8 Weeks Old With Perfect Recall!

Bye bye Vespa

The Sunshine Litter are ready to go off to their new homes! Vespa has already headed off into the sunset with her family. She will have a wonderful life in Cornwall, with her big brother Bentley, from the Lovely litter.

Border Collie puppies

Travelling at 8 weeks old

Vespa was a good girl in the car on the long journeys and so far seems to doing well. When puppies are this small they can travel beside you on the seat, or in the footwell, where they are more likely to settle. Of course they do need to be secure when they get bigger and the sooner they can cope with this, the better.

Border Collie puppies

Meeting older dogs

It’s hard to know how to manage meeting the other family dogs. Most older dogs are indifferent to puppies, until they get into their faces! They hate that, so should not be left alone with a puppy in the first few weeks.

8 weeks old
You are a bit scary, Bentley

Sometimes the older dog wants to play with the puppy, but again, that is not a great idea for a little while. Fortunately these puppies understand that not all older dogs are friendly, but some like to play.

Border Collie puppies
I love you, Bentley

8 weeks old recall in puppies

I don’t really understand why people keep their dogs on lead all their lives? Well, I suppose not all dogs are Border Collies! This is what happens when you call two 8 weeks old puppies:

Puppy recall at 8 weeks old

It’s not that hard really, is it? Bearing in mind these two were out of my sight and exploring a new part of the garden, which is unfamiliar and exciting! And there are two of them, so they tend to stick together.


Honestly, I call them several times a day, from the time they can run around. I call them and give them their food. Or I call them and make a fuss of them. Or I call them and give them a treat; they are good at eating from my hand now.

Border Collie puppies
What’s the plan here?

Before I take my new puppy for a walk, I have already practised recall hundreds of times. My puppies know that I am a big reward! They love me – see Murmur’s face 🙂 Because I work so hard on my recall with my dogs, every day, they come to me.

Border Collie puppies at 8 weeks old
3 bowls? No we only need two

They come even when they are running across a field chasing a deer. Or engaging in a game of chase with another dog. They stop dead and run back to me. It is not rocket science. Quin barks at strange dogs (ones he doesn’t know and ones that are strange). He will start towards them barking and try and chase them off, if possible. But if I call him (not shouting, just calling) he comes straight back.

Border Collie puppies at 8 weeks old
Bringing joy

Quick Quiz

Why don’t you have a go at a quiz I wrote for fun, a few years ago. Here’s the link: Quick Quiz. My top tip: dogs are not people.

NB: THESE PUPPIES ALL HAVE HOMESVisits are by appointment only. There is someone here at all times.

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