happy birthday

Happy 1st Birthday Rainbow Litter!

Happy birthday to my purple puppy and her siblings!

Ounce is one year old today!  Can’t believe it has been a year.  Just when you think you can’t love anything more than you love your children, husband and dogs, along comes something so special, that she steals your heart from the second she arrives.  Happy days 🙂

happy birthday

Last weekend my dogs stayed with my friend Kim at The Woof Pack MK.  They had such a lovely time and were so well cared for.  Kim hadn’t had Ounce to stay before and she said “She’s not just beautiful on the outside, she is beautiful on the inside as well”.  What a lovely thing to say!  Thanks Kim.

Happy birthday

The Rainbow Litter

Litter 7 – The Rainbow Litter was something very special.  Of course Busy is a special girl to start with, and Sox is a lovely boy, so it was always going to be great, but even so, they have exceeded my expectations.

Happy birthdayI am very excited about Pixie and Hollie’s future in agility.  This fantastic photo was taken by my friend Kate, from Kate Everall Photography isn’t it great?

happy birthday

I love staying in touch with my puppies and I’m pleased to say I have had great contact from all the homes of this litter.  I have seen all but Lenny, which has been great.

happy birthday

Hopefully I will continue to hear about their adventures, as well as those of my own purple pup.  Of course when I got her I had no idea that she would have blue eyes, making her pretty unique.  I also did not imagine that she would be quite the character that she has become.

A special dog

I tried to have her assessed as a therapy dog today, as that would have made a great celebration of her birthday.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) she is still such a puppy – happy and lively, cheeky and playful.  Not quite the calm girl that Busy and Roxi are.

Happy birthdayI don’t mind, she is adorable.  Ounce is already less ‘licky’ than she was and she understands that she is not supposed to jump up at ANYONE.  But when she sees someone she knows, she just can’t help it!  That will get better, I know.   (By the way, Luna did pass the assessment and will be joining Busy in September.)

We have joined an agility class!  Ounce loves doing agility.  We have been doing small bits with the brilliant Sam Lane, but have now joined a beginners class. This gives her experience of working around other dogs and waiting her turn!  Great fun.

Ask for help?

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