes out on mum and dad’s boat, as well as up in their plane – he’s a well travelled dog.

puppy reunion
Which way do we look?

Photo shoot

We started trying to get a group photo.  I think a collection of collies is actually called a ‘chaos’ – what do you think?  How many can you see in these pictures?  Not quite everyone made it…

puppy reunion
So many cameras!

Can you spot Blake?  He has the same dad as Luna, the amazing Wizard, who is also great-granddad to Ounce.  so family from another dad.  He’s Charlie’s big brother now, lucky boy.

puppy reunion
Bea and Charlie – aunt and nephew

These two were great buddies.  Bea is from the Beatrix Potter Litter and Charlie is from the A-Z Litterpuppy reunion

Roxi and Symi – niece and uncle

Black and whites

Roxi is Ounce’s sister.   At just 11 months, I can easily see that she is exactly like her mum, Busy.  Not just in looks – slight and petite, but also incredibly like her in temperament.  Roxi was quiet and unassuming, happy to stick to big sister Maya and her mum and dad.  But she loved having fuss from the children and you could see that just like her mum, she would be a brilliant therapy dog.

Symi is from the Poker Litter and to me he looks so much like his mum, Sunny.  He has lived a life of such adventure and is a lovely boy.

puppy reunion
Dexter – Busy’s brother

Love those eyes!

Dexter is Busy’s brother, from the Fairytale Litter – can you see that he has the same eyes as Busy?  His older brother Copper (Symi’s full brother) is the same.  Dexter seemed to me very much like his brother Jumble, whom I see on a regular basis.  Hopefully we can get them together in the future.

puppy reunion
Chester and Ellie – the blue boy

Last but not least, we have Chester, Ounce and Roxi’s brother from the Rainbow Litter  He is the only blue and white I have bred (so far) and he is looking super.  He and Roxi were hard to capture on film, as they are young and busy.  They both have some growing up to do, so it will be really interesting to see how they mature.

puppy reunion
The whole gang – spot the odd one out!

Yes I do realise it is a terrible photo – you can’t see Busy and Ounce is looking at her sister.  Have you ever tried to photograph 13 dogs?  But there we have it, from left to right, Symi, Bea, Chester (with Ellie), Dexter, Charlie, Busy, Aura, Luna, Ounce, Sunny, Roxi, Blake and Maya.

Next time…

How many collies can we gather together if we really try?  I have produced 42 pups so far, with all but two still alive.   I’m already excited to see what we can achieve at the next reunion.  And a big thank you to everyone who made it yesterday.  I am so very proud to have bred these fantastic dogs.

I just want to finish by saying that if you are planning a get together in Milton Keynes, I recommend the The Caldecotte as a venue.  There is plenty of parking, easy access to walks in all directions.  Plenty of seating outside, a play area for the children.  The food is not haute cuisine but the chips ordered yesterday looked pretty tasty.

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Robbie @ 6 months

A special boy

Robbie’s first introduction to snow. He loved it! We could not drive to the woods as the roads are bad so he whizzed around the front and back garden like a super-charged missile! Fabulous!!!!

Yes, 6 months now. He’s a little chap, like his mum then. Beautifully petite. He is incredibly swift-footed too. Goes like a missile. He has such strong herding instincts with a strong eye. Little bit sharp tempered and homes in on anything (usually other dogs) that doesn’t respond to him. He is aloof with other dogs apart from those he has formed an acquaintance with (probably 2). At puppy club he tells off those that come a little bit too close.

Doesn’t want to interact with them; rather get on with the “lessons”. He’s great with people. Loves the attention and affection. He gets LOADS of that from everyone! Good guard dog. Alert to any noise outside the house and vocalizes that something’s coming our way–even though it might be half a mile down the road! Damn good ears too then! He understands some Old English words and I am teaching him to respond to commands using the Shepherd’s whistle. That’s great fun.

We get on so very well. I love him. Thank you for breeding such a fantastic pup. All credit to you Penny! Photos to follow when I manage to download them. Janice xxx

Six months old today!

What is the Rainbow Litter up to now?

I asked the owners for a pupdate and this is what I have received so far:


Lenny has been such an easy puppy; such a lovely boy and so well-mannered. He is quick to learn and very responsive. He’s super cuddly and totally laid back, nothing phases him. He’s bold but not over-confident and just a total delight to be around. His first experience of Christmas has involved stealing decorations from the tree and removing labels from presents! He has finished his puppy training course now and graduates to big dog school!

As Lenny is so laid back we are hoping he will, when old enough pass his PAT dog assessment. So that is something we are working towards as well as our Good Citizen certificates. We can’t wait for him to be old enough to come walking up mountains with us, but we will enjoy watching him change and grow until then. We couldn’t imagine life without Lenny now. He’s polite and has buckets of character. He came and did some volunteer work with us the other evening and I’m pretty sure he got us some extra donations!


Pixie is a lovely girl, with a sweet nature and loves cuddles.  She has settled right into our family and is very calm at home (bar the usual puppy mad 5 minutes (like Lenny).

