Dogs that change your life

Who is your ‘Dog of a Lifetime’?

Happy 4th Birthday to my magical imp, Busy.  Part of a Fairytale Litter and a fairytale story.  She wasn’t meant to stay with me; I had three dogs at the time, which was quite sufficient, thank you.  Within a few days of them arriving, I had seven lovely homes for seven lovely puppies.  But friends kept saying to me “You love that one, don’t you?”  And I really did.  When the puppies were three weeks old I had a really hectic weekend with all seven owners coming to meet their puppies for the first time. Some of these were complete strangers to me, so it was hard work.  I had mentally allocated all the pups beforehand, so was pleased to be able to sort out who was going where.

Unfortunately, Busy had other ideas.  After everyone had gone, I had a sleepless night, realising that I could not let her go.  She was my little imp, that’s all there was to it.

The Dentbros family

What a dog she has turned out to be!  After all the others had gone, I spent four weeks waiting to take her out, sitting around the house.  I was trying to catch up with my work, which meant that the house was quiet and we just sat around all day.  When we were finally allowed out, people kept saying to me “Isn’t she calm?”  Which was a bit of a shame, since I had called her Busy!


Actually, she is a bit of an contradiction, as she is extremely busy when running around in the woods, or on the agility field.  She is very good at entertaining herself and rushes about the kitchen, shaking her favourite toy ‘Snakey’ in a very entertaining way.

Yet she is also extremely gentle and the perfect dog to work with children in school. Because of her I have met some wonderful children and staff at my local Junior School, as part of the Pets As Therapy Read2Dogs scheme.

Busy proved to be a brilliant mum to her litter and continues to play with and tolerate the puppy.  They look so funny, tearing around on our walks.
Overall, Busy is an amazing dog, who has definitely changed my life. I still think her mum, Sunny is my ‘dog of a lifetime’ as she introduced me to breeding AND agility and has created a legacy of amazing dogs. I think Ounce will also prove life changing; she is a very special character, whom I have already trained differently to my other dogs.  How lucky am I to have such incredible dogs in my life?


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