Hello world! Eyes open and up and playing

Week 2 – Up and about

Until yesterday I was reluctant to do another pupdate, as I just had hundreds more photos of (very sweet) slugs/guinea pigs.  But they are already up on their feet, strolling, albeit drunkenly, around their bed and small run.  Incredibly, they get up and move onto the newspaper to toilet before returning to their bed; their eyes weren’t even open when they began to do this!

They still spend nearly all their time asleep of course, and don’t really care where they are.Yesterday they were two weeks old and right on cue, two or three began to open their eyes.  It takes a few days for all their eyes to be fully open, but then they really get going.

I have also introduced them to some puppy food today, as they are sucking the life out of Busy.  She is eating four or five large, high protein meals per day, but is still back to her skinny self.  Clearly having six babies is the way to shift the baby weight!puppy's first mealIt’s a hard life being a puppy!

Finally, for today, if you have a moment, please go over to my ‘work’ website Independent Inspiration and see what else I spend my time doing?

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