Week 5: We Can Run

Mini dogs

The puppies continue to grow and change, but they are now very obviously mini versions of the dogs they will become. You can start to see what their coats will be like, as some are fluffier than others. Border Collies have widely varying coats, from a really long, thick coat to a short one. Some are quite curly, others are completely straight. Luna’s coat is incredibly soft and fine, while the others are slightly more wiry.

Border Collie puppies
Are you taking my picture?

All Border Collies have a ‘double coat’, meaning that they have a soft, thick undercoat to keep them warm in winter, with a silky, longer top coat that lets the air filter through, keeping them cool in summer and allowing dirt to just drop straight off! That’s why adult Border Collies always look so clean and white. (And why Border Collies don’t need much grooming.)

Border Collie puppies
A moment’s peace

Playing with each other

Border Collie puppies
Rushing about

The puppies now spend a great deal of time interacting with each other, sometimes aggressively. There will be lots of tumbling about and some fierce growling and biting. That’s fine, it’s all part of their normal learning process. They need to establish what is acceptable with other dogs and of course in the wild they would be learning to hunt. Mind you, it’s pretty exhausting!

Border Collie puppies
Tired boy
We can play

Playing with toys

At this age, puppies should be interacting with their environment far more. This includes a spot of gardening (handily removing ALL the weeds that dare to grow in their run). They will chew anything chewable, as their teeth get bigger and stronger (they will try chewing the concrete if they can).

Border Collie puppies
I’ll kill it!

It’s useful to try and provide a variety of toys and objects for them to interact with and explore. Going through things, up and down small steps, and trying a bit of tuggy play whenever they can. Playing with toys is a great way of engaging with a puppy, offering something to chew or tug instead of eating your foot, or chewing your nose! Mind you, it’s pretty tiring..

Border Collie puppies
Dashing about, then crashing

And they’re still eating.. and eating..

We can run

Booking a visit

Border Collie puppies
Owners spending time with their puppies

We’re pretty busy this week and next, but if you want to visit (friends and family only, sorry), please get in touch? Only three weeks until they are gone! And remember, if you want to make sure you don’t miss a pupdate, please follow the website? CONTACT ME for more information?

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