Homes all sorted!

Phew!  It’s been a hectic few days, but as always I have been extremely fortunate to find some really lovely people who are thrilled to be having a puppy.It was definitely love at first sight for some people.It is so rewarding to see that special relationship starting, knowing that there will be many years of fun to come.Of course family and friends are continuing to visit, making sure that they are cuddled and adored, every day.Meanwhile, they are starting to be outside a bit more and gradually learning to cope with a bigger environment. It can be a bit overwhelming, but the puppies are starting to play and to stay awake for longer periods between meals. Although it is still hard work, all this growing.

Visitors are queuing up and I’m already ‘fully booked’ on some days, so please let me know if you plan to visit? (Family and friends only I’m afraid.)

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