Settling in time – bringing the new puppy home

What must your new puppy learn?

Ounce is my seventh collie, the sixth I have had as a puppy and the fourth I have bred myself.  I realised as I sent Chester off on Friday and as I’ve watched the pretty good 10 puppies and us on TV that it is a pretty daunting task, bringing a puppy home.

I receive a great deal of feedback from the new puppy owners, from the ridiculous “how do I know when my puppy is doing a wee” to the more sensible “does he always eat slowly”.  So what do I do with my new puppy?

I think the first thing is to have a bit of peace and quiet.  I work very hard on socialising my pups, so they will have met around 100 different people and been handled by most of those, in their first 8 weeks of life.  That means that life has been a bit hectic.  It’s nice to calm down and have a bit of time to ourselves.

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It is good to get out and about too.  I’ve bought a Pet Sling Carrier this time, so that we can carry Ounce around more easily.  Although she will very quickly be too big for this, it is useful before she has her second vaccination, so that she can get out and see different places and people.  It also means she can come with us when we all go out, when she can run around for a little while, but then pop back in for a rest.

Mainly what I am doing with Ounce now though is familiarising her with our normal family life.  When we get up, what time we all eat.  She needs to cope with being left while we go off for a walk with the others and when we go shopping.  Of course we are working on toilet training (going pretty well).  We are working on her recall all day long, with me calling her to me from around the house and garden.

Ounce is learning various words, including ‘in’ (come into this room with me) ‘out’ (go out of this room – not to be confused with Ounce lol) ‘mind’ (you are in my way) ‘off’ (don’t jump up) and ‘wait’ (until I let you move).  I also have to learn her words for “I’m hungry”, “I’m bored” and of course “I need to go out”.  If I pay attention to her, we are less likely to have problems.

Finally, Ounce is encountering all sorts of strange things, including this beetle.  She ate it, in the end!

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