We’ve completed basic puppy training and Pixie was the star of the class. We’re moving on to more advanced obedience classes in January.
In the meantime we’ve been doing some basic agility foundation and having fun at ‘hoopers’ where our trainer couldn’t believe how quickly she picked it up (she was only 5 months).  Pixie is up for anything and is confident but not over exuberant when she’s out with other dogs.  Jo our Dogsitter says she’s wonderful and is really happy with her.

We were so lucky to have found you and are so delighted with our gorgeous girl . Hollie adores her and has built a very special bond between them.


Chester’s mum says “A friend had to come in today as I couldn’t get back at lunchtime.  Chester was amazing with her; he’s met her before but he did everything she said and she wanted to take him home!  I am so pleased with his nature.”

This is Chester looking sooo like his mum!


Roxi has a terribly busy life, full of outings, socials and exciting walks, together with a variety of training classes.  She loves playing with her plastic bottle and hanging out with her big sister, Maya. Her mum says she is the only puppy whose teeth she has never felt on her hand.

I cannot believe how like Busy she looks in this picture!

I’ll do another pupdate when I’ve heard from Robbie’s mum (and might take a couple of pics of Ounce as well..)

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Enjoying life and winning prizes!

What exciting lives they lead!

Here is a pupdate of some of the Rainbow litter.  Roxi took part in Bark in the Park show and came 3rd, followed by a 2nd for Junior Handler!  I suspect there will plenty more rosettes for her!

   Here’s a photo of Lenny with Nell, his ‘big sister’.  Lenny has been up to all sorts…Going on a boat..

..and going camping, where Nellie took part in a triathalon! Gorgeous boy!








Pixie enjoys being about and about with Blue, her big brother.

And Robbie has been to Scotland!  Running around on the beach and playing with a whole host of other dogs.







Meanwhile, the Princesses have been winning in both obedience and agility.






And the Fairytale boys have been getting prizes for agility and for looking handsome!


Bye bye Chester

And they’re off!  Finally, all the Rainbow Litter are in their new homes, settling in and adapting to their new lives.  They have gone off happily and full of confidence.

I have now started writing about Ounce’s Adventures as she gets out and about and learns new things.

I’m also going to start a new blog about being a breeder, what that means and why I do it.

One happy family

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What Colour is She?

Adorable Puppy – What a funny colour!

Ounce has been out and about again this week, another agility lesson attended and another coffee shop enjoyed!  I was so busy paying attention to how I carried her and whether I had my purse, that I forgot how adorable she is, until everyone (and I mean everyone) in the cafe started oohing and ahhing.  But I was a bit taken aback when several people asked me what colour she would ‘end up’.  Er, the same colour as she is now?  Lilac and white was her colour at birth and that’s it.  Someone even said, will she be black and white? Lol.

Here is a picture of Busy at the same age.  First of all, she looks exactly like Pixie, doesn’t she?  (see below, last week’s post)

Secondly, she looks almost exactly like she does now, doesn’t she?  (Yes I know it’s a terrible, blurry photo)  Of course ears are a bit of a ‘thing’ in collies at this age, as they start to come up.  They change day by day, but hopefully end up symmetrical, although this is by no means guaranteed.  Just like their eye colour, collies are all about the variations.

Anyway, Chester and Ounce have had a great time playing, joined by their mum, who is loving having playmates.

We did some gardening at the weekend and Ounce was really helpful, as you can see.

Just took a final few pics of Chester, before he heads off on Friday.  And yes, he will stay this colour :p

Finally for now, I would just like to let you know I have updated quite a bit of the website, including the Home Page and the information about me, The Breeder, and Luna and Aura’s pages.

I have also created a new page, offering Equipment Advice for new puppy owners.  I am excited that I have been able to include links to my absolutely favourite bits of kit, including the beautiful collars and leads by Dogs & Horses.  I have been fortunate that they have made Ounce her very own grey collar and lead!  I’d love you to tell me what else you think a puppy needs?

Double Trouble

This is why it is not advisable to have two puppies at once!  They spend all day playing and running around together, getting up to who knows what.  But if you try and take one away to do some training, it is quite a challenge.  These two already don’t like being parted, and if they were together permanently, would become inseparable.

Fortunately, Dentbros Blue Monday** – Chester, is only here until next Friday, then he will be off having his own adventures.  Isn’t he gorgeous?  Just like his dad.  He’s a super boy, really easy going.

We said goodbye to Dentbros Black Betty** – Roxi, last Friday morning.

Roxi has gone off to a life of luxury in two homes, one local to me here and one in Essex. 

Here is Roxi with Maya.  Most of the pups from this litter will have other dogs in their family, which is great.

Over the weekend we had a lovely time seeing our nephews, who really enjoyed playing with the dogs and the pups.

Then bright and (very) early Sunday morning, Sarah and Hollie came to take Pixie home.

Dentbros Golden Brown** – Pixie.  Just like her mum.

So what now?  Well yesterday I snuck Ounce out for coffee with friends!  She really enjoyed herself and was as good as gold, so I think this is the beginning of a hedonistic new lifestyle for me and my puppy. I shall be continuing the pupdates, as I am hoping to demonstrate the training progress we are making, along with the adventures we are having!