We can play!

Puppies love to play!  The Rainbow litter are now spending all day outside and having so much fun.  I put up an awning yesterday as it was so hot and they have a little pool to splash in (OK it’s a cat litter tray but I don’t think they’ve noticed).

Tasty ear

They are really trying out their teeth on different things now; each other, their mum, my leg, my toe, my fingers…

They are also demonstrating the start of a whole range of dog behaviours, as they learn to interact with each other and the people who come to see them.

And we have already had a few children visiting for lovely cuddling.  My puppies see plenty of children while they are here, so they are really familiar with being handled by a range of different people.

Lovely photobombing by Chester

We’re halfway through our time with this litter already!  They will soon be gone, so if you fancy a cuddle, please get in touch to book in?

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