Out and about

We have been extremely busy over the past week, getting out and about and meeting so many people! They went into school – boys on Thursday and girls on Friday.  As you can see it was the staff who were most thrilled to see them, although the children also loved having cuddles with everyone.  The pups were so good and Busy was her usual astonishingly calm self; she is a magical girl.On Monday we went to our local vet’s for chips.  Once again, cuddling was required.  They were very brave.  On Wednesday we went off to the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket for hearing checks.  They didn’t like the room being hot, but we got it done.Then today we have been to Davies Veterinary Specialists to have all their beautiful eyes checked, to ensure they have healthy eyes.  They have five blue eyes, five brown eyes and two that look green at the moment!  So now I have done everything I can to ensure that I am sending off healthy puppies.Then it’s back home for more playing!  They are very fierce.

Mainly though, they love a cuddle.

Robbie saying hello
Ounce’s ears are already coming up
cheeky Pixie
Laid back Lenny

And I saw a bit of magic today – Busy starting to play with Pixie.  It is so nice to see her engaging with them, not just feeding them. Six weeks old already – not much longer before they start heading off.

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