Dentbros Busy The Imp***

Owner : Dentbros
Breed : Border Collie
Date of Birth : 21st January 2014

Health Tests

Eye Examination & Gonioscopy : Unaffected – 5th January 2015 & August 2018
CL : Hereditarily Clear
CEA-CH : Hereditarily Clear
TNS : Hereditarily Clear
BAER Hearing Test : Pass – 11th March 2014
Hip Score : 5/8 = 13 – 22nd April 2015
Glaucoma & Goniodysgenesis: DNA tested clear – 14th January 2019

Busy is the sweetest, calmest Border Collie you are ever likely to meet, unless you are doing agility, or are walking in the wood!  She was not meant to stay (I had a lovely home lined up for her) but I fell in love with ‘my little imp’ the minute she arrived and could not bear to part with her.  She was described as ‘calm’ by so many people at just 3 months of age and this has continued to be her abiding characteristic. 

Busy certainly does not lack drive, she is full of focus and really wants to work.  In short, she is the perfect combination of intelligence and sound temperament. She has proved to be a bit manic for agility, working at top speed and with no steering! Maybe one day she’ll get a clear round…

Border Collie

Pedigree dog?

Busy was born and registered as a Working Sheepdog, because her dad is an unregistered dog.  Taboo is a lovely dog, with a super nature, who works in obedience, having won a ‘ticket’ at the highest level in competition, giving him a stud book number.  Busy’s mum is Sunny, my ‘dog of a lifetime’ as she changed everything for me and has produced such an amazing legacy of pups over the last few years.

During 2015 I went through the process of transferring Busy to the breed register, making her a pedigree Border Collie.  I did this because I wanted to be able to have her health and heritage recognised and recorded.  I take great care over every aspect of my breeding and was simply let down by a lack of filling in paperwork.

Therapy dog


In 2015 I applied to have Busy registered as a Pets As Therapy dog.  Of my four dogs (at the time), she was the most suitable – one licks, one paws, one snatches food.  She does none of these things and as you can see, she is happy to snuggle up and listen to a story!  We go into school to work with children with a variety of needs.

I have been extremely proud to take her to Crufts to volunteer on the Kennel Club Bark and Read stand in 2016, 2019 and 2020.


Busy has proved to be a fabulous mum, having had two litters, in 2017 and 2019. Of course from the first litter I kept my amazing Ounce, best puppy EVER! You can read more about Ounce and her adventures!


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