Norwex – cleaning power with less chemicals

Norwex – cleaning with less chemicals

I thought it would be helpful to introduce you to my passion; a company called Norwex.  I love their stuff so much I signed up to become a Consultant!  I am now an Independent Norwex Consultant and am so excited about this new venture.

What I have found amazing since I purchased those first few products is how effective they are.  I basically clean everything with just water now.  My granite worktops have never been so clean!  They are black and although they look amazing when clean, they quickly look terrible.  I was using a granite polish spray to clean them.  But because I don’t like using loads of chemical products I used to leave it a day or two between polishes.  Now I don’t have to worry – my worktops always look fantastic!

New Products

Being an Independent Norwex Consultant is exciting!  I get to share my passion for all things green and hopefully help people find products that work for them and their house.  The brilliant thing is that you don’t need much to clean your whole house.  Using Norwex products you will:

  • use less chemicals
  • make your house cleaner
  • save money (less products required)
  • save time – cleaning is much quicker
  • use less plastic (microfibre that doesn’t shed)
  • save the planet – products made from recycled materials

Clean glasses and phone screens in seconds!

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I am always happy to talk to you about cleaning! Making simple changes that will improve your life. Just get in touch to find out more?

Norwex have lots of great solutions to replacing plastic


Please CONTACT ME if you want to know more about me and my Norwex products?  You can like my Norwex Facebook page too, then you will see the lovely things on offer and news about events and parties I’ll be hosting.

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