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Cat Kennel – a snug home for your feline friend

What is a cat kennel? Why would you need one?

I have previously talked about Cages and Crates for dogs, but why would I need a cat kennel?  Mainly so that he can be self-sufficient.

Poor Tatsu!  He is a sweet boy, who has always been a bit damaged.  Unlike my dogs, I got him through an advert in a pet shop.  I decided I wanted a tabby girl, having mainly had black and white boys.  My mum came with me, assuring me that he was a girl.  ‘Tatsu’ means dragon in Japanese and I thought it would be a fitting name for a tatty tabby girl.

cat kennelUnfortunately, apart from the fact that he is a boy not a girl, lol, he also has a heart murmur, so has never been particularly strong.  Having had my son’s cat to stay a few times, I have realised that he is actually quite weak.  He can clamber over the fence and the gate, but he has no strength to jump up onto a worktop surface.

With 5 dogs in the house, I do obviously have to feed him on the worktop.  But now that I’ve established that he cannot jump that high, how can I leave food out for him, where the dogs can’t get it?  I designed a solution for him in my mind, then found what I wanted online – simple!

Cat Kennel

This is a great solution for him.  It also means he can come and go as he pleases.  He had previously had a cat flap, but not surprisingly Chris is not keen to saw a hole in our back door – especially as it is unlikely we will have another cat..

cat kennelThis kennel is pretty sturdy, but also light enough to be moved if necessary.  There is room for a bed and a couple of dishes of food.  So he can have dry and wet food available, whenever he wants them.


Cats apparently like their water to be in a different place to their food.  Did you know that?  They really like to drink from a tap, but will find some water outside if possible.  I therefore make sure there is a water bowl and a bucket of water available, filled from our water butt.

cat kennelWhy have a cat?

You might be asking yourself why I have a cat, when I am clearly a dog person?  Well puppies need to learn about cats as part of their socialisation programme, that’s why!  Oh and he is a nice pet, really.


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