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Beautiful, Bespoke Wooden Crates – Perfect Indoor Kennels

These are made by Ryan Wilson.  Ryan contacted me and told me the following about himself:

I am the owner of a small furniture making business located in Hertfordshire, I make bespoke furniture and have carried this expertise through on to making pet furniture. I mainly specialise in making wooden dog crates.”

I thought his crates looked like lovely pieces of furniture, but worry that a dog may simply chew it!  I talked to friends about this and they agreed.  However, on further discussion, we found that there are some dogs who much prefer to sleep in a crate, even as an adult dog.  I therefore feel that these represent a great alternative to a metal cage.

I also think you could easily have one made that can take a metal crate inside it, which can then be removed once the dog is older.   Go to my post on Cages and Crates to see more about other options.

Crate Sizes and options

Please see below the sizes and prices of Ryan’s standard crates:

Solid Pine Wooden Dog Crate

Small: Depth: 65cm  Width:50cm  Height: 50cm  (£199.99)
Medium: Depth: 75cm Width: 60cm Height: 60cm (229.99)
Large: Depth: 90cm Width: 70cm Height: 70cm (259.99)
Extra Large: Depth 100cm Width: 80cm Height: 80cm (299.99)

Solid Oak Wooden Dog Crate

Small – (£299.99)
Medium – (£349.99)
Large – (£389.99)
Extra Large – (£429.99)

All crates are made to order so can be made completely bespoke in various sizes, designs and many different timber options available, both hard and softwood.


Please contact Ryan Wilson quoting Dentbros Dogs 


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