What Dog? Service review, February 2018

“I really appreciated your input. Even though I had done some research and located the puppy, it was really reassuring to have someone experienced to go to for extra advice and an oversight into the dog that I wouldn’t otherwise have had.

I would happily recommend your service to others.”

Feedback on blogs, January 2018

I know we are strangers to one another, so I hope you don’t mind me emailing you! We briefly spoke via email just over a year ago and I’ve followed your blog ever since… 

“With my background (degree in Animal Behaviour and Masters in Clinical Animal Behaviour) I meet so many people who think dog breeders are all awful and we should only rescue. I (obviously) don’t have this opinion, but I just wanted to say it really is refreshing to come across a breeder who cares so deeply about health testing and the general wellbeing of their dogs over anything else. I wish there were more breeders out there who took this approach! “

Customer Satisfaction Survey September 2017

I sent out an anonymous survey to all owners (from all litters) and received responses from almost half the owners.  These are their comments:

We wouldn’t get a puppy from any old breeder. Dentbros dogs tick all our boxes and more. Highly recommended!

It’s as if Charlie has been one of the family forever – he’s settled so well and seems so happy he’s a joy and so handsome (but then I would say that wouldn’t I?!?)Absolutely recommend Dentbros couldn’t ask for anymore thank youWonderful breeder and fabulous dogsWe are delighted with the puppy we bought from Dentbros. She is beautifully calm and affectionate and v well behaved at home. She has also settled well with our older dog.Fantastic!We couldn’t have asked for a better service as it were. We feel very lucky to have found such a quality breeder. I had high standeredd before but other breeders will really have to work hard to come inline with you. My very trusted vet and friend who also breeds and is a behaviourist was incredibly impressed with the information we were sent home with also the lovely touches like his puppy bag and all the little details. The book as well. Just everything. We really cannot leave any constructive criticism or negative comments because there just aren’t any. You should be incredibly proud as a breeder and dog owner as you are sadly the exception and will feature heavily in my advice when I speak to clients who want to buy a puppy. As a nurse I see many different types of breeder, some good, some just awful and some just don’t know what they are doing. So thank you as a nurse for being such a fabulous caring and committed breeder. It’s really refreshing. Also Lenny is just the most polite, laid back handsome happiest puppy ever we are so lucky. THANKYOU!Both of our boys have been the most wonderful temperaments , being very affectionate and characters in their own right.Really appreciate the time and effort Penny puts into breeding and raising these dogs. She does a tremendous effort, and it really shows in the dogs temperament. Highly recommend her .

Lovely well balanced puppies who come having had a really good start in life, eager to please and ready to be part of the family.

Thank you all for that feedback!

Rainbow litter – June 2017

“Pixie is being a little star.  She’s been so good at night, after a few whimpers, she snuggles in her crate and sleeps all night.  Her toilet training is going so well, we’ve only had one wee indoors and that was because we hadn’t realised she was asking to go out.  Blue (other dog) is being good with her and even engaging in a little play, but we are being super careful around food times and toy sharing.

“We took her to the vet’s last night and he was astounded by the detail in your puppy pack.  He’s a lovely vet and in his pretty strong foreign accent, said you are No1 breeder in the UK! I tend to agree!  He wishes everyone got all that information.  He said you’re doing him out of a job as he usually takes half an hour on first visit going through all that kind of info.

“He checked Pixie over and said she was so well behaved.  Apart from a few spots on her tummy, (which he doesn’t think is anything to worry about) she’s pretty perfect 😊

“She’s had a couple of trips out carried in the puppy sling/bag while I walk Blue before work.  She’s so inquisitive and taking it all in.  She discovered the cat yesterday and nearly got a bop on the nose for rushing at him 😳 Hope you’re not missing her too much.  Sarah x”

“Little update of Lenny. He has taken everything in his stride. Super chilled out. Already had lots of visitors and seems to be pretty settled already. And we didn’t leave the vets for a good hour or so as he had all he vet and nurse aunts and uncles to meet! He takes himself out to the garden for toilets and is getting braver and braver by the day exploring our jungle like garden! He’s an absolute pleasure and we adore him!

