9 weeks old – and away!

We finally have a puppy-free home once more – hurray! Oh it must be so hard to say goodbye, people say to me. It really isn’t. When they are 9 weeks old, Border Collie puppies are such hard work! Still, they are lovely as well and it has been a joy to have a couple stay a little bit longer. One puppy on its own is so much easier to manage than a whole litter.

Border Collie puppies
Water play

It’s been really hot these past few days and after coming home from an outing on Saturday I realised the pups were a bit hot, so I put some water in their paddling pool. They loved it! Looks as though these pups will be water babies, just like their mum, Ounce and their grandad Sox.

Agility puppy?

Before the pups go off to their homes, I try to take one or two final photos of them aged 9 weeks old, to put into their puppy pack. This provides a nice reminder to their owners of exactly what they looked like then they went home. Not sure if this is the best look for Angus? Lol.

Border Collie puppies

I don’t particularly want my puppies to go off to ‘working homes’ to do specific sports or activities. They are certainly not sufficiently from working lines to work sheep. However, if they do go on to do agility or something else, it is wonderful to see that progress and teamwork happening. I have one or two Agility Champions in the making..

Border Collie puppies
Very proud parents

I think Angus is going to have the best life, with his uncle Ziggy and old boy Sam. And of course his mum and dad, Mandy and Bob. They already adore him so hopefully he won’t be too spoilt! Margo was a bit calmer for her last photo shoot.

Border Collie puppies
A future model?

A busy day at 9 weeks old

I had to have Angus back after a couple of days in his home, because I was finally able to do my obligatory school visit! The children LOVE seeing my puppies and were so entertained to see Angus and Margo playing so happily.

Border Collie puppies
Such entertainment

This is part of my ‘therapy’ work, supported by the wonderful charity Canine Concern. As you can see, Mrs Edwards, the Head Teacher, adores meeting the pups. Her dog Mabel is also a therapy dog and supports children on other days to my visit.

Border Collie puppies
Head Teacher approval

Eye Tests

I have always done eye tests on my litters, usually when they are six weeks old. Unfortunately the vet responsible for doing the testing was neutering street dogs in Greece during August, so Vespa has not been done at this time. Of course if her owners were going to breed from her, I would make sure she was tested first

9 weeks old Border Collie puppies
pupil dilation ready for the examination

The examination for Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) is just a precaution. These puppies are hereditarily clear, as both parents have been DNA tested, as well as having an annual examination. It’s good to have got the merle puppies done though, with their blue eyes.

Away she goes!

Margo’s mum Jane came back from holiday and rushed up to collect her straight away. She is going to live with three other Dentbros puppies. Lucky girl.

Border Collie puppies
Margo with her family

I know I will definitely see both Angus and Margo fairly often, so it was easy to say goodbye to them today. Next week I am going to write about ‘the most common mistakes new puppy owners make’. What do you think will be on there?

9 weeks old Border Collie puppies
Happy day!

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