Six months old today!

What is the Rainbow Litter up to now?

I asked the owners for a pupdate and this is what I have received so far:


Lenny has been such an easy puppy; such a lovely boy and so well-mannered. He is quick to learn and very responsive. He’s super cuddly and totally laid back, nothing phases him. He’s bold but not over-confident and just a total delight to be around. His first experience of Christmas has involved stealing decorations from the tree and removing labels from presents! He has finished his puppy training course now and graduates to big dog school!

As Lenny is so laid back we are hoping he will, when old enough pass his PAT dog assessment. So that is something we are working towards as well as our Good Citizen certificates. We can’t wait for him to be old enough to come walking up mountains with us, but we will enjoy watching him change and grow until then. We couldn’t imagine life without Lenny now. He’s polite and has buckets of character. He came and did some volunteer work with us the other evening and I’m pretty sure he got us some extra donations!


Pixie is a lovely girl, with a sweet nature and loves cuddles.  She has settled right into our family and is very calm at home (bar the usual puppy mad 5 minutes (like Lenny).

We’ve completed basic puppy training and Pixie was the star of the class. We’re moving on to more advanced obedience classes in January.
In the meantime we’ve been doing some basic agility foundation and having fun at ‘hoopers’ where our trainer couldn’t believe how quickly she picked it up (she was only 5 months).  Pixie is up for anything and is confident but not over exuberant when she’s out with other dogs.  Jo our Dogsitter says she’s wonderful and is really happy with her.

We were so lucky to have found you and are so delighted with our gorgeous girl . Hollie adores her and has built a very special bond between them.


Chester’s mum says “A friend had to come in today as I couldn’t get back at lunchtime.  Chester was amazing with her; he’s met her before but he did everything she said and she wanted to take him home!  I am so pleased with his nature.”

This is Chester looking sooo like his mum!


Roxi has a terribly busy life, full of outings, socials and exciting walks, together with a variety of training classes.  She loves playing with her plastic bottle and hanging out with her big sister, Maya. Her mum says she is the only puppy whose teeth she has never felt on her hand.

I cannot believe how like Busy she looks in this picture!

I’ll do another pupdate when I’ve heard from Robbie’s mum (and might take a couple of pics of Ounce as well..)

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