“He had his first vaccs on Monday. Rosemary one of my lovely vet friends, who is very into canine behaviour and also breeds and shows golden retrievers. Was really impressed with everything. She said it almost bought a tear to her eye to see such a comprehensive and detailed puppy pack, what you advise etc. Also, she was so pleased to see Lenny in such fantastic condition perfect glossy thick coat etc she was really quite blown away. I’ve worked with Rosemary for many years and she sees many of the puppies and we do see so many pups which come home in less than good condition.

“So she and I wanted to let you know what a fantastic job you have done. (Sadly breeders such as yourself seem to be the exception) which shouldn’t be the case! So thank you again for such a fab puppy and experience of meeting him etc. As a vet nurse to a breeder you should be very proud! 🌸🌸🌸”

Aren’t I lucky to have such fab homes for my pups!

April 2017 – A-Z litter aged 1 year

“It’s obviously a year to the day that you called me to notify me of Auras pups, one of the best moments of my life. I’m off on holiday soon; Ebbie won’t be joining me on this one, but my dad will gladly be looking after her. He adores her, everyone does.”

“Beck’s still her usual lovely little self. I’ve just finished a 6 week teenage dog course (all based on positive reinforcement techniques) and that was really good. Her recall is much better now and she’s generally very good at responding to other commands. She still pulls on the lead a bit but I think that’s a collie thing. She can walk to heel really beautifully when she wants to!”

“Aside from his formal training, Flynn has applied his herding skills to putting our chickens and ducks to bed each evening……..it’s really helpful.   Clever boy!   He’s not having the same success with the horses and cats, but he keeps trying.    I’ve also taught him to do a few other useful jobs, like putting shoes back on the shoe rack ……..inspired by reading “Chaser”.

We are just loving having a Collie back in the family – my husband is a convert!”

“Thornton is loved by all, even the vet commented on his behaviour and good looks. He loves the car, hose pipes, balls, sticks, great with other dogs, the list is endless. Would love to pop over again with him at some point.”

Princess Litter (Aura’s sisters)12969186_10207301760201360_1700658813_n

A picture of Ella, still as gorgeous as ever. So well behaved and so pretty. And just such a lovely temperament , everyone comments on it 🙂  Neadine

IMG_9432Flo is a joy to have around, she loves all people and has to greet everyone at training.  She is quick to learn and enjoys herself. At home she is my shadow and follows me everywhere,  usually with a toy in her mouth.  I have never known a dog talk as much as she does, especially when greeting someone.  Outdoors she is so easy to walk as she comes straight back when called, mind you she does pull like a steam train!  She does love her bed lying in some peculiar positions. Gill

Willow is such a softy and loves cuddles and fuss, particularly from my daughter Evie!  She also loves watches telly, especially if she gets to have a cuddle at the same time 🙂  She’s the perfect family dog.  Lucy







Poker Litter

symi in schoolFour years ago last March we dropped our son off at Heathrow so that he could catch the plane to emigrate to Perth Australia. We then drove to Essex to pick up an 8 week old border collie puppy. To say the puppy was a replacement child would not be too far from the truth!

That puppy was Symi. Now four years old he is our joy. For the first two years he came to school with me. Sleeping on his bed at the back of the lab where I taught science. He would go and comfort a child that was sad, play with the pupils at break and accompany me wherever I was around the school. Now retired we spend each day together.

symi flyballSymi has tried every type of transport. Including sailing with us on our yacht to the Channel Islands, flying in a light aeroplane to the Isle of Wight and recently, with pet passport in paw, coming with me through the Channel tunnel to visit friends in the South of France.

He is a gentle loving dog that is my morning alarm clock, waking me by 6am each morning. We do agility and I think he would be quite good if I could only get my head around the course, and fly ball that we both really enjoy. When not out walking he spends the day bouncing around the garden chasing the shadows of seagulls as they fly over only coming in as the sun goes down.

