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Dog Smells – How should we manage our pooch’s pongs?

How do you cope with all those dog smells?

When you get a dog, you have to put up with some horrible dog smells.  I am writing more about this topic today because my lovely new dog garden is already a bit smelly and I need to do something to fix it.  I’ve decided to get some disinfectant and this one looks like it will do the business:

I like the features:

  • Odourfresh – Powerful Triple-Action Cleaner, Disinfectant and Deodoriser.
  • 12 fragrances are available to choose from – Cherry, Bubblegum, Lavender, Lemon, Cinnamon, Peardrop, Spearmint, Baby Powder, Eucalyptus, Tutti Frutti, Freshly Cut Grass or Pine Forest – See description for details of how to choose. NEW FRAGRANCES FOR CHRISTMAS – Winter Berry & Gingerbread
  • Specifically designed for use around pets and animals, doesn’t contain harmful bleach or aldehydes. Cleans up animal mess, destroys odours and targets the sources of bad smells.
  • High level disinfectant with effective bactericidal and virucidal properties. Protects you and your family from nasty animal bugs.
  • Concentrated formula, can be diluted up to 100:1 as a deodoriser.

What flavours should I choose?

NB: Do NOT use ‘standard’ disinfectants such as Dettol neat liquid – these are not safe for use around animals.

Cleaning up ‘accidents’ on the floor

Normally, when mopping the floor, I use a generic floor cleaner such as Flash.  When clearing up wees etc I tend to use an anti-bacterial spray and just wipe with a cloth.  This is on the hard floors.  On carpets, I usually try and soak up the wee first, with a dry cloth or kitchen towel.  Then I spray with the anti-bacterial spray and then give it a good rub with the cloth.

When clearing up solid ‘deposits’ I usually gather up what I can with some toilet roll and then just flush it down the toilet, before cleaning as above.

Washing your dog

I have already talked about this in a couple of other posts; grooming your dogwalking in the rain  but I think it is worth repeating my top tip here:

Top tip: When your dog rolls in fox poo (when, not if) try rubbing in a handful of tomato ketchup.  Then wash out.  It really helps to remove the smell.  Or get some Fox Poo Shampoo



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