Running, jumping, biting!

The Rainbow litter are definitely starting to show who they really are now!  There is so much more playing, jumping and generally being busy (!) about the place.  Tails are good for chewing..

There was one little plant in their run – clearly that shouldn’t be there!  Thanks Lenny for sorting that out for me.They are looking at their cutest, fluffiest now!  But it’s deceptive, you never know what is being plotted..

They have so many toys to play with, but best of all is a flowerpot!  It is so much fun, to chew, to chase, to bite.

I think this litter is the most ‘lupine’ of all I’ve had, as Busy likes to feed them standing up, with them all hanging off her, sucking away happily.  Looks a bit painful, but she doesn’t seem to mind and at least they all fit.

Next week we shall be very busy, getting chips and going to have hearing and eyes tested.  They will have a chance to become familiar with going  in the car and going off to different places.  More cuddles!  It’s such a hard life, isn’t it?Couldn’t you just eat them?  You’ll have to hurry though, before they eat you!  And go off to become big dogs.

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