I could not imagine life without him and remember that day in March four years ago, not with sadness as my son flew half way round the world to start a new life, but with happiness as one of the best days of my life when Penny handed us this small ball of fluff that was Symi!


Fairytale Litter

Pixie is an absolute joy to have in our lives.  She is only 2 yrs old and has done so much in her lifeIMG_2832 already.  She comes everywhere with us; holidays, pubs, work and is complimented on her looks everywhere we go. She loves everyone she socialises with so many different dogs.  Pixie adores her agility with a lot of success!  She loves learning tricks always eager to learn, but although energy to burn at home, she’s calm and gentle.  I absolutely adore her she is literally my best friend 💕💕

Thanks for letting me brag about her.  Helen X

Pixie showing off her winnings!
Pixie showing off her winnings!

We met Penny quite by chance when Dexter, from the Fairytale litter, was just a few days old. He looked a lot like a guinea pig! Penny goes to great lengths to socialise her puppies with people of all ages and otherimage2 image4 dogs and the results are simply fantastic. Dexter is not only the best dog we could ever have wished for, he truly is a member of the family.  He has the most wonderful nature; he’s gentle – great with all the family, people (any people, they’re all his once they’ve spoken to him!) & other dogs; loving – fond of a snuggle; chatty – he does like to say hello & sing; loves long walks – the muddier, the better, and he’s even been up Snowden with us; and like all collies, he has boundless energy and is just a little mad 😉

Would we recommend Dentbros Dogs? Without a doubt.  Thanks Penny for our gorgeous Dexter.

Ali, Dave & family

Potter 2 litter

IMG_8956 (1)Beatrix (Bea) Dentbros Appley Dapply: The gorgeous Bea came home and joined our family in January 2015.  She lives with two other collies, a German Spitz and her two human best friends Freya aged 4 and Maisie aged 6.  Bea settled quickly and is loved by everyone she meets.  She is super friendly with all humans and dogs and takes everything in her stride.  She really is the most perfect girl, easy to train as eager to learn and keen to please, a great entertainer for the other youngster, always up for a good long walk / run and always happy to switch off and lay across your lap for cuddles.  She has just started doing agility which she is enjoying and I hope that she will go on and compete in the future.  We love that she gets to stay in touch with her human Grandma (Penny) and all of her canine family. Our Dentbros girl is a real joy and a fantastic companion, we feel very lucky to have her.

Charlotte, Matt, Maisie, Freya, Danny, Ben and Nicco

Other comments

Following on from Gill’s post about Flo talking, here is what the others had to say:

Jill: They don’t just talk they hold full conversations and expect you to understand!

Me: True. I can often get Luna to say “hello”. And today Aura said at lunchtime that she was feeling a bit peckish . I love it when they tell you stuff and you can understand!

Chris: Hadn’t realised they all did it. Wispa is the most talkative dog we’ve never had. She chats to me a lot first thing in the morning and when I get in from work

Jill: How about the television watching? Symi loves Countryfile and Springwatch. He watches and interacts fully. Adding his ‘or’ at the appropriate moment

Me: yes Luna particularly watches TV

Helen: Pixie loves watching TV

Steve: Pippin also watches telly. Our other collie Baggins isn’t interested but anything with animals will see Pip sat in front of the TV and Countryfile is also his favourite program it always involves him chatting to the screen.

Charlotte: These posts have made me smile, some lovely family traits 😀. Bea watches TV and talks in the mornings but the girls think she’s really a cow because it’s definitely more of a Mooooooooooooooooo!

Gill: Flo watches telly especially when there are animals on, she can get quite cross if she sees a cat on there.

Chris: Wispa talks loads as well, must run in the family

Steve: So does Pippin. He’s particularly chatty when people he already knows visit the cottage. We’ve had four collies and contact with many others, he is by far the most talkative dog I’ve ever met.

Me: They all get it from Sunny
Chris: Whereas Wispa says wooooooooo! Her favourite thing to watch is Jurassic park or ice skating! Funny puppy