And then there were four…

My Rainbow Litter are 8 weeks old today!  They are so fluffy and cuddly now, it’s hard to leave them alone :-).

We were pleased to see Charlie Brown, from Aura’s litter last year, who popped in with his family.  Part of the joy of being a breeder is seeing the pups as grown up dogs, doing really well and enjoying their lives.

I realise I have never properly introduced the pups to you.

This is Dentbros Back in Black** – LennyAnd this is his mum and dad, getting ready to take him home.

I already know that he is settled and happy, doing really well. Hannah has sent me some lovely feedback, which I have added to the testimonials page.This is Dentbros Blackbird** – Robbie.  Isn’t he stunning? He has gone to a very special and loving home, helping to look after bees.Now there are only four left, one of each colour.  I’ll tell you about three of them next week, as two are going over the weekend.  Chester is staying a bit longer, which will be good for him and for the remaining puppy..

Dentbros Lilac Wine** – Ounce.  I feel that I formally took ownership of her today, as she had her first vaccination.  Of course I’m keeping her!  She was mine from the minute she was born =D


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