Trainers – what are the best for you and your dogs?

Trainers: looking after your feet

Ah yes, those sort of trainers.  Not the trainers we give all our money to, lol.  I often see posts on the agilitynet Facebook group, asking about the best footwear to have when training or walking our dogs.

Recommended makes of footwear

My no 1 choice is Asics.  This is my latest pair:

They are comfortable, supportive, a good fit and OK to look at.  Most importantly, the soles have a good grip.  I have discovered over the years that I need ‘running shoes’ which seems a bit of a joke when I stumble around, but it’s what works for me.

Another recommended brand is Salomon which many agility people swear by.

I have found Sketchers to be very comfortable, but they are not really running shoes; soles not as grippy.

Winter walking

In winter we need a whole other kind of shoe; something to keep us warm and dry, still with grip and also support.  I think I’ll cover that another time..

Trainers – the other kind

Just before I go, I would like to recommend a few trainers – the human kind.  I have recently met two dog trainers – Dan Callaghan from Barkers Trail who is a dog behaviourist and runs a variety of training classes.  And Adam Delderfield, from Delders Dogs.  I haven’t worked with either of these trainers, but they both know what they are talking about so I recommend them as people.

I am also excited to have started working with Emma Conlisk of Beancroft Agility.  I love the facilities, the class setup and the teaching style :-).  Looking forward to more!

Ask for help?

You are very welcome to CONTACT ME to ask for my advice.  I can help you with a variety of issues and problems around getting a dog and suggestions for tackling training issues.  Go to the What Dog? page for more information on my service.

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