Ticks and Fleas – prevention or cure?

How do you cope with parasites on your dog?

Aargh!  Just found a tick on Aura’s face!  Didn’t expect to see these so early, but I suppose that just because the weather is still totally sh*t, doesn’t mean ticks aren’t hatching.  It’s not a problem, we just got our trusty tick tool remover and it came out, perfectly cleanly.

I love these tools, they work so well.  We cuddle our dogs all the time, so we find ticks pretty much straight away.  They can’t get attached in long, thick hair, so tend to be on the face or legs, and are easier to spot.

WARNING: I’ve just googled ‘dog with ticks’ to find a picture to show you (having disposed of Aura’s straight away) and now feel really sick. Don’t do that :-(.  This picture shows all you need to know.  See the tick?  Get the tick tool, slide it between the tick and the dog and twist until it comes off.  Then kill it.  Yuck.

With regards fleas, we did have a flea infestation a few months ago, thanks to a visiting cat.  We then had to use treatments (see below).  However, normally, because I have leather sofas and hard floors, and I regularly wash the dogs’ bedding, I don’t have to treat the dogs (or the cat).

Preventative Treatments

If you are worried that you won’t notice fleas or ticks, or cannot keep on top of it, you can use a ‘drop-on’ preventative treatment, such as Frontline.  These seem straightforward and easy to use.  However, they do contain strong toxins, which are not ideal to have on your pet.

At one time I was using a different brand and managed to get a drop of it in Sunny’s eye.  This caused an ulcerated cornea, which led to weeks of treatment with drops, followed by sedation and a ‘scratched cornea’ to heal it.  Which is another reason I don’t use it unless I have to.  :-/


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3 thoughts on “Ticks and Fleas – prevention or cure?”

  1. Carry a tick remover on me all the time. I cannot stand ticks and worry about limes disease. During spring to autumn Symi wears a senestra collar (hope spelling correct). Expensive but does the trick. As well as the usual front line stuff.
    Beware the tick will crawl out of a waste bin. Ensure it is well and truly squashed

  2. Thanks to Jane as well for mentioning worming. I am absolutely rigorous about worming my pregnant girls and the pups, but then don’t bother! My dogs don’t ‘rummage’ when we are out, so they don’t generally pick up worms. In fact, in all my years of dog ownership, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a worm!

    I think I worm them all when I have a pregnant girl, or if I am going away and leaving them.

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