Double Trouble

This is why it is not advisable to have two puppies at once!  They spend all day playing and running around together, getting up to who knows what.  But if you try and take one away to do some training, it is quite a challenge.  These two already don’t like being parted, and if they were together permanently, would become inseparable.

Fortunately, Dentbros Blue Monday** – Chester, is only here until next Friday, then he will be off having his own adventures.  Isn’t he gorgeous?  Just like his dad.  He’s a super boy, really easy going.

We said goodbye to Dentbros Black Betty** – Roxi, last Friday morning.

Roxi has gone off to a life of luxury in two homes, one local to me here and one in Essex. 

Here is Roxi with Maya.  Most of the pups from this litter will have other dogs in their family, which is great.

Over the weekend we had a lovely time seeing our nephews, who really enjoyed playing with the dogs and the pups.

Then bright and (very) early Sunday morning, Sarah and Hollie came to take Pixie home.

Dentbros Golden Brown** – Pixie.  Just like her mum.

So what now?  Well yesterday I snuck Ounce out for coffee with friends!  She really enjoyed herself and was as good as gold, so I think this is the beginning of a hedonistic new lifestyle for me and my puppy. I shall be continuing the pupdates, as I am hoping to demonstrate the training progress we are making, along with the adventures we are having!

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