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And then there were four…

My Rainbow Litter are 8 weeks old today!  They are so fluffy and cuddly now, it’s hard to leave them alone :-).

We were pleased to see Charlie Brown, from Aura’s litter last year, who popped in with his family.  Part of the joy of being a breeder is seeing the pups as grown up dogs, doing really well and enjoying their lives.

I realise I have never properly introduced the pups to you.

This is Dentbros Back in Black** – LennyAnd this is his mum and dad, getting ready to take him home.

I already know that he is settled and happy, doing really well. Hannah has sent me some lovely feedback, which I have added to the testimonials page.This is Dentbros Blackbird** – Robbie.  Isn’t he stunning? He has gone to a very special and loving home, helping to look after bees.Now there are only four left, one of each colour.  I’ll tell you about three of them next week, as two are going over the weekend.  Chester is staying a bit longer, which will be good for him and for the remaining puppy..

Dentbros Lilac Wine** – Ounce.  I feel that I formally took ownership of her today, as she had her first vaccination.  Of course I’m keeping her!  She was mine from the minute she was born =D


7 Weeks Old – already!

It goes by so quickly and they change so fast.  They have been spending much more time indoors over the past week or so.  This is partly because the weather has not been so good, but mainly to make sure they are used to normal household life.  The cat (Tatsu) is very tolerant of puppies as he has been brought up with them, so he is a good introduction to cats – they are not for chasing!The pups have also been introduced to ‘strange’ dogs, as Archer was very well behaved when he came to visit with his mum.  Of course they are familiar with the other dogs in our household and so they know that not all dogs have milk(!), nor that they automatically love puppies – Sunny is especially grumpy, teaching them to have respect for their elders. I have been so pleased to welcome more visitors now the schools are on holiday, with these boys giving lovely cuddles.Roxi giving some love and Chester chillin’ as he does.Of course they have continued to grow – so I will have to make sure that they don’t escape over the wall.. And this time next week three of them will have gone!  Starting with Lenny..

Out and about

We have been extremely busy over the past week, getting out and about and meeting so many people! They went into school – boys on Thursday and girls on Friday.  As you can see it was the staff who were most thrilled to see them, although the children also loved having cuddles with everyone.  The pups were so good and Busy was her usual astonishingly calm self; she is a magical girl.On Monday we went to our local vet’s for chips.  Once again, cuddling was required.  They were very brave.  On Wednesday we went off to the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket for hearing checks.  They didn’t like the room being hot, but we got it done.Then today we have been to Davies Veterinary Specialists to have all their beautiful eyes checked, to ensure they have healthy eyes.  They have five blue eyes, five brown eyes and two that look green at the moment!  So now I have done everything I can to ensure that I am sending off healthy puppies.Then it’s back home for more playing!  They are very fierce.

Mainly though, they love a cuddle.

Robbie saying hello
Ounce’s ears are already coming up
cheeky Pixie
Laid back Lenny

And I saw a bit of magic today – Busy starting to play with Pixie.  It is so nice to see her engaging with them, not just feeding them. Six weeks old already – not much longer before they start heading off.

Running, jumping, biting!

The Rainbow litter are definitely starting to show who they really are now!  There is so much more playing, jumping and generally being busy (!) about the place.  Tails are good for chewing..

There was one little plant in their run – clearly that shouldn’t be there!  Thanks Lenny for sorting that out for me.They are looking at their cutest, fluffiest now!  But it’s deceptive, you never know what is being plotted..

They have so many toys to play with, but best of all is a flowerpot!  It is so much fun, to chew, to chase, to bite.

I think this litter is the most ‘lupine’ of all I’ve had, as Busy likes to feed them standing up, with them all hanging off her, sucking away happily.  Looks a bit painful, but she doesn’t seem to mind and at least they all fit.

Next week we shall be very busy, getting chips and going to have hearing and eyes tested.  They will have a chance to become familiar with going  in the car and going off to different places.  More cuddles!  It’s such a hard life, isn’t it?Couldn’t you just eat them?  You’ll have to hurry though, before they eat you!  And go off to become big dogs.

We can play!

Puppies love to play!  The Rainbow litter are now spending all day outside and having so much fun.  I put up an awning yesterday as it was so hot and they have a little pool to splash in (OK it’s a cat litter tray but I don’t think they’ve noticed).

Tasty ear

They are really trying out their teeth on different things now; each other, their mum, my leg, my toe, my fingers…

They are also demonstrating the start of a whole range of dog behaviours, as they learn to interact with each other and the people who come to see them.

And we have already had a few children visiting for lovely cuddling.  My puppies see plenty of children while they are here, so they are really familiar with being handled by a range of different people.

Lovely photobombing by Chester

We’re halfway through our time with this litter already!  They will soon be gone, so if you fancy a cuddle, please get in touch to book in?

Homes all sorted!

Phew!  It’s been a hectic few days, but as always I have been extremely fortunate to find some really lovely people who are thrilled to be having a puppy.It was definitely love at first sight for some people.It is so rewarding to see that special relationship starting, knowing that there will be many years of fun to come.Of course family and friends are continuing to visit, making sure that they are cuddled and adored, every day.Meanwhile, they are starting to be outside a bit more and gradually learning to cope with a bigger environment. It can be a bit overwhelming, but the puppies are starting to play and to stay awake for longer periods between meals. Although it is still hard work, all this growing.

Visitors are queuing up and I’m already ‘fully booked’ on some days, so please let me know if you plan to visit? (Family and friends only I’m afraid.)

The first picnic – playing outside

Enjoying their food

Think I need a bigger bowl

These puppies are certainly getting stuck in!  Can’t believe they are three weeks old already.  I weighed them earlier and there is now a clear distinction between the big fatty boys and the dainty <ahem> girls; they weigh around 1.5kgs now.

a lapful of puppies

On Monday I set up the outside area for them, where they have plenty of space to run around safely.  We sat out there enjoying cuddles and Busy gave the puppies a bit of a picnic.  Then it started raining…

picnics are great

Never mind, I expect they will spend most of the next five weeks out there.Meanwhile they are eating, sleeping and playing indoors..

Can you see my teeth?
give me a high five
what are you looking at?

We are looking forward to meeting some potential homes this weekend (who are beyond excited).  It is an unbelievable challenge, matching homes to puppies, but we get there in the end.  I have spent the last three weeks getting to know them and have already formed some views about what they are like.  Some are like their mum, some might be more like dad.  All love cuddles.

Hello world! Eyes open and up and playing

Week 2 – Up and about

Until yesterday I was reluctant to do another pupdate, as I just had hundreds more photos of (very sweet) slugs/guinea pigs.  But they are already up on their feet, strolling, albeit drunkenly, around their bed and small run.  Incredibly, they get up and move onto the newspaper to toilet before returning to their bed; their eyes weren’t even open when they began to do this!

They still spend nearly all their time asleep of course, and don’t really care where they are.Yesterday they were two weeks old and right on cue, two or three began to open their eyes.  It takes a few days for all their eyes to be fully open, but then they really get going.

I have also introduced them to some puppy food today, as they are sucking the life out of Busy.  She is eating four or five large, high protein meals per day, but is still back to her skinny self.  Clearly having six babies is the way to shift the baby weight!puppy's first mealIt’s a hard life being a puppy!

Finally, for today, if you have a moment, please go over to my ‘work’ website Independent Inspiration and see what else I spend my time doing?