7 Weeks Old – already!

It goes by so quickly and they change so fast.  They have been spending much more time indoors over the past week or so.  This is partly because the weather has not been so good, but mainly to make sure they are used to normal household life.  The cat (Tatsu) is very tolerant of puppies as he has been brought up with them, so he is a good introduction to cats – they are not for chasing!The pups have also been introduced to ‘strange’ dogs, as Archer was very well behaved when he came to visit with his mum.  Of course they are familiar with the other dogs in our household and so they know that not all dogs have milk(!), nor that they automatically love puppies – Sunny is especially grumpy, teaching them to have respect for their elders. I have been so pleased to welcome more visitors now the schools are on holiday, with these boys giving lovely cuddles.Roxi giving some love and Chester chillin’ as he does.Of course they have continued to grow – so I will have to make sure that they don’t escape over the wall.. And this time next week three of them will have gone!  Starting with Lenny..

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