Robbie @ 6 months

A special boy

Robbie’s first introduction to snow. He loved it! We could not drive to the woods as the roads are bad so he whizzed around the front and back garden like a super-charged missile! Fabulous!!!!

Yes, 6 months now. He’s a little chap, like his mum then. Beautifully petite. He is incredibly swift-footed too. Goes like a missile. He has such strong herding instincts with a strong eye. Little bit sharp tempered and homes in on anything (usually other dogs) that doesn’t respond to him. He is aloof with other dogs apart from those he has formed an acquaintance with (probably 2). At puppy club he tells off those that come a little bit too close.

Doesn’t want to interact with them; rather get on with the “lessons”. He’s great with people. Loves the attention and affection. He gets LOADS of that from everyone! Good guard dog. Alert to any noise outside the house and vocalizes that something’s coming our way–even though it might be half a mile down the road! Damn good ears too then! He understands some Old English words and I am teaching him to respond to commands using the Shepherd’s whistle. That’s great fun.

We get on so very well. I love him. Thank you for breeding such a fantastic pup. All credit to you Penny! Photos to follow when I manage to download them. Janice xxx

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