Sunny's birthday

Happy 12th Birthday Sunny!

Wishing my Sunny girl a happy birthday!

Sunny is my dog of a lifetime – she changed everything for me.  I have already talked about Life-changing dogs when it was Busy’s birthday in January.  Busy is a special girl who has enabled me to volunteer in schools, making a difference to lots of children’s (and adults’) lives.

Fierce? Or just intense

Sunny is a different kind of dog.   My aunt described her recently as ‘fierce’ when looking at the calendar picture of her for this month.  She certainly has an intensity in her eyes when the ball is in her sight!  But she is not fierce.  She does have tremendous focus though and a willingness to learn.

A true Border Collie

Sunny has all the attributes you want in a Border Collie.  She is active and energetic, able to keep going for as long as it takes.  In fact she doesn’t know when to stop and would keep fetching a ball until she drops.  Sunny wants to do it – whatever ‘it’ is.  Play fetch, do agility, go out with the bikes, play with the other dogs…

She has the intelligence to figure it out and certainly knows how to work it.  People who don’t know her are immediately trained by her in the art of ball throwing.  She is full of character and won’t put up with any rubbish.

Sunny's birthdaySunny is not a cuddly dog; she will tolerate a cuddle on her terms.  She will come up onto the sofa occasionally, when it suits her and usually when she wants something.  I did not put her forward to be a therapy dog because she doesn’t particularly love children, unlike all the others.  She can snatch treats too.

A great mum

I decided to breed from Sunny before I met her – it was something I always fancied doing.  She had three litters – 22 puppies, over four years.  As a mum she was conscientious and diligent, but not especially loving.  They were perfectly cared for but not molly coddled.  All have grown into wonderful dogs.

Sunny's birthdayAn agility dog

It was also my intention to start agility before I got her and what a journey that has been!  As with most Border Collies, she is incredibly keen and very fast.  She really ‘gets it’ – tearing around so happily, although not always being prepared to pay attention to me!  I spent the first few years of my agility training desperately trying to keep up with her.  Bless her, she still absolutely loves it, when given the chance.

Another birthday, another year older

Although twelve is a ‘good age’ for a dog and she is certainly regarded as a ‘veteran’ in many ways, Sunny is far from old.  Having her family around her definitely keeps her young in spirit.  She shows no sign of slowing down on walks and is perfectly happy chasing after a ball, or running around with the others.

Sunny’s party trick – singing Happy Birthday, of course!

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