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Week 3: All change

border collie puppies
I see you

It’s been quite a week here in the Puppy Palace. The Sweetie litter have transformed from guinea pigs into tiny dogs. When their eyes open their faces change shape and they start to interact more with their environment. As you can see from the video, they have already started to play!

Real food

Once their eyes are open, I start to gradually introduce them to puppy food, alongside Busy feeding them. It’s a messy process! They tuck in straight away, but it takes a few days to really get the hang of it – this morning they scoffed it double quick.

border collie puppies
Is this how you’re supposed to eat?

Up on their feet

The puppies are much bigger than a week ago and even sturdier. They are up on their feet, walking more purposefully and without quite as many tumbles. Running is not quite on the agenda yet though…

border collie puppies
The adoring masses

I have moved them into a bigger run again, so that they have a clear space for eating and toileting. There is also a crate in the run. This is partly so that Busy can climb in and out once the gate is shut – she needs to be able to get in to feed them, but also to get out and escape! It is also so that they puppies learn that crates are fun places to go and sleep. Busy loves to go in there for a quick nap. Go to Cages and Crates for more information.

Eye colour

There has been much speculation about the eye colours of these puppies. In particular, will any of them have ‘Heterochromia iridum‘? Sunny produced three puppies with this condition and Busy’s son Lenny also has it. It is pretty common in Border Collies and although not desirable for the show ring, it is a popular characteristic, as people love its distinctiveness. However, it appears at this stage that we are unlikely to have any blue eyes. The blue and white girl’s eyes are lighter, but I feel they will be green or amber eventually.

border collie puppies
no blue eyes here, sorry!

Coat colour

Which brings me to an update on the coat colours of this litter. I was told to expect tricolours and I believed that is what I had. Although the tan points are not visible at birth, you are supposed to be able to identify them by lighter hair under their tails. Three of the Sweetie litter have lighter hair here, so I merrily informed everyone that is what they were. Not so! It appears I was misinformed; the experts have said that since no other markings are appearing, these are now more likely to be black and whites and red and whites. That’s fine with me.

border collie puppies
black and white puppies

Meet the families

Luckily, it was fine with all their owners as well. We all had a VERY busy weekend, getting to know everyone. As I’ve said, almost half of these homes have been waiting ages for their puppies and they were not disappointed. Phew!

border collie puppies
I love you mum!

So now we know who is having which puppy. We have names for them all, after a bit of juggling – both proposed pedigree names and their pet names. I will therefore shortly be registering them with the Kennel Club.

border collie puppies
So much love

If you want to visit (friends and family only, sorry), please get in touch? And if you want to know how I keep my home clean quickly and easily with 12 dogs, look at my Norwex page to see the great products that can help you clean with fewer chemicals.

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Week 2: Still eating & sleeping

border collie puppies
A pile of puppies

Guinea pigs

Puppies are just like guinea pigs for the first couple of weeks. They are smooth and about the right size. They squeak and snuffle and whistle. It’s quite funny to watch. Not for long! They change while you watch, getting up onto their feet, moving around more, interacting with each other and their mum. And all before they can see and hear!

border collie puppies
It’s exhausting, all this eating

I wanted to get this video last week, but it’s better now. Can you see how Busy pops into the bed, nowhere near them and almost immediately they wake up and rush to her, to start feeding. Their eyes are not open and they can’t hear, but they sure can smell her! I find this magical.

Getting ready to see

Puppies’ eyes open at two weeks, so within the next couple of days I expect to be able to properly ‘meet’ them all. However, they are also getting used to my smell and are perfectly happy for me to pick them up and give them a cuddle. They are not so keen on my cutting their nails! I try to do this regularly so that they don’t scratch Busy too much.

border collie puppies
Twins? Or double trouble!

Used to cuddles

I have already been fortunate enough to have had a series of visitors, who are gradually and politely starting to be allowed to handle the pups. Again, this means they are being exposed to new smells and experiences. I’ve found this really does make a difference to how ‘people orientated’ they are – all my puppies LOVE people.

border collie puppies
Being cuddled is hard work

I don’t normally allow children in to see the pups for the first couple of weeks, but these two girls know my dogs extremely well and have a special relationship with them.

border collie puppies
Dogs & children – what could be better?

Moving to a new bedroom

All my puppies are born in my bedroom and spend the first week at least upstairs, where it is quiet and calm. However, as soon as I know they are sturdy enough to wriggle out of the way if Busy lies on them, I can safely move them downstairs. I’ve got them in a different room from the adult dogs, but the girls are free to come and go as much as they like.

border collie puppies
How many puppies can you fit in a small box?

Today I have put up a pen around their bed to allow them to move off the bed to toilet, which they have (incredibly) already started to do. They are on a non-slip mat and the run keeps them safe – they can travel quite a distance if you don’t keep an eye on them.

border collie puppies
The next stage – a bigger space, with en-suite facility

If you want to visit, please get in touch? And if you want to know how I keep my home clean quickly and easily with 12 dogs, look at my Norwex page to see the great products that can help you clean with fewer chemicals.

Week 1 pupdate: feeding frenzy

Puppies don’t do much in their first week of life, or do they? I have tried to capture just how ‘busy’ they are in this video. After all, they have an awful lot of growing to do! At birth, these puppies weighed 275-325 grams. Now, just one week later, six of them weigh around 500 grams! And then there is the other one – SHE weighs 575g!

They are all doing so well. You can see from these videos that they are sturdy, lively and contented. Busy is an attentive and nurturing mother, without being neurotic. She’s happy to come out for a while at various points during the day.

border collie puppies
Resting between feeds

Out and About

Usually when the puppies are just a few days old, I let the mum come out with the rest of us for her normal walk. I feel that this helps her stay fit and healthy. It creates a ‘gap’ between feeding the puppies, which helps milk flow and feeding patterns. I vividly remember being persuaded to go for a walk when my son was five days old and how refreshing that was – just to be out in the fresh air felt so good.

Of course I don’t push my luck – I decided not to take Busy to the ‘Big Doggy Do over the weekend. Even though she is vaccinated, I don’t want her mixing with other dogs too much.

border collie puppy
Black tri girl

How much food?

When my dogs are pregnant, I start to gradually increase their food, especially during the last few weeks. I add goats milk to their meals (which I then also give to the other dogs as it is good for them generally). I usually supplement their kibble with other protein sources. This time however I have started feeding minced raw meat alongside a good quality kibble (dried food). These seems to be working really well, as they like it (some of my dogs are quite fussy) and it is easily digested.

border collie puppy
Fat tummy

Once the puppies have arrived, I expect to give the mother around FOUR TIMES as much food as normal! She is working flat out to provide for her pups and I don’t want her to end up being skin and bone. I usually maintain this diet for around 6 weeks, until the puppies are more or less weaned. I generally find that my girls’ weights remain pretty constant throughout. They still lose their coats though!

border collie puppy
Blue and white girl

Pretty colours

Before this litter arrived, I was able to anticipate the likely colours by looking on a site that has a comprehensive Border Collie database – Anadune. This told me that I was likely to have a mix of colours, including, for the first time, tricolours! A tricolour Border Collie is one with tan or fawn ‘points’ usually cheeks, eyebrows, and the mid sections of legs.

Border collie puppies
Buzz – my tricolour

Three of the puppies are tricolour – two red tri boys and one black tri girl. We also have a black and white girl and boy, a chocolate and white boy and a blue and white girl. Lovely! I will be taking (many, many) pictures of them over the coming weeks, so you will gradually get to know them and see their characters developing.

Border collie puppies
Black and white girl

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Exciting announcement

border collie puppies
Busy – the proud mummy
border collie puppies
Just the size of a hand
border collie puppies
Oops! Was on top, but tumbled off.
border collie puppies
Pink nose – how sweet?
border collie puppies
How many colours can you see? Here are three..
border collie puppies
pink toes, tiny tails
border collie puppies
A soft tail makes a great place to take a nap

The Sweetie Litter

I am so delighted to announce the safe arrival of Busy’s second litter. They arrived yesterday, 20th May 2019, between 7.30pm and 11.30pm. This litter have been a long time coming and have been very, VERY eagerly awaited.

It is really great that I do already have homes for these puppies – people who have waited very patiently for their arrival, sometimes for over a year! Most of the owners will be meeting their pups in a few weeks’ time, once eyes are open and I can confirm they are fit and healthy. Meanwhile, they will just have to look at the pictures!

One of the best things about having puppies is all the visitors! I really love having people come in to see them. Busy is a brilliant mum and is very good at coping with people coming to admire. For the first few weeks I only allow specially invited family and friends round. After that I start to encourage more people to come (especially once homes are confirmed). I really like to have a wide range of visitors, especially children. This makes sure that my puppies are sociable, outgoing, confident dogs when they head off to their new homes.

So if you’d like to visit, let me know and I can start to book people in? Meanwhile, if you want to make sure you don’t miss a pupdate, please follow the website? CONTACT ME for more information?