7 weeks old border collie puppies

At 7 weeks old the puppies are almost ready to go

The Sunshine litter’s world is continuing to grow, so they are getting ready to go off to their new homes. They are able to run across a much bigger space, and have the confidence to start exploring new horizons. I am so lucky to have large indoor and outdoor spaces that I can manage. This is much more enriching for them as puppies.

7 weeks old border collie puppies
Off we go

Helping around the house

As well as gardening, which they are obviously very helpful with, the 7 weeks old puppies are pretty handy in the kitchen. Here is Margo helping with the dishwasher.

border collie puppies
so helpful

Older dogs

Quin is amazing with the puppies, continuing to tolerate their play around and on him. Murmur plays with the puppies, joining in with their games, including a bit of chase.

Mind you, not all the big dogs love puppies. Aura and Busy pretty much hate puppies and get very grumpy if one runs over to say hello. I naturally try to keep them out of the way for most of the time. However, it’s useful for them to grumble at the puppies and even give the odd snap at them. Puppies need to learn! I always say to people that older dogs are allowed to say ‘no thank you, go away’.

7 weeks old border collie puppies

Please don’t stop your dog from being able to do this, because otherwise they may learn that the only way to get rid of a rude, pesky dog is to actually bite it?

playing so gently

Still feeding from mum

Ounce is still feeding the puppies, but this is a much quicker affair and this is really only a supplement to the food I am giving them. As you can see, they have to stand up to do this, as even three of them struggle to fit if she lies down.

border collie puppies
the new feeding station

This is why dogs jump up – they have to reach up to take food from their mother. They lick her face to get her to give them food, so if your dog jumps up and licks you, they love you and want food!

border collie puppies
No room at the snack bar

More visitors at 7 weeks old

By 7 weeks old the puppies are a bit more interesting and entertaining, so we have been lucky enough to be visited by some teenagers. I would say this is the perfect age to introduce a dog to your family if you have never had a dog before.

border collie puppies
Dennis’ family came to visit

Teenagers will enjoy the companionship of a dog, whilst leaving it alone to enjoy its own space. They are able to take some responsibility for a dog and might even enjoy the odd family walk.

border collie puppies
My gorgeous nephews

Personally, I would never expect a teenager to look after a dog – they can’t look after themselves, so that’s a bit of a big ask! They are also busy, and very tired, so don’t expect them to remember to feed a dog, or have the energy to walk every day.

But dogs are enormously comforting for teenagers and asking them to help is a good life lesson.


border collie puppies

It’s about time I told you their full names. Margo’s KC name is ‘Dentbros Shine Like a Star’. They are named after songs relating to Sunshine, but ‘Shine’ was a bit short, so I added ‘Like a Star’ from the song by Aswad, which I love.

Angus’ KC name is ‘Dentbros Sunshine on Leith’ which is a Proclaimers song I love from one of my favourite parts of the world. He needed a Scottish pet name as well.

border collie puppies

‘Dentbros Here Comes the Sun’ – a Beatles song, of course. Vespa is going off to live with big brother Bentley very soon.

NB: THESE PUPPIES ALL HAVE HOMESVisits are by appointment only. There is someone here at all times.

7 weeks old and perfect recall

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  1. It’s been wonderful to read about how they’ve grown into their own little personalities. They’ll all be bringing a lot of love into their new homes 🙂
    P.s I love the little tips such as allowing older dogs to say ‘no thank you’, each pupdate is bringing a new lesson.

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