border collie puppies

Exciting announcement

border collie puppies
Busy – the proud mummy
border collie puppies
Just the size of a hand
border collie puppies
Oops! Was on top, but tumbled off.
border collie puppies
Pink nose – how sweet?
border collie puppies
How many colours can you see? Here are three..
border collie puppies
pink toes, tiny tails
border collie puppies
A soft tail makes a great place to take a nap

The Sweetie Litter

I am so delighted to announce the safe arrival of Busy’s second litter. They arrived yesterday, 20th May 2019, between 7.30pm and 11.30pm. This litter have been a long time coming and have been very, VERY eagerly awaited.

It is really great that I do already have homes for these puppies – people who have waited very patiently for their arrival, sometimes for over a year! Most of the owners will be meeting their pups in a few weeks’ time, once eyes are open and I can confirm they are fit and healthy. Meanwhile, they will just have to look at the pictures!

One of the best things about having puppies is all the visitors! I really love having people come in to see them. Busy is a brilliant mum and is very good at coping with people coming to admire. For the first few weeks I only allow specially invited family and friends round. After that I start to encourage more people to come (especially once homes are confirmed). I really like to have a wide range of visitors, especially children. This makes sure that my puppies are sociable, outgoing, confident dogs when they head off to their new homes.

So if you’d like to visit, let me know and I can start to book people in? Meanwhile, if you want to make sure you don’t miss a pupdate, please follow the website? CONTACT ME for more information?

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