14 Dog Walks in Milton Keynes – Get out and enjoy!

A guide to Dog Walks – recommendation

I recently talked about walking your dog and so when I was asked to promote this book for dog walkers, why wouldn’t I want to?  It’s a great looking guide, helping us make the most of living in the brilliant location that is Milton Keynes.

The town was designed in the ’60s to be a paragon of urban living, with a grid system (connected by roundabouts!) with the housing tucked away behind these wide roadways.  Each housing estate is linked to its neighbours via subways making it safe for local traffic to move around.  In addition, there are hundreds of miles of ‘redways’; cycle paths that allow you to travel from one side of the city to the other without touching a road.  There two large lakes; Caldecotte Lake, near my house, is around four and a half miles to walk round it.  Willen Lake, in the North of the city, is even bigger.

walkers guide milton keynes

A Dog Walkers Guide to Milton Keynes

This handy guide celebrates the best our area has to offer.  The walks are leisurely and circular, so the perfect way to enjoy our countryside.  This books gives you all the information you need to know, from parking, to poo bins, terrain and sites to see.  Oh and it also includes dog friendly pubs to visit at the end of the walk – the perfect incentive!

Dog walks Milton Keynes
Maps are provided and are easy to follow

Plenty of parkland

We have parkland running right through the heart of Milton Keynes, so you can walk along the river, through pasture, but along hard paths.  This is perfect for this time of year, when the ground is still wet and muddy – wellingtons are not required!  On the other hand, it is all safe for dogs to be off lead and running around – they love it!

dog walks in milton keynesLivestock

As I’ve said, there are areas of pasture, which do have sheep and cows in them over the summer.  These are usually dog friendly – I have walked my five dogs through the sheep and they barely notice!  You do of course need to pay attention to your dogs though; please do NOT let your dogs roar round livestock as this can be extremely dangerous for the animals and farmers are entitled to take action.

You also need to make sure that you keep gates closed as you go through these.  There are cattle grids at many of the gateways, which is great if you are on a bike, but not so good if the dogs are off lead!  There is usually an alternative gateway to go through.


I see a great deal of wildlife on my walks through the parks.  There are a wide variety of birds, including birds of prey and waterfowl.   There is a lovely variety of trees and plants to enjoy too.

To order the book

Please CONTACT ME to order the book, which costs £9.95.  Finally, I must ‘big up’ The Parks Trust, as they are responsible for the management of all our roadways, redways and parkland.


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