6 weeks old Sunshine pups

Playing all day in the sun at 6 weeks old

Trying to take ‘nice’ pictures of puppies at 6 weeks old is like trying to catch a box of frogs! Someone will always be looking the wrong way, or pulling a funny face. Yes, Ounce, that’s you! Murmur can always be relied on to look regal though, bless her.

My lilac family

I thought it would be fun to take a photo of the three lilacs – wrong! No chance. Oh well, it’s a nice one of Vespa and Murmur. Then I tried to take Vespa in amongst the flowers, but she preferred to eat the lobelia. Angus was much more cooperative.

Border Collie puppies
peeping through

First outings

Dog breeders are required by law to microchip their puppies before they leave for their new homes. I do this when they are 6 weeks old. Why wouldn’t you do it? It ensures that if they are lost they can be easily returned to their owner. The owner is required by law to transfer the dog into their name AND to keep the details up-to-date.

Border Collie puppies
A big hit at the vet’s

You shouldn’t ever buy a dog that hasn’t already been microchipped? And make sure you update your details, usually once a year. You can see the puppies were a massive hit with the vet staff.

Travelling at 6 weeks old

It’s lovely being able to stick the pups into the van and know they are secure. Again, it is a legal requirement for dogs to be secured when travelling. A ‘loose’, on the back seat of the car, can fly forward and kill the driver.

Border Collie puppies
first van trip

I was able to give the puppies a chance to explore the van with me right next to them, whilst we were waiting to be seen by the vet nurse yesterday. It’s great for them to have the experience of travelling before they go off to their new homes.

Border Collie puppies
Aura gazes adoringly (as does Amber)

Health testing

Today we are going off to Davies, Specialist Vets to have their hearing tested. It is not a requirement for me to have this done, as a KC Assured Breeder, but I like to be thorough and take advantage of the tests if they are available. If you breed merle to merle in Border Collies, you will almost certainly have hearing issues, so I am demonstrating that this is not the case for my puppies.

6 weeks old Border Collie puppies
playing with toys

More visitors, more playtime

We haven’t had many visitors over the past week, but those who have been have had wonderful cuddles. These pups are definitely people and dog friendly now!

Border Collie puppies
Quin and his brother Ziggy

Angus’ owners brought Ziggy, who is Quin’s brother, to meet their new addition to the family, now that they are 6 weeks old. Ziggy and Quin have a bit of a love/hate relationship. They don’t ever fight, but they don’t really like each other much either. This is very common with litter mates as adults.

Border Collie puppies
Ziggy meeting Angus

In fact, people who do have two dogs from the same litter often have to keep them separated as they fight regularly, but this is not so for those from different litters. Angus and Ziggy will be great friends, I am sure.

Border Collie puppies
how I start my day

A great way to start the day

Every morning now I sit in the run and enjoy my puppies. Ounce will always choose to lie between my feet and it seems that her son is just like her. Happy days!

6 weeks old Border Collie puppies
like mother like son


Visits are by appointment only. There is someone here at all times.

Family fun time

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