What Colour is She?

Adorable Puppy – What a funny colour!

Ounce has been out and about again this week, another agility lesson attended and another coffee shop enjoyed!  I was so busy paying attention to how I carried her and whether I had my purse, that I forgot how adorable she is, until everyone (and I mean everyone) in the cafe started oohing and ahhing.  But I was a bit taken aback when several people asked me what colour she would ‘end up’.  Er, the same colour as she is now?  Lilac and white was her colour at birth and that’s it.  Someone even said, will she be black and white? Lol.

Here is a picture of Busy at the same age.  First of all, she looks exactly like Pixie, doesn’t she?  (see below, last week’s post)

Secondly, she looks almost exactly like she does now, doesn’t she?  (Yes I know it’s a terrible, blurry photo)  Of course ears are a bit of a ‘thing’ in collies at this age, as they start to come up.  They change day by day, but hopefully end up symmetrical, although this is by no means guaranteed.  Just like their eye colour, collies are all about the variations.

Anyway, Chester and Ounce have had a great time playing, joined by their mum, who is loving having playmates.

We did some gardening at the weekend and Ounce was really helpful, as you can see.

Just took a final few pics of Chester, before he heads off on Friday.  And yes, he will stay this colour :p

Finally for now, I would just like to let you know I have updated quite a bit of the website, including the Home Page and the information about me, The Breeder, and Luna and Aura’s pages.

I have also created a new page, offering Equipment Advice for new puppy owners.  I am excited that I have been able to include links to my absolutely favourite bits of kit, including the beautiful collars and leads by Dogs & Horses.  I have been fortunate that they have made Ounce her very own grey collar and lead!  I’d love you to tell me what else you think a puppy needs?

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