The first picnic – playing outside

Enjoying their food

Think I need a bigger bowl

These puppies are certainly getting stuck in!  Can’t believe they are three weeks old already.  I weighed them earlier and there is now a clear distinction between the big fatty boys and the dainty <ahem> girls; they weigh around 1.5kgs now.

a lapful of puppies

On Monday I set up the outside area for them, where they have plenty of space to run around safely.  We sat out there enjoying cuddles and Busy gave the puppies a bit of a picnic.  Then it started raining…

picnics are great

Never mind, I expect they will spend most of the next five weeks out there.Meanwhile they are eating, sleeping and playing indoors..

Can you see my teeth?
give me a high five
what are you looking at?

We are looking forward to meeting some potential homes this weekend (who are beyond excited).  It is an unbelievable challenge, matching homes to puppies, but we get there in the end.  I have spent the last three weeks getting to know them and have already formed some views about what they are like.  Some are like their mum, some might be more like dad.  All love cuddles.

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