Bassett Hound – interview with an owner

Bassett Hound: if it’s character you want, look no further!

Janet has given me a wonderful insight into what it is really like to own a Bassett Hound, having had four of them over 30 years.  She says that:

“We wanted a characterful dog and one possessed of a fairly gentle and laid-back nature. We also wanted a ‘largish’ dog but had limited space at the time. Bassets are medium to large sized dogs on short legs which seemed to us a good compromise.”

Bassett Hound
Aren’t I beautiful

Lola, who is Janet’s current Bassett Hound is described as pretty laid back, loves company and is very happy to travel in the car anywhere. If she needs to come to work, she’ll happily do so. She also likes plenty of exercise, which is particularly important to Janet. She even goes running with Janet from time to time!

There’s no rush

Bassets do things at their own speed and in their own time. There’s absolutely no point trying to hurry them along. If you try, they will slow up even more! In Janet’s experience, this is typical of the breed.  Lola, has a huge character with a bigger heart. She is fiercely independent, funny, gentle and loving.

Bassett Hound
Butter wouldn’t melt

Part of the pack

Janet feels that Bassett Hounds definitely prefer a home with other dogs, as they love being part of a pack.  That pack mentality not only means they don’t like being left alone.  However, they can get the upper hand if they aren’t shown their place. You need to count yourself as a pack member too and make sure they don’t try to boss you around! We would say not a dog for novice owners.

“You need oodles of patience and tolerance. Plan for the worst whilst hoping for the best. (Damage limitation!)”

Bassett Hound
So laid back

Character or challenge?

The features of Bassett Hounds which make them so lovable as characters can also make them a bit of a challenge, if we are being honest.  They are described as unbiddable (therefore can be unreliable off lead) stubborn, totally untrustworthy around food, (not to mention sofas and beds).  They are prone to laziness if given half a chance, notoriously hard to house train.  Bassetts can carry a bit of a ‘houndy’ smell around with them.

With regards to training, Janet says:

“I should probably do more training than I do but I at least try to reinforce basic commands on a daily basis. Classes are tricky as Bassets are often disruptive and get asked to leave!”

Lola has plenty of exercise; she has around 90 minutes in the morning off lead and two shorter walks later in the day.  Having walked with Janet and Lola this morning, I can report that she is more than capable of keeping up with the collies and me going at a brisk pace.  She was completely unimpressed when we got back to the car after an hour!

Bassett Hound
Those eyes!

In future, Janet feels she would like to have a puppy, having always had rescues.  She says that if you haven’t raised a dog from a puppy it can be hard to deal with the ‘issues’ they invariably arrive with.  However, it is also very true that watching a dog flourish when they’ve had a rotten start is very satisfying (and a real testament to Janet’s patience!)  I have talked about the benefits or otherwise of having a rescue dog – Rescue or Breeder?

Ask for help?

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