stud dog


Dentbros Jelly Bean** (JB)

Border Colie stud dog

My beautiful boy! It has always been my intention as a breeder to keep a boy as a stud dog and when this one arrived, I knew he was the one! He has the lovely rich, dark coat of all my girls (except Ounce). He has beautiful markings and is a good size – at 18 months old he is still quite ‘leggy’. JB is maturing into a gorgeous pedigree Border Collie and I know he will produce amazing puppies. For details about using him at stud, please see below, or contact me.

JB’s temperament is super. He is really sweet-natured and eager to please. He lives with Stella, Luke and his big brother Diesel; Stella jointly owns him with me. Stella is a dog trainer and dog walker, so right from the start JB has mixed with plenty of other dogs, making him very polite and sociable.

Border Collie stud dog

Top training

The big advantage of having your dog live with a trainer is that JB is extremely well trained! Stella has been using him to explain key teaching points since he was a tiny puppy, so you won’t meet a dog with better manners.

JB has learned plenty of tricks, done some scentwork training and is now loving agility! Both Stella and Luke train with him and he works perfectly happily and enthusiastically with them both.

stud dog
flying along in agility

Date of Birth: 20.05.19

Health tests

KC Registration: AW02214004

  • Eye Examination: Unaffected – 9th September 2020
  • Hip Score : 9/6 – 8th January 2021
  • CL : DNA test clear – 19th December 2019
  • CEA-CH : DNA test clear – 19th December 2019
  • TNS : DNA test clear – 19th December 2019
  • Glaucoma & Goniodysgenesis: DNA test clear – 19th December 2019
  • MDR1: DNA test clear – 19th December 2019
  • IGS: DNA test clear – 19th December 2019
  • SN: DNA test clear – 19th December 2019
  • DM: DNA test clear – 9th April 2021
  • MH: DNA test clear – 9th April 2021
stud dog


ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
Sh Ch Sashdan Smokin Joe [Aus] Aus Nzl Ch Nz Tazman Trekker O Clan-Abby [Nzl]
Goytre Smokin GunFinealta Magical Melody[Aus]
Goytre Repeat the StorySh Ch Goytre Prince of Dreams JW ShCM
Sh Ch Goytre Never Ending Story
Borderlair Taboo Too  Nobite Aspiring Oamaru
Dentbros Busy the Imp*** Borderlair Nugget
Westirene Sunshine at DentbrosWestirene Rizzle Dizzle
Westirene Rosarita  

Stud dog

JB is available for use at stud to fully health tested, pedigree Border Collies. These must be of suitable temperament. If you want to ‘test’ a mating with JB, I recommend looking on Anadune, as the database will show you exactly what to expect!

Breeder Mentoring

As part of the stud dog service, I am able to offer a great deal of support to new breeders. I am able to provide copies of resources, useful contact information, such as an excellent dog scanning service and plenty of advice, as required.

If you are considering breeding from your bitch, I recommend you start by reading my blog about being a breeder and also look on the relevant sections of the Kennel Club website. Then get in touch to plan the next steps